I was in the parking lot when...

I work at Dollar General and I was in the parking lot doing a cart run and picking up trash when I saw an elderly woman who looked VERY lost. I asked her what her name was but she didn't speak to me. It was very hot outside and she looked like she had been in the sun to long so I ran back in and grabbed my manager. She helped me get the woman into our store and gave her some water. We contacted her in case of emergency person which was her…

Ok givme viza i com your a sem job atend

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When Choosing An Employer, Culture Matters

When determining whether an employer is the right fit for you, it is important to find out about its culture. Companies are as different as the people who work there and run the business. For better and worse, culture and leadership are inextricably linked. Founders and influential leaders often set the initial culture of their organizations. Over time an organization’s leaders can also shape culture…


It in same program and profile to take care of bussinr

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Older generation

Im having the same experience. I have many years of food and beverage and also in customer service. I have been on many interviews most that Im over qualified for and I cant get a job. I feel Im being over looked for someone younger. But what they don't realize is that I have more experience and definitely a harder worker.and have great work ethnics. and are not lazy like most of the younger generation in which we would never get away with, but…

Hi Carol Colvin ! Are you trying to reply to someone specific? Make sure to reply to one of their conversations or comments so…

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Secretary for Lawrence Memorial Hospital O.R

I am looking for a companythat I can be an asset to. I have yrs of experience in customer service and in secretarial.

Hi Innetter Hobbswhite ,

Have you tried using the job search tool here on Jobcase?

Just follow these steps!

1. Click on Jobs &amp…

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Work From Home @KellyConnect

National Employment Giant KellyConnect is currently hiring experienced Client Services & Technical Support candidates to work from home.


Please click on the job titles below to access KellyConnect' career page then carefully review the job requirements & qualification sections before you apply online. Thank you.

Chat - Technical Support Advisors

Phone - Technical Support Advisors


Staples is Hiring!

Beaufort County, SC Staples locations are offering open interview this Wednesday, June 26, between 9a - 6p. Job opportunities include:

  • SalesService Associates
  • Technology Sales Associates
  • Print and Marketing Associates
  • Store Supervisors

Interested applicants are encouraged to apply online before attending these events. Please select your preferred location below and click on the link to submit your online application. today. Thanks & Good…

Wonderful news and I like that video Nelson Franco ! If you're near that area make sure to stop by and apply or apply online!

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Bait and switch

I’m seeking a new employment opportunity to transition from retail sales to a more career oriented path. I’ve been scouring job boards and apply often. Was offered 2 interviews today and eventually had to decline due to further investigation into role. First job was a marketing customer service position which turned out to be cold calling & mostly commission pay. Other job claimed to provide technical support to customers for companies like ATT…


You really need to try modeling

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Felt good to work here

I love working for companies that actually do something for others. I used to work for Goodwill and it was nice knowing that the donated items we collected were used to help people and MANY needed that help.

I liked working for Goodwill Job Connection. However, they pushed us harder and harder to make the numbers. It didn't matter if…

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My advice to people interested in working at #Signet as a #Sales/coustomerservice ...

When you get hired they give you little to no training.but theygove y oou a goal. You better make the goal .!!

Thank you for sharing your thoughts phyllis myers .

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ABC Financial Hiring Remote CSRs

The positions advertised for the job description below have been filled and the link does not work. HOWEVER, you can bookmark the careers page and check back often as new remote CSR positions come out every month or so. So check back often...

Here is the link to the careers page: Once the positions are filled, the link becomes inactive. You can bookmark their careers page here: https://abcfinancial.wd5.myworkdayjobs.com/ABCFinancialServic

Thank you very much!

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Hey im seeking a job as a Customer Service Agent at a call center i do have experience my last job was at a call center

Hello everyone I'm job as a Customer Service Agent at a call center I do have experience, however my last work was at a call center.


I noticed some of your sections of your Jobcase profile are missing information and I would love to help!

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