Take Your Hobby And Make It Your Business

Most of us have a hobby that brings us joy and rejuvenate us after a long week of responsibilities. Some may have even daydream of what it would be like to take that hobby and making it into a full-time business that we can thrive at, and pay the bills. But to create a successful business, requires more than just skills and passion. Building a sustainable business takes careful planning, deep commitment…


Thank you for the tips. Working towards this as we speak. Good sound advice!

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Should I ask for a raise?

I hope this doesn't seem insensitive because I know most of you are searching for work. Believe me, I was in your shoes not so long ago and I remember the agony and heartache but I need opinions. I can't post to Facebook because I broke my own rules about not friending people at work. So...

I will start by saying that I really love the company I work for and my job, though it was not without some problems early on. I was hired for a position…

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YEP! I agree 2

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Looking for work /new career sux.

I have my own business and want to expand my business and add more value to it by performing other services. But as we all know you have to spend money to make money. Looking for outside work to help fill my availability is the worst. I love what I do, but it's not paying the bills.
I really don't want to go work for a big store w/little pay but I don't have a degree. Furthering my education is possible but Its a catch 22. If I go back to…

It does suck Christopher Ransome - but just as working out to build your muscles and stamina hurts in the short term, the long…

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How to start a business

I have always enjoyed baking and cake decorating. Since 2014 I've made this my side hustle but I would like to get the ball rolling for this to be my main source of income. Can anyone let me know what are the main keys to get started. I have a current job that I am scared to leave due to security and benefits. The leap of faith scares the heck out of me though...

Concentrate with your job then the free times of your time then you can do your baking.

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Need advice

Working on becoming a owner-operator. Taking over my father's T660 with a paccar 430hp turned up to a 480hp, 10 speed with 480k original miles. Have 10k in my pocket and no trailer. My father said he'll help me with whatever he can within his limits. Any suggestions? Thinking about signing on with Landstar. Anyone have experience with them?

It is a rough life. You will have many new responsibilities. O/O' S DO NOT GET A DAY OFF. Only some limited time. Driving…

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Fired in November 2018-Business Planning (Boss) April 2019

I worked for a non profit agency for over a year. I was injured on the job and put on medication and fired. Unemployment available-what are my options? My income tax came back and I decided to invest in my own business (housecleaning)- interacting with people inside their homes, helping them clean or organize their environments. I am currently taking a Business Planning Course. 10 weeks of how to start your own business and be successful at what…

Sounds like you got a new career direction figured out Lisa Busche . Good Luck!

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Nelson Franco Thank you

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Hairstylist looking for advice on going out on own

I am a hairstylist I have been in business for 32 years I need advice on how to go about promoting myself so I can get more clients to go on my own I have only worked for corporate companies so little scared of failing is Groupon good to use or anything else that will attract business

Can you cut my hair I need a good hairstylist

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carlos melo of course do you live in San Antonio Texa

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Private Transportation/Driver/Courier

It is difficult for a woman to get a business up and running. Well for me it seems impossible. I'm 47, going through a nasty divorce and trying to improve my credit score. My driving record is great. I'm an attentive listener and conversationalist. I believe in my business choice. Networking is a must and I'm not able to get out and do that much. Always thinking about alternatives to loans and grants since I've had no luck with…

JoDee Jackson Good morning -- Are you interested in starting your own business as a driver or courier? If so, have you considered…

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JoDee Jackson Take a look at Courier positions currently available. Go to the top of the page and click on the Jobs & Companies…

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I really need some help here. I've been a manager for about 16 years, so to me that's pretty easy. I also have a disabled son in middle school and the transition is hard for him. Very hard. Right now and for the last year I've been jobless due to my son and his transitioning. I've been throwing around ideas about trying to open a business, or something like that to help the community in some type of way, in these areas or something…


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Investors maybe?

I would like to have my own restaurant business. Kinda like a lounge kinda. Just dnt know where to start

My parents owned and operated a restaurant for over 23 years and it's very difficult but rewarding work. I would think the first…

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Looking for

I’m an owner operator just south of Columbus Ohio looking for a descent company to run local with any advice?

Forward air

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