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Edited 21 days ago

Did I make the right decision? Is the money worth it?

I started security in November. I am posted at two different client sites to make my position full-time. One is a retirement home, the other is a factory. The employees at the factory have been nothing but respectful and professional. However, at the retirement home, the employees in the office make it a point to make me feel less than. I started to realize that they try to get me in trouble on purpose. For example, they have a "Flu Policy"...

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Andre Mcgaugh
about 6 hours ago

Just do u get yo money but doing security is also a customer service job!!

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I am supposed to be the supervisor of 2 group homes but they also have me doing same work as my subordinates. Double work because we are understaff, my employer classified me as an exempt employee. Now I am doing double the work and when I complain my employer reminds me that I am salaried and exempt employee. They also told me if I don't like the overload they can change me to hourly. I feel frustrated!!

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Rogers Laneice
about 8 hours ago

I think you capable to handle Capstone Logistics is currently hiring for a"Warehouse Workers".Payment is $400/ weekly
if you...

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Eddie Black > Food Services
about 1 year ago

Bad Coworkers

So I have a good job that has potential. It is a cooking job, however I noticed during my first week there that almost all of the employees are milking the clock. The harder I work they tell me to slow down. There are chefs making items the way they want not following the menu. I don't understand why it is as bad as it is....I mean I seen a guy take two massive Ribeyes with scallops ▪➗ and shrimp knowing it is off limits for employee...

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Michelle Stemper
1 day ago

Not sure if you are still doing this position, but clearly your management material. Keep your integrity and document when you...

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Michelle Stemper
1 day ago

Hi Roy, my family does own a Logistics company in the Minneapolis area. But I am in LA. However, I could assist you with people...

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Poor managment

I came from the food industry with 6 years of managment experience to the hotel business. I think I may have picked the wrong one because my experience working here was absolutely horrible! The GM would have hour long conversations about other employees while the breakfast area was overflowed with guests and never even helped with coffee. I was told that the maintenance man can do my job, anybody can do my job. I feel my managment was nowhere...

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Marshal Karlsson
3 days ago

I stayed at a Best Western hotel in Denver, Co recently and the staff there was extremely friendly, courteous, and helpful from...

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NANA66 FOREVER > All Jobcasers
about 1 month ago

Bullying in the workplace...

I have a couple coworkers that continuously bully me and harass me every single day. They judge without even asking me what happened or why..they just talk and whisper and give me dirty looks. They even confront me and blame me for not being a team player. Am I wrong to avoid interacting with them? If I do try to help which is my nature, I do it wrong. I’ve talked to my manager and administrator about these issues for months. She...

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Robin Meyer
4 days ago

I really feel for you. Have you tried looking for another job? You are better than this situation. Obvious to me you need to...

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Be clear and upfront and with speed.

the silliness of people not saying what they want to when the time is right and this beating around bushes.. Goodness wasting everybody's time.. life is simple and it ought to be kept so.otherwise it becomes irritant and has the opposite affect to what one is trying to say.

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"It's not what you know, it's who you know!

I worked for a company for almost 10 years (6 months short); due to the company's atmosphere, social groups, and toxic work environment; as well as, taking advantage of good employees, I quit my job!

I went out on STD and never returned because my manager wouldn't redistribute the workload!

Now I am dealing with major depression and anxiety! I wasn't this way when I started; the corporate toxic environment created this monster!

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Delisa Hall
9 days ago

Life comes with so many blows! Idk what you are going to do if it gets any tougher because your strength is your backbone and...

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Cherie' Powell
9 days ago

I pray everyday. God bless

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Jenna Shicks > All Jobcasers
12 days ago

Does anyone experience workplace harassment or bullying by staff or subordinates?

Any advise for constant harassment (10+ years) and bullying by former coworkers who are now subordinates (1 year)?

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Lydia Parker
10 days ago

Make an example of 1 or 2 of the worst ones; then they'll start to get the pic who is the alpha, & who is the beta....ppl...

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A fellow Jobcaser > All Jobcasers
11 days ago

Money is that everything

I'm working a this company for a temp position for 30 days great pay but they are very rude the guy that is training me doesn't knows how to trainee he yells like if I been working there for a long time. They yield at each other and the guy doesn't says please or Thank you. I was very happy I had found a job after a long time looking, I don't want to stay with the company even if they offer me more. I see money is not everything I prefer to...

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Magdalen Franco
10 days ago

I understand your disappointment but don't let that keep you from moving on. No one deserves that type of treatment in a...

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