What will they ask me?

Ever stress about which questions YOU will be asked during an interview?

Well, stress no more!

In this quick video produced by one of our talented interns Rachel Swansburg real Jobcase employees share the most commonly asked interview questions they've encountered.

Make sure to watch the video so you can prepare ahead of time and rock your next interview!

So tell us, did we miss any?

What are some interview questions that you have been

I want job

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BigTime Ray which typ of job you have?

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My advice to people interested in working at #FedexGround as a #Packagehandler ...

HR management means nothing. If you have a problem, dont go to the HR team. I reported someone for sexual harassment, and we both got fired when I didnt absolutely nothing wrong.

My advice to people interested in working at #fedexground as a #PackageHandler ...

so I have had some problems with some of the sort managers and disrespect from others because I was fast to be friendly to people and they did not respect me . I would tell people to wait and get the feel of the people around you so you can understand who you are dealing with. but otherwise its a good place to work

What I loved working at #FedExground

I love it the stuff are very friendly

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I was proud to work for #FedExGround because

I was a dedicated hard worker whom received a platinum award for my hard work and due diligence. I was injured on the job at one point because I was working so fast trying to make good on the purple promise That I promised to make every fed ex experience a great experience.My work ethic was great because of whom I am .Most days covering for the lack of subpar co-workers, This I brought to management. Nothing ever changed and I guess could be…

Hi Jerry Holland I am sorry to hear this! I would ask the hiring manager what can be done to see the next steps you might take to…

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What I loved working at #FedExGround

Good workout. Met some really great people.

What I loved working at #FedexGround

I enjoyed the time i spent working was fast paced environment and certainly never a dull moment. I not the type of person who just stands around if im not busy i help my co-workers teamwork was reciporcated Great people

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A #stressful #FedExGround day

It's more like a stressful 3-months. 'Peak Season' is the part of the year where everyone who has an online store has a sale (Black Friday, Thanksgiving, and Christmas and later Valentine's Week) and they all ship through FedEx. The overall volume in the building is doubled or tripled. More toys, electronics, furniture and groceries come through as the weather changes and sales rise.

I always feel bad about ordering stuff online during the holidays cause I know there must be sooo many people also doing that, but…

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What I loved working at #FedExground

The pay was great but needed more then 4 hours a day

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