Are You Ready For Management?

Most of us, during some point in our career will face the opportunity to move into a management role. Making the steps up into a management position may not appeal to everyone, but for those who embrace this step, it is an important professional milestone. Before you embark into a leadership position or rush to accept a promotion you've been offered from your employer, you should spend some time to reflect on your…

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sir i want to job please hep me

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The biggest mistake I made as a #D.S.S. at #S.A.F.E.HarborHomesInc. ...

Forgot to give a client meds one day.

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What I loved working at #Chefcolus

The customers

Our Company name is Paychex, Inc. is a recognized leader in the payroll and human resource industry, serving over a…

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Im losing hope

Why on Earth would any employer request to schedule a telephone interview with someone and never call at the agreed day and time?

This has happened 3 times in the last 9 weeks. I always promptly email them after the missed appointment by requesting an opportunity to reschedule but i never hear back from them. After submitting 30+ resumes since August 1st I feel like giving up and spending my life preparing food at Tacobell for real developers…


As a formal manager I know the IT company I worked for would post job openings when we were doing cut backs. They were trying to…

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What I loved working at #TacoCabana

I get to meet nice people nice manger

Sounds like a great environment! Thanks for sharing!

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Drama at #Reyna'sCafe

There was a grump that always reserved a space for Christmas & order My PrimeRib dinner & always rebooked however the last time the manager charged them for a accident.The meat market sold Her individual steaks & She refused to return them & I was blamed for her mistake.

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I was proud to work for #Reyna'sCafe because

I'm from the same town where it's located & I loved seeing people leave with a smile & telling Me they would be back again.

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What I loved working at #ElPolloLoco

They were very flexible with my schedule and I loved my job duty

I was proud to work for #TysonFoods because

Good quality work experiences and the pay

Thanks for sharing your experiences at Tyson with the community Torrico Hawthorne !

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Drama at #District7

Nothing happens because all the costumers love me

That's good to hear District Seven ! Thanks for sharing.

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