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I saw #TheJoker movie last month and I found it very engrossing. I think this film is probably among the best adaptations of a comic book I’ve ever seen. #JoaquinPhoenix was especially amazing in the title role. I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets nominated for an Oscar next year. I originally made this #drawing just a few days after I saw that movie. #ink #12DrawingsOfChristmas #TwelveDrawingsOfChristmas #sbpprocess #fanart #TheJoker #Joker #Arth... see more


#TheDrawingsofEaster : Today I decided to do some #fanart dedicated to #Anna from the #Disney movie #Frozen. I decided to draw her because I remember from the movie the scene where Anna does something heroic that breaks Elsa winter spell (which Elsa casted by accident—she had difficulty in controlling the powers that she has had since either from birth or when she was a very young child) and the entire kingdom of Ardinelle immediately reverts to... see more


Hi Kimberly Keyes so nice to hear from you!! Love this movie ; ) great job!

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This is what you get when you take virtual YouTube star Kizuna Ai, add Santa and Mrs. Claus along with the distracted guy meme that has been frequently passed around social media over the past year. #TwelveDrawingsofChristmas #12DrawingsofChristmas #ink #drawing #Christmas #KizunaAi #SantaClaus #MrsClaus #distractedguy #distractedman #fanart

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