Hello Everybody:
I have been unemployed for about 7 months now. I left my previous job because it was a very toxic environment lacked of respect. I have been in so many interviews and everytime hey asked why I left I always said I'm looking for a professional environment. I don't know I'm awsering wrong. I change my tactic and I'm saying something else. My last interview I was asked if I have kids I said no. And I was asked if I'm planing to have... see more

Is it highly illegal or just illegal?

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Rob Correa
Funny, no highly funny!

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I recently asked six different recruiters and hiring managers to tell me what the biggest mistake applicants make during the interview process is. If they repeated a mistake given by the preceding recruiter/hiring manager, I asked them to give me a different mistake.

Here are the six mistakes that could end an interview, or lead an applicant to not get a second interview/job offer...

1) Being Unaware That it's an Interview, Not an Interrogation... see more


Mr Harrington-
Thank you for posting this much needed list. For those that are new to the game, they should pay... see more

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Had an interview this year for a state job here in my town. I applied for a painter's position and was able to be interviewed. I meet all the qualifcations that was required. The gentleman interviewing me was the head of the paint department and he said that he was only interviewing one other person and they was on a cruise. I was the first to be interviewed so only two made it through. As he walked me out, some of the guys in the maintenance... see more

HI Erica sometimes it be like that i feel like if you can qualify for the job and you can do the job why not why... see more

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Observation has led me to the conclusion that the larger majority on this site are 40 somethings, or younger. It would be helpful to get insight from younger career oriented individuals on the struggles of those of us who are 55+, trying to re-invent ourselves, (very possibly for the 3rd or 4th time), especially more so it seems for women, and having great difficulty in doing so.

Anyone would think that the job market as it now stands, with more... see more

I'm 67 yrs old and retired in 2013 and I would like to get a part-time job just to keep busy. Don't get me wrong... see more

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Good luck I hope you find something! Try the resturants - in back.......

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I have started to fill out applications on line and although they can't ask your age they do ask the year you graduated high school. I was in class of 78, anybody want guess my age? Seems wrong...thoughts?

Hmm, that is an interesting way they compute age. The high school question and year is normal on almost any... see more

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I read comment after comment from those unemployed and am left baffled. Major employers are complaining about a workforce shortage whilst the unemployed complain they cannot be hired, are passed over, over-qualified, etc. What a conundrum we live in. I ask: Where does this truth lie and with whom?

Discrimination and prejudice are alive and thriving in the work place. I take people's recitations of their experiences as true. However, I am... see more

The people I work with are very racist they see that I out work the rest of the Hispanics and tried to take advantage of my work skills my strength so when they see they couldn't break me with the harder work and harassment they let me

VRC demolition, it's hard to understand what you are trying to say, are you Hispanic? and they let you what?

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I just turned 36 and yes i have been out of work for the past 3 months ..
And yes i have applied to every job application and job sites that there is i know at least more than 100 different apps i have put out and out of all these applications i have put out
Yes i have gotten like maybe 6 calls and when i go to the interview with them
Yes i think that the interview goes well and i still don't get acall back...
And yes im a person who has... see more

keep your chin up.tattoos are a work of art and define the unique person you are.some people are closed in their... see more

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You know I've never been one to discriminate against anyone who has been in prison. Not everybody that goes to jail is a bad person, and some people make bad choices, with that being said I do not understand how is it I cannot find a job. I am qualified to do a multitude of things yet I have been ghosted, replied to week's later or told no thank you. It seems almost feudal to even remotely attempt to try to find a job in an economy that needs... see more

Somebody just contact me to sell dental insurance. Base salary plus commissions. Let me know. Also Ararmak could be... see more

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I was offered a job as a Welder/Fitter at Siemens Mobilty AG. I took the offer and got all my tests done and passed, drug screen,vision,hearing and soforth. I was told I was to start on 11/4. Now they say 11/11. I have a felony conviction on my record. My question is can they disqualify you for a felony conviction. I thought in CA you can't be turned away for any convictions felony or misdemeanor. Just wondering what everyone thinks.

Burger King in Fort Mohave, AZ didnt hire me because im a bigger girl. He led me on for a month that I would get the job

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