I recently turned 17 and I've been applying everywhere that I can that is hiring but none of the places like the fact I'm so young. I've been babysitting, but with me graduating this year I'm having trouble being able to afford class fees and the senior dues. Does anyone have any tips on getting a job as a teen? I could really use the help. I don't want to burden the people I live with right now after I graduate by not being able to help out with... see more

Tengo 18 y me llamo Janetsy

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There is a reason the main conference room at @JobcaseTeams headquarters is named MLK. Let us hope we realize his dream, let us work to make it sooner rather than later... https://www.archives.gov/files/press/exhibits/dream-speech.pdf

You can start by getting rid of reverse discrimination, like Affirmative Action.

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I’m really feeling down due to job searching and searching for something that I would like to do and when I do find something that I would be interested in, they “prefer a bachelor’s degree”. I can’t afford to go to school to get a bachelor’s degree and all the jobs that require or prefer some sort of degree, I could just be trained on and do a good job at it. It’s ridiculous and frustrating!

I agree! Its very frustrating because at the same time it doesn’t make ANY SENSE! I wish things were alot easier... see more

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My 25yr old nephew graduated from college two years ago and is not working. He said he spent too much time and money getting a degree to then have to work in something like retail. I don't know if that is really an excuse to hide the fact that he has depression and anxiety and the thought of interviewing sends him into panic mode. I've tried talking to him and have sent him multiple job leads, but he doesn't pursue them. Any advice?

Tell him, no scratch that show him this comment. If you don't humble youself and take an internship you will never... see more

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I've went to college for Welding but have been very unsure if that's the type of career I've been wanting to pursue. I like welding. But recently it's been hard to focus on myself and what I actually want to do. I was going to go for a 2 year diploma but haven't been feeling very good about everything, so I quit at the end of the semester. I've been wanting to do different things as well. I'm introverted and usually spend my time in my room. I... see more


Consider looking into this area to keep yourself busy till something that really interests you comes along: https:... see more

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Teaching was a very rewarding experience for me.
I was a Kindergarten teacher
for 25+ years. Many days I headed home feeling that the students had taught me more than I them.
Young children are not judgmental
or opinionated . They accept you as you are blemishes and all.
I always wanted my students to feel comfortable at school. Positive reinforcement was my choice of
One day as I was explaining to a student that I always liked him... see more

Well said, Becky. I started out in public schools, inner city. It was not easy at times. Sometimes, in the early... see more

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I'm a 25 year old male and it's hard finding a job with no Diploma no GED just a high school drop out what I don't get is why we have to have a diploma are GED to get a job its not the diploma doing the job anyways besides all that NO LUCK I just Gave Up

Having a deploma shows that you don't give up it shows you have stamina. As
kids going to school all we want to do... see more

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I Would love to work with the Celtics. I put the time into school to successfully start my journey. All those tough classes and tests I completed. My dream job will come true someday. I’m hoping someday is very close to tomorrow.

I was literally born speaking sign language as one of my older brothers was born a deaf mute. I learned on my own how to read write and speak Spanish at eighteen years of age and I took 5 years of German in high school and I currently try to keep up-to-date with that. Aside from all of that, my life's experiences I've had over three hundred jobs in my lifetime before I was able to be accepted into a college type education. I moved from job to... see more

I need to work, the bills are killing me. My husband is not earning enough for me to stay at home.

This company paid to teach me so much. I took various classes and received multiple certifications all for free. Great company to work for. They take care of their employees. The pay is pretty good and they have a good incentive program to get quick raises. The best company I’ve worked for on paper. Every hospitality job is going to come with its ups and downs. But for every down moment you had, there was 20 up moments that the company made for... see more

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