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Max Edmunds > Truckers USA
6 days ago

Why I drive..

Im a truck driver. The hours are can be crazy sometimes but i never minded driving long distances. My company takes care of me and im able to support my wife and kid..

I stopped on my way home last weekend and grabbed a nintendo switch for my son since ive been away and we had a BLAST playing mario kart! I grew up playing games with my dad and to be able to pass that on and spend time with my son was amazing. Being able to provide for my...

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Eric Finney
5 days ago

That's good you have the time to spend with your family . I am looking for work in the up state not much work

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Heather Selah
4 days ago

I wish you all the luck in the world, in finding work it will happen for you, I’m sending positive energy to you!!! Sincerely...

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mike norup > All Jobcasers
about 1 month ago

New dad to be

I have been looking for any kind of job I can find I have worked in some time and I honestly keep getting sorry we didn't need you or your know to much about the job
My 1st baby is on her way what fuck up with her is when she is born she will need open heart surgery right after she been born I'm am not like that at all I'm just pissedoff at all the time I'm need to be with my baby girl when she born and open heart surgery she going to have...

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Delisa Hall
about 1 month ago

Being pissed isnt going to help but make things worst. Your attitude is everything and the person having your baby needs you...

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mike norup
about 1 month ago

I have been trying anything place for a job nonstop I honestly look for any job

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I have retired

No one wants my lifetime of electrical, process controls, and automation experience, so I have pulled the plug.
I have a 9 month old granddaughter who does need me, and that is where I will be.
You all enjoy your commutes and efforts.
Ageism got me, so I am done looking.
What a relief it is to wake up to my little girl, instead of some customer wondering about his order.
God's Peace!

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Robert Pimofsky
about 2 months ago

Well Thomas that is awesome, I am trying to do the same I am in aerospace and they have told me as well I am to old but almost...

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Marissa Paley > All Jobcasers
about 2 months ago

I need a job around me

I'm trying my hardest to help my mom who has MS. But she can't work and I am wanting to work. My brother helps take care of her now so I can find a job. I've had so many people ask if I want to be an uber driver, but I can't drive so that wouldn't work. But I'm willing to do something else

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Delisa Hall
about 2 months ago

Housekeeper. Com, care. Com,, babysitter
Com, pet sitter. Com,, and rover

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I'm an 18 year old girl with a disabled mom and two younger brothers. So of course that means its time to go out and get a job. Its so devastating when you put out applications and attend many interviews and still no luck. I'm not sure if its something I'm doing wrong but why is this so hard? Gosh we definitely need another income and it doesn't seem like employers care about that. I'm not going to give up though.

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Jamillah Brooks
2 months ago

Yeah Sweetie don't ever give up or give in God is with you..FAITH ain't the end of the day that's all we have God is with you...

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Really need job

I have not worked in 9 years due to disability in back and other medical issues that now some have been fixed and still in process of fixing others. I took two small grand children in after the murder of their mother 3 years ago, father has been in prison and not home for 2 more years. We struggle to the point of running out of food and no way to get to a pantry due to no gas money. Had to pull youngest from preschool cause didn't have gas....

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Jenny Gaytan > All Jobcasers
3 months ago

Finding a job

I just got fired where I was working at. Only me no one eles I really did like this job it was my first job I was hurt now I have to find jobs I been helping my mom money is not enough for us. And I want a job I love to do. #family #money #jobs

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Marcus Jordan
3 months ago

Hi Jenny,
Sorry you lost your job. Losing a job, especially one you like, is always a hard experience to process but you have...

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John Thomas > All Jobcasers
9 months ago

Help!! How do I hide the gaps in my resume??

I spent a lot of time the past few years helping take care of my grandmother who really needed me. I just couldn't put her in a home, I love her so much. NO one else from my family stepped in to help me. The problem is when I look over my resume it reads like I was out of work and not doing anything. Taking care of her became a full time job in itself. What can I do either on my resume or when/if I have an interview to explain the gaps? I was...

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Amy Brown
3 months ago

You can literally put that you were a caretaker on your resume

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Well I wrote in for some advise . And got none. I'm in such a very stressful situation right now. I need a Job doing ANYTHING! My husband is screaming at me everyday "Get A Job!". I litterally have applied absolutely everywhere in towns within 30 or 40 miles from home. I'm 46. Nobody will hire me. I have filled out applications, sent resumes, answered assement tests, and had cold called everyone I know. I love my husband more than life it...

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Stephanie DeRosa
4 months ago

Have you tried a temp agency? They can usually find you a job right away, even if it is temp. They will keep you working and...

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Kesley Foreman > All Jobcasers
4 months ago

Mom on the go

I am a single parent of a gifted child whom I LOVE. After finishing my degree in criminal justice, I decided that my child needed me home. Now I am looking to get back out there and give my daughter the future she deserves.

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