I just started trucking to help pay off some of my loans. I like it more than I thought I would, but recently my girl asked me to stop. She says I don't spend enough time with her anymore. She said to pick my job or her, that's messed up! I like making money, I NEED it! I feel like I am screwed either way here, but should I keep the girl or the job?

Anyone who forces you to choose between them or your job needs to leave. Keep the job. It is more reliable.

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Stephanie Land has been among the 40,000,000 Americans who rely on SNAP to strive to feed their family. She navigated cleaning houses, 7 govt support programs, abusive relationships. She powered through days with hard work and kept her heart focused on the stars with love for her daughter and determination for a brighter future. And she triumphed! Through online and night classes she became a great writer. And as of 2019 a best selling... see more

Barbara Ehrenreich (who wrote the forward to Maid) has an outstanding book called Nickel and Dimed from 1998 that's... see more

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I've always been very lucky to have super supportive bosses and teams when I need to take some time out of the office to help care for my kid/family. But I know so many others in the workforce aren't as fortunate. I was hoping the power of the Jobcase community could lend some advice to those who find themselves needing to make some hard decisions when it comes to childcare/family care and work.
#Healthcare #Advice #Family #Worklife

Hi Mark Bryan ! I unfortunately have read many posts by Jobcasers where their employers were less than supportive... see more

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I smoked a joint last month when my aunt passed,I'm taking a drug test today....should I tell them up front what went on a month ago or what????.

If it's been a month, I wouldn't really be to worried. It should be out of ur system in a months time. Also depends... see more

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Happy holidays to u all. Thank u so much for helping me find a job I really need this so I can be able to take care of my family better so thank y'all again GOD BLESS. Hope to be on board soon. Happy holidays. Ricco long

Hi Ricco Long ! So happy to hear that Jobcase has helped you find a job. Please do come back to the community and... see more

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I was laid off from the oil fields recently. I was a mechanic and operator. Since then I have put out so many applications I lost track. Noone has even so much as called me. I do online applications as well as going in person. Nothing has worked. I have a family to provide for. I couldnt even get a warehouse job. I am willing to start at the bottom and prove myself.


Hey Johnathon,
Have you looked in your area for labor pool jobs? One here in my area is called People Ready but I'm... see more

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Good morning im in need of a job my mom just passed away and she was my job all i ever wanted to do was take of my parents and i had the opportunity it was beautiful right now im in a bind because of no work please help

Sorry to hear about your mom and I wanna wish you the best

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I need a job now we just found out my wife is 10 weeks pregnant and I have 2 from a previous marriage 40 and 42 years old I am freaking out and cant show it.

Hi James Lynch ! I could imagine that this has brought on a new level of stress for you and your wife!

Let's help... see more

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I have a family to feed. They always had work and hours. Good pay. All I want to do is work right now.

Hi Antonio Luna - If you feel exhausted from looking for a full-time position it might be time to step back and... see more

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I'm looking for a good job I take care of my mom and son

Hi Devonti Albert - what kind of jobs are you looking for?

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Devonti Albert I would suggest using our job search tool! Here are a few things I found:

Factory/Assembly Jobs

... see more

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I’m very exhausted I’ve done everything I can do, the job search is going nowhere lots of dead ends. Today was the last straw I have to go talk to the lawyer tomorrow and file for divorce something I really regret doing no matter how hard I’ve tried to prevent it I will be hurting for a long time and it’s gonna take even longer for me to get over this.

You shouldn’t relate your job to a divorce because if she truly loves you it wouldn’t matter if you’re in a card... see more

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