Advice for a brand new teacher on her first day?

Hey jobcasers? Any teachers out there who have advice for a dear family member of mine who is beginning a teaching career this week (6th grade - special ed and English-as-second language speakers in particular). All constructive thoughts very welcome! Cheers!
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Hi Frederick Goff ! Past teacher here ; ) I actually taught high school and then elementary school a few years after I went back…

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When Choosing An Employer, Culture Matters

When determining whether an employer is the right fit for you, it is important to find out about its culture. Companies are as different as the people who work there and run the business. For better and worse, culture and leadership are inextricably linked. Founders and influential leaders often set the initial culture of their organizations. Over time an organization’s leaders can also shape culture…


If a company culture judge you by not adapting to it's culture and not by your skills or unique traits or creative solutions you…

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What Am I Doing Wrong?

I am a seasoned professional. I just received my Master’s. I quit my job in December because my boss was a jerk and treated me like a dog, yet used me to do my work and hers. I have filled out 80-90 job applications, had only 4 interviews and just got a job offer for $30,000. Yes, you read correctly-$30,000. My education cost well over $100,000. Is this all I’m worth. I have cried rivers trying to figure this one out.

It is not you employers have made it very difficult to get work and most resumes are never seen. It is a nightmare out there…

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Job hunt rant

I'm sick of applying for jobs and getting rejection after rejection after rejection. I graduated college back in August 2018. I had my ceremony in December 2018. I applied for so many jobs and internships and even landed some interviews and did not land a single one. It is frustrating. The worst part is, I also applied to some graduate schools (because I thought it might be my experience), but the majority of them rejected me as well. Only 2 grad…

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Just don't ever give up stick with it it may be hard and maybe confusing and yes the world is against you you just got to push…

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Did I do something wrong???

So I went in to take a basic skills assessment on Wednesday and they said I PASSED and to wait for a call to schedule an interview but still nothing? How long should I wait? And Today went in for an Interview for another job and it was really short 8 minutes is that bad?? How long until I know whether I got hired or not?
First time for everything for me so PLEASE NO Rude comments thanks.

I agree but I am poor man and I lives in pakistan

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So plz I request you help me I am come on your country so plz send me procedure are further detailed

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What happens when this happens?

Was on the phone with a job recruiter 2 days ago and he went through the normal questions and routine of a phone interview and had asked me when I graduated college. I told him 1999 and he told me I was from the dinosaur age.

Anyone else ever get these kind of remarks? Any feedback or advice would greatly be appreciated.


What if there is nothing you can do?

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Mary Moceri you have to move onward and upward from these shallow minded people. You will never regret leaving them.

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Professional Joy

The most professional joy I have experienced in my career has been in the classroom. I love to teach and train. I have the heart of a teacher, and the experience to apply to my subject material. I find it easy to make the connection to students of all ages, and I love to see the ah ha moment when the light bulb comes on and maybe, just maybe, I have changed a life forever.

As a past educator myself Daniel Gilley I can relate to this 100%!! Nothing is better than when your students are learning…

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Career Direction

I was pondering a decision making process if to re enter back into my field of Controls Engineer with an MBA or if I should take a different approach of career path?

I am doing on line classes at Keiser University. it is the best decison i ever made going back to school to finish my bachelors…

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Job Search Advice

Hi Jobcasers, I was wondering if you could give me some advice. I'm heading into my last year of college and am going to start looking for a job soon. I'm a math major so I tend to think analytically and like working with numbers, but I also enjoy socializing and being able to interact with others throughout the day. Does anyone have advice for jobs I should think about applying to? I haven't really narrowed anything down so any comments would be…

Ever thought of a career in Actuary: a person who compiles and analyzes statistics and uses them to calculate insurance risks and…

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My life is looking up!

I been a stay at home mom for over twenty years. I have 7 kids. Almost 3 years ago my husband left and it kinda hit me really hard. I really thank God for being my rock. I went back to college at 47 and got my associates degree and now I’m working on my BA degree in accounting and financial management, which i will get December 2020. Last week I was offer a full time job in the banking field!! I am really thankful to God! It’s been a long road…

Beautiful sharing. God bless you in your journey. Your story is an inspiration that no matter what age, you can still go for…

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I did something great at #TiftAreaTechnicalCollege when...

I was nominate President of Skills USA-VICA for the 2001-2002 school year, and I place 10th in two events at the FBLA National Competition in 2002.

Good job! Calvin Smith

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