Here's a quick list of places to donate if you are able and would like to help.

To donate money for flood victims: The Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund

To donate clothing: The Salvation Army

To donate non-perishable food: The Houston Food Bank

Thanks so much for showing your support here in the Help Houston Neighborhood.

What about donations of time. Is habitat for humanity or any other group helping people rebuild their homes or... see more

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Hello Community, I've really tried to keep an open eye on issues around ageism, especially since I"m no spring chicken myself, and since I was made aware of the trend via this group. In my efforts, I've not only spoken with co-workers who hire but also 40+ friends about their job hunt challenges. I wanted to provide some perspectives, I think will be helpful.

Before I do, I want to say that although potential solutions can be on us, that... see more

Thanks a lot for this article!!...your advice is greatly appreciated!!!

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There is no enduring day for me the most stressful for me is getting out of bed, It feels good when a person is motivated to donate their clothes that they do not use

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