I just recently split from my wife and I'm really down on my luck. Bills are piling up and I'm having a hard time finding a job that pays enough to keep the lights on. I don't have a college degree and all the jobs I qualify for pay barely minimum wage. I'm getting depressed and don't know what to do. I'm one more late payment away from being tossed on the street.

I came across an ad for an opening at Ryder Trucking that seems to offer decent... see more

Apply at Amazon for seasonal roles. Pay really well.

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I recently asked six different recruiters and hiring managers to tell me what the biggest mistake applicants make during the interview process is. If they repeated a mistake given by the preceding recruiter/hiring manager, I asked them to give me a different mistake.

Here are the six mistakes that could end an interview, or lead an applicant to not get a second interview/job offer...

1) Being Unaware That it's an Interview, Not an Interrogation... see more


Every things to do before it need understand or explainetion like action exam b/c exam is Long time so it need... see more

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My 2 husband's left me...what now?

I'm sorry Garett Smith ! Is there anything we can support you with on the job searching side of things? Keep your... see more

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I received a felony charge about 10years ago. I took my ex husbands fall. He owned his own company. He had 3 kids we had full custody off. Somehow in his divorce a credit card in his exes name was still being used and she justifiably had enough off the crap she was being put through custody wise and found that card was still in existence. Her and I have the exact same initials. He told me he could lose his kids and I wouldn’t get more than a slap... see more

Hi Samm!

I am so sorry to hear that things have been a struggle for you lately. You're definitely not alone, as... see more

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I would love anyone’s thoughts on this topic. The latter part of my resume almost looks like I was job hopping win that is absolutely not the case. I stay at a good employer for as long as possible, and about four years ago I left A wonderful position due to going through a divorce at the time. I felt it more respectful to leave without making mistakes and getting fired and me and this doctor still have a personal relationship to this day. But... see more

I don't think that your resume sounds like the problem. If you're unsure of whether your latest interview had... see more

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This was a job that my ex-husband and I worked together. I loved it. It was working on a horse ranch that had cows and pigs chickens Etc. I would still be there but my ex-husband and the boss got into it. My boss said that I didn't have to leave but my ex-husband had to. At the time he was not my ex-husband he was my husband. So I left also.

A little sad to hear that you gave up a great job for a man that is now your ex husband. Welp:/ we live and learn... see more

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I have been a stay at home mother and wife. I haven't worked in 10 yrs. Now I find myself at the beginning of a divorce and need to find a job. I have 2 school age children and need to be home for them when they get out of school. I would love a job that you can do from home. I need help! I have no resume. If they could just look at all the things I've done for my family I would be qualified for a good job. Alas they dont do that so I'm stuck... see more

Don’t ever regret on getting a divorce love yourself n just see it that the person is losing a great person in no... see more

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It is difficult for a woman to get a business up and running. Well for me it seems impossible. I'm 47, going through a nasty divorce and trying to improve my credit score. My driving record is great. I'm an attentive listener and conversationalist. I believe in my business choice. Networking is a must and I'm not able to get out and do that much. Always thinking about alternatives to loans and grants since I've had no luck with... see more

JoDee Jackson Good morning -- Are you interested in starting your own business as a driver or courier? If so, have... see more

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JoDee Jackson Take a look at Courier positions currently available. Go to the top of the page and click on the Jobs... see more

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I lost my marriage, my apartment, my car and my job but still keeping the faith in high speed. Not easy but I have faith I will be fine. Have been apply have gotten some turn down but the YES YOUR HIRED is coming soon.

Yes... God rains on the just and unjust too...
Remember all the plants, flowers, trees, and soil receive the same... see more

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I worked at a major televison network in NYC for 16 years. The commute into midtown Manhattan from my apartment in NJ has gotten more and more difficult over the years as mass transit reliability gets worse and worse. The company laid me off 12/16/18 and I still have not found a job and my 8 weeks’ severance pay is almost gone. I have decided it is time to leave. I scoped out Knoxville TN in 2017 and went back afer the layoff, but without a... see more

You mentioned Knoxville. Have you considered Atlanta? I think you might find more and better opportunities here in... see more

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Lois Martin Thanks! Yes, I did actually check out Atlanta and have a couple of friends there. What I am not crazy... see more

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I’ve been reading these posts and looking for a job in the auto industry I’ve sold cars finance management to owned my own dealership took a break cause of my strokes and divorce tried to get back in and was told I have way to much experience, that’s not my fault I got in the business out of college worked my way to the top, to 20 in the nation for bmw sales professional council to where I can’t even get a job as a porter makes me angry... see more

Hi Tom Churchill ! The reason could be that the employer feared that you would accept the offer and then leave... see more

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Ashley Wilson
Thank you for your advice, I am a very humble guy who always puts god first and in my interviews... see more

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