A friend of mine has been on her job for quite some time. Lately her new managers have been criticizing her work, speak negatively towards her, and even placed her on a PIP. She called me this weekend frantic because she's never been treated this way by any other managers before and suddenly she's a poor performer. She shared how other teammates are talking amongst themselves about finding a new job, posting out or taking an LOA. She's afraid HR... see more


Seek legal advice ASAP. Don’t let that company get away with any type of discrimination

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Has anyone ever experienced a fight amongst co-workers? How is the best possible way to handle it?

Are you their manager? If so do corrective action on all involved. If you are not their manager report to... see more

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I faced countless stressful days during my job at King Edward Medical University. But I had become experienced before stressful days. So whenever I had any stressful days, I tried to calm myself down, and just kept my focus on my duties in stead of chit chat with other’s advices and listened the advices of everyone but reacted only to those which I thought as useful.

My job is also very stressful working in healthcare revenue cycle.
But anytime I feel stressed or overwhelmed I get... see more

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Looking for a company that believes in Teamwork and cares about their employees, the committee for whom they Service and the company they do business under.

Hi, my name is Justin Igama. I work for Amazon, warehouse position. Although, I’m looking to find better job opportunities along the way. But, I love about my job is the people I work with. The energy and effort we put in as a team is very important to us. As well as safety and health. We always encourage each other to work hard, also teach ways where we can improve more and more each day. Some days are busier than others, especially on holidays... see more

Alright so I started a new job. It's not so bad for labor work at this new place. The only annoyance I have was me being sent off last night a time before we closed. We were to leave at around 1015 p.m. and I was expecting some hours. Turns out manager had made a call without my notice, which was to another manager of the store off clock, and they came up to let me go for the nite. Pretty random and out of sight but I listened and left when told... see more

That can happen but if I was you. Start keeping tab of everything. Just for your records so if needed you won't be... see more

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I learned how to work with my co workers.

Terminated for filing a complaint about a coworker threatening to shoot me in my head.I never knew filing a complaint can get you terminated at Amazon in Memphis.So loss prevention said they investigated by asking the person I filed the complaint on she lied about the situation.Soon she threatens me I stop working and went straight to HR didn’t waste no time and a week later I get terminated for MISCONDUCT BUT HOW

People are surprised and impressed when you actually listen and respond to what they are saying and they will remember you.

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