I have applied for many positions in this field in San Francisco where i reside and can't get the job to save my life. I have applied at various places live Target and Best Buy. never hear from them after i apply. i follow up. I call. never return calls or apply. Why do they do that to people who are dedicated hard working and show up on time everyday for work like me. I'm starting to think that they only hire Caucasian Americans for these... see more

Hi Levon Washington , I'm sorry you're having trouble finding a role in your desired field! I did a quick search... see more

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I took a job at an optometrist office a couple years ago and was the only male employee. I thought this would be a great opportunity to learn some new skills and I enjoy working with the public overall. Within two months it turned into a nightmare. One of the girls Facebook stalked me and found out that I had several gay friends and that one is HIV+. She proceeded to tell everyone in the office that I was gay and I myself was HIV+, neither of... see more

I am so very sorry for your experience but I would not have quit. Personally your face book is private and managed... see more

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My son has an intellectual and severe cognitive disability. When this company hired him, they knew this. The store manager retired after 44 years, and signed another manager.

Today my son went in, he was 15 minutes early, which you would think that would be punctual the manager went and threw a fit over it, demanded that he clocked in, and got verbal with him. My son explained you can't clock in the system won't let you. It won't override it... see more

My Heart goes out to Your Son and you as a Mother of a Son with Disabilities, but he is always the hardest worker... see more

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Leticia Ramirez Thank you!!! Yasia, CLAIMS she looked at the camera's an AUTOMATICALLY took karen's side. I'm going... see more

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My interview was very awkward.

Interviewer: How may years of experience do you have?
Me: 17
Interviewer: WOW!
Interviewer: Do you have kids?
Me: No
Interviewer: How much did you make at your last job?
Me: 24.50
Interviewer: What are you?
Me: What do you mean?
Interviewer: Are you Filipino?
Me: my ethnicity is hispanic
Interviewer: ok, well I'm in a meeting so thanks for coming in

He was so cold hearted, he shook my hand and just... see more


I am curious, was your interviewer an HR Representative? This is blatant and ILLEGAL!

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So I went to an interview. The interviewer said all my answers were perfect and that they would be in touch. So after learning from one of my friends who works for the company, it was determined that they would not hire me because my exhusband who had just gotten fired created too much drama. The upper management told all of the plant managers that I am unhireable because of the stuff going on with my exhusband. My question is do I have a case... see more

Yes because regardless of what he had going on that has nothing to do with employment with u...so if u have that on... see more

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Hey guys, so here recently I was let go with no explanation.. Not even a call or text, they just deactivated my key.. An this usually happens, due to technical error. So i’ll just have security buzz me in like usual, well that day in particular.. The security gaurd was like sorry, can’t do that. I smelt something fishy right then, but laughed it off and jokingly said.. “Okay, i guess i’m fired” He looked away from me, and didn’t respond. So I... see more

Check your own spelling!

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I was just curious to know how many people on here have experienced some sort of discrimination, harassment, retaliation, or was wrongly terminated by an employer?

All of the above in 40 years on the road.

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As I stroll through the community timeline I see alot of complaints of people not getting hired because of age, race and for having children. This is a form of discrimination. How can one prove it though? This is the sad world we're living in where someone would discriminate you even if you are a professional and have the experience they are looking for...smh.

Age is tough. I'm 77 yrs old, and still in good health, active, with a college degree. I've received several... see more

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Ok I see a Ton of People posting that they have been asked ilegal questions such as what is your Race, Age etc and some state that the interviewer has told them that they are to Old for a position and other's telling them to sue the company for discrimination and so forth.

Remember I have said it Time and Time again: Where is your proof

In our society today there are Millions of people that a company can choose from for the same Job that you... see more

This is fantastic information about the job search, and the realities you need to face going into an interview... see more

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Matt Bornhorst Your Very Welcome! :)

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I too was bullied in the healthcare idustry. I had worked for this particular organization for 11 years. For about 7 of those years, I was appreciated and respected by my Supervisor. Unfortunately, she was unexpectedly forced into resignation, which is when MY nightmare began.
Through the years, I was witness to several older, mostly, females, become targets for bullying. Like me, most of them were fired as they aged and began commanding higher... see more

I am sorry to hear of your awful experience. I thought EEOC fight for people in this situation for free. I would... see more

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