My life sucks.

Sallie Mae is double garnishing me now. They have two arms coming at me. So now working at my par time minimum wage job. I am being garnished 30 percent of my income. Thanks to my inability to get anything better. I am even poorer now.

Tell me again why college was worth it? That is even with me having a MBA and BFA in animation. College is a scam. It is not worth it. All it gave me is low wage work. Made me even more unemployable then I was…

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Looking for work please help

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Not the right fit

So I live in the Tampa area and work at a place that is open 24/7 and I’m not happy where I am we work 4 10 hr days and that’s a plus but I just don’t feel like I’m the right fit for this job. I want a Monday through Friday job not worried about the hours just want weekends to spend with my kids. I have a degree and already 20k in debt with school. My fiancé started his own ac business and it has been doing fairly well. I have sent my resume to…

Scheduling is a huge part of why a job might not be the right fit. Aside from scheduling, you'll want to consider what you'll be…

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Please delete

Having worked in insurance, I know that some carriers do periodic background checks during an agent's (or other staff's)…

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Disa Brown Understood.

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Fell short of the dream...

I worked my way though undergraduate school, mostly manual labor and warehouse jobs, and came out debt-free. Pursued a graduate degree, but was unable to finish the degree. Now I have tons of student loans which will be calling in soon, and no good prospects. Applied to about 15 jobs via online job postings (mostly labor and warehouse), and no bites yet. Any advice or recommendations?

Keep looking. Consider substitute teaching and use that four year degree. You can always finish you graduate degree later. As far…

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Ask for a loan?

After being unemployed for 7 months, I have finally received a job offer. However, due to delay in starting and the natural wait for the first paycheck, it will be at least a month before I receive my first paycheck. I am in difficult circumstances right now, and unable to pay my current rent. What would you think about asking my new employer for some sort of assistance in this matter?

You could ask for an advance, however since you just started this job that might set a negative tone William Snyder Are there any…

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Need strong support

Hello. I’m a talented young lady that has traveled the world and obtained an impressive skill set. I have always been a strong individual and can easily adapt. I’m a quick learner and have strong communication techniques in a professional manner. I’ve always been the individual that has lent a hand for others in their time of need. I am in a position that has left me abandom by most all my family. I was left with a massive amount of debt and no…

Hi Melissa Johnson ! I am so sorry to hear about the difficulties with your family. That sounds awful. What type of work are you…

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We all go thru experiences that can change our worlds for a moment..maybe take away that I can do anything attitude..which at one point we could..
How do we manage.not getting a job that best suits you or going deeper into debt.waiting for the right one.
We either go thru jobs and look silly because we have had to take what was there to stay debt clear..

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We have all been there and it is not easy. I myself just make certain that my resume and cover letter match the job that…

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Why Work Hard For Little Pay

When I moved to Atlanta, I already had debts. A low paying job doesn't benefit me especially when every month I owe $2,600 and. had worked 4 days a week was a disadvantaged to me. I expected. living in a big city would pay more, but I was disappointed again when I found out the truth. I don't undersrand why society in big cities cost more. and pai is SO LOW

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I would suggest keep working those 4 days and go to school the other 3. Double win. A little bit of something is better than a…

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My school loans killed another job opportunity. Thanks to credit check. Can't pay them back if I can't get a job.... College was the biggest mistake of my life. Not worth it.

#studentdebt #studentloans #debt #creditcheck #employment #work #job

I wouldn't say going to college is a bad decision going to Brightwood College in Charlotte North Carolina was a horrible mistake

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in debt because of my job

I have been with my company for 3 years. I went out oh short term disability and they took their time paying out so I fell behind on my bills. I went back to work once cleared to return. My husband got sick and needed to have surgery abt 2 months after I returned to work. I qualified for paid time off through my job . All forms were complete and turn in. After being off for 2 weeks on the day I was to return my job calls and tells me I didn't…

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Hi Kristina,

It is a commonly cited fact that most Americans are 1 to 2 paychecks away from being completely insolvent.


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