I was inspired to draw #Bruni from #Frozen2 after I saw huge lines forming at the local AMC Theater to see that movie and I saw pictures of the #cute #salamander that were posted online. I couldn’t resist drawing him. I ended up seeing the movie myself on the morning of Thanksgiving Day. #ink #drawing #Disney #FrozenII #12DrawingsOfChristmas #TwelveDrawingsOfChristmas #sbpprocess


What is your greatest strength?

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Bridgett Irving Being creative enough to come up with new ideas. That has saved me from a bunch of bad situations... see more

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MLK day is coming up soon and it has got me thinking about those who do what is right.

A few weeks ago as I was getting off the train my keys fell out of my pocket and due to the lack of sleep, I didn’t even notice (#momlife).

I would have traveled for an hour and a half without them, rushed over to the car and then realized they were gone. My baby would have been waiting at daycare and I probably would have cried.

...but instead, someone on... see more


I've locked myself out of the car before ...so now I carry a spare.

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For today’s Inktober drawing I decided to use today’s prompt word that’s on the Strawberrytober Cute Kawaii Prompt List that was created by Instagram user strawberrystyl. Today’s prompt is “cute bat” so I drew this cute bat using a free tutorial that’s posted on the Hello Kids website. #Inktober #Inktober2019 #strawberrytober #cute #bat #kawaii #ink #drawing


Thanks for sharing!

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