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Moving on...

I loved a former job, and the majority of the people I worked with. I've been away from them long enough to realize that I along with them had been suffering from a severe case of workplace bullying, intimidation and I'm just that much better for not being in that environment anymore. Those that are still there only reach out to validate that nothing has changed but is only worse. I don't want to participate in these conversations because it...

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Thomas Waltman
about 2 hours ago

When you leave a toxic work place you should just move on and not look. Just move forward with your life

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I hate my job

I hate my job not what I do but the people who I work with, so rude and always in everyone's business. But I have to stay there cause I need the money :(
I'm looking for another job so bad. I can't believe that there's company out there that won't hire you cause you live in another city. I'm a responsible person always on time. I really hope I could find something else soon.

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Dawn Fairbee
about 24 hours ago

I've had a few co workers like that at jobs I've had in the past including two Managers so I understand where you're coming...

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Si42mone Brown > All Jobcasers
Edited 18 days ago

Help Others when U Can

Hey, I just wanted to share this with everyone. I recently befriend a co-worker on one of my side hustle. She started breaking down out of nowhere. I basically took her hand and weep with her. I saw her pain without her having to tell me her story. It’s a gift I’ve had since I was a little girl. I share this to say depression is very real in the African American Community and it does not take much to just listen. Me being there for her in that...

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Jaime Munoz
3 days ago

I am looking for work as a certified Hvac service tech, pea certified as well. Would have to be close to where I live ,78586....

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Erin Heard > All Jobcasers
26 days ago

Erin heard nurse

Workplace bullying should be illegal in all states and companies should be fined for allowing this behavior

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Tricia Hendrix
3 days ago

Hi Erin! I agree, that behavior is abhorrent! Has this happened to you?

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Found employment

After working in a facility as a CNA, I was released under false pretenses. They fired me because I turned in one of the nurses for spending more time outside on the smoke deck than inside doing her job. The same RN that I turned in was really very good friends with the d o n in layman's terms that is the director of nursing. They got me fired by saying that I was not taking care of one of my clients. When in reality that client was not even...

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Terricitia White
5 days ago

Amen to that. When the devil gets in y li uh r way God pushes him back. Congrats

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Self value

My question here is what should one do if a work environment becomes toxic, and other job opportunities become scarce?

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Marc Jung
4 days ago

Report your employer to OSHA if they won't fix it.

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Christina Norris > All Jobcasers
about 1 month ago

Am I being taken advantage of because I am young and new?

I am only 18 and have has a job for 6 months (give or take). I loved this job and was really good. It was my first job but found a love for working with people. This was until I was falsely accused of stealing and now I am treated horribly! No, I did not take a single things and there is absolutely no proof that I did. It was all based on suspicion. Now I barely work 2 days a week and get no help. I want to quit but I need a job to take its...

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Michael Barela
12 days ago

Absolutely keep the job, and search for another and when u find another job try to improve your self by taking classes and...

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David Campos > All Jobcasers
about 1 month ago

Team player

I like working in a team Enviorment

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Janice Reed
6 days ago

Hi David! That's so wonderful! What is your favorite experience with working on a team?

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I was terminated because my supervisor and manager were friends. Anything that my supervisor reported to my manager she automatically believed it. One day I was called after I just clocked out of work and was told about another employee's issue or problem. I simply just asked her not to call my phone anymore about another employee next day I come in I get fired.

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Tonya Brown
24 days ago

File a grievance for wrongful termination. By law your job has to give the form if you ask for it. Good luck.

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senior project manager vice president of construction

way you do so long Always treat people with fairness and respect kindness you cand learn somthing new from the newest guy out there people don't alway's do thing's the same way you would so long as the quality there and they get it done right and in the same amount of time barring no unforseen set back faulty equipment weather. or wrong material. i once had a guy yell at me for taking 35 minutes to long and failure to take a 15 minute break i...

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Matt B.
Edited 11 days ago

Very true! A positive attitude can help solve so many problems in workplace or job site. Thanks for sharing, Bryant!

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