I work by butt off at my job and they decided to call me December 31,2018 on my way home from a family trip to my hometown to see my family. The office lady as the balls to calls me and tell me I’m fired and couldn’t give me a real reason. Just tells me they have to let me go. I worked my butt off to make sure that all my customers left with what they needed or came for. I always helped in any department they needed. I worked for Harley Davidson…

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I wish you happy hunting..

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Home Depot Hiring 80,000!

Looking for a Job? Well look no further! The Home Depot is NOW #hiring up to 80,000 seasonal full & part time employees across their nearly 2000 Retail Stores and 100 distribution centers.

Interested applicants can apply online at, via text to (HOMEDEPOT TO 52270), or in person at the employment kiosks located inside the store.

Candidates who successfully complete their applications can schedule an interview via…

Yeah min wage

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What's going on???

How is it possible that so many companies and recruiters are in search of workers and seems to be having a hard time finding and filling these vacancies? Yet at the same time there are so many job seekers here and on other sites, with a ton of experience in search of a job/career for months that are probably more than qualified to fill many of these openings. Where is the missing link?

Companies don’t seem to want to pay for experience anymore. They prefer younger individuals that they can train to their standards…

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I now have been in the Las Vegas area going on 6 months . If I have applied to 1 job I've applied to 1000 jobs .
My problem , or should I say problems is
1. I've applied but never hear a response
2. I get an email saying that the company moved on to other candidates , for basic jobs like data entry positions no less
3. I dont know what employers want, if I never a call back . I cant even email back with a why was I not selected
4. Even…

It seems your resume has a few errors, you might want to have someone revise it.

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Marlo Ricotta
So, why did you state you can dummy down your resume? What is the relevance for your post?

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Has my employer given up on my future?

I've been with Ricoh as a Technical Specialist for almost 5 years and I have come to a fork in the road with my career. I know what I want to do with the rest of my career and I'm determined to get there. I have reached out to several people within the company for advice yet no one returns my emails. I've even reached out to my regional manager about transferring to another market but nothing. Am I doomed to be Tech Specialist forever?

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Hi Brandon Matthews - I would keep pressing your managers and company about your intended career path. However, try to think about…

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When Will Employers Get Real, & Who Will Lead the Way?

Here is a profoundly quick but penetrating, revolutionary 4-part series on the postmodern reality employers need to understand and recruit REAL people with honest experience. The wide disconnect between employer fantasy expectations versus candidate credentials has droned on in the marketplace far too long enough. The loss of the middle class among American employees can't withstand the debts, pain and insecurities anymore. Spread awareness…

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Almost 30 applications put in and I've had one phone interview.

I've applied for everything from receptionist for a car dealership, to customer service rep, to community liaison. It can't be this hard, can it? I mean, really? No one is willing to give me an actual interview?

Who are they hiring? I know so many people in this same boat. Let go, fired, laid off, phased out...all looking with no results! All in my age bracket. Both, women and…

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Good luck

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I have been looking for work for 3 months. I am so frustrated and feel very discouraged. I was supposed to hear today about whether or not I got a job with a very wonderful company. I know the day is not over but I still haven’t received a call. I’m scared. I have to find something. I’m a single mom and I have zero help from his father. I do everything on my own. I feel down and low today. Any advice? I feel so alone

Love have you found a position?

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What's going on?

I'm an Army veteran with 23 years in service. I graduated with a bachelor's degree in finance 9 months ago. I have applied for jobs in the finance field left and right. I sometimes get an e-mail saying that they decided to choose someone else. Or, sometimes, I don't get a response at all. I recently redid my resume. I'm 51 years old. I need to try to find something soon. And, you think that a veteran like myself would get at least some…


Have you tried working for a contractor like a shipyard? Idk where you live but perhaps there is a company that developes aircraft…

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Starbucks Application

I applied for 3 different managerial positions at Starbucks online and got an almost immediate response from them saying While we are impressed with your experience, after careful consideration, you have not been selected to move forward in the process. This email came back to me just 10 minutes after I submitted it. I have managerial and retail experience so, it's not the lack of experience. I was asked to fill out a questionnaire about…

Yes I have experienced that and I ALWAYS REFUSE to answer and so should you from THIS point forward! They are CLEARLY…

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Needed a job if it's warehouse

I'll do early early morning I had applied alot oof jobs and they won't email back..if it's part-time it's a start, helping out in warehouse be good

Hi Karla!

If you have found that you are not hearing back from jobs or landing interviews, the issue might be your resume.


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