i worked for the same a/c company for 7 years and was laid off for no reason other than i moved, (several others live far from the job, including my supervisor). yet i had no problems with punctuality, and even offered to commute in my own vehicle. since then i have applied to several a/c companies with no responses. so i am expanding my search. i am a skilled tradesman, and can do just about anything. ive held a wide range of jobs, including…

Start your own company!! Getting an LLC is fairly cheap!

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How character references can help you land a job

If you have a poor work history, gaps in employment, a criminal record or other problems that are hindering your landing a new job, character references can go a long way in bolstering a prospective employer's confidence in bringing you on board.

Who makes the best character reference? Now don't pad the list with your BFFs and running buddies -- Ha! Take time and give this serious consideration. Business owners and managers whom you know well…

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This is helpful.

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Here's a problem.

Been on unemployment for months, haven't gotten anything serious in my low pay grade. (Not asking for much at all) I finally got a job at a roofing company. After two weeks they rehired a guy who got hurt last year and gave me the boot. They used me like a washrag. I'm really losing it

THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX. have car deliver newspapers, pizza, courier services. Apply for foot in door jobs in hospital for…

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Hardships of life

Seeing how even I struggle from time to time I quit letting companies take advantage of me giving me just above minimum wages .2 weeks ago I nearly died on a job lost my footing hands full of painting supplies going up 30 to 60 ft on solid plat form caged ladders tier to tier above ground . My pay was 12 an hour . Job description said had use of man lift and safety gear . Being n expert in Osha laws nothing was given. To me to safely climb to the…

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My temp service cancelled the contract and it's going on 3 weeks without any work for me so I have been looking for other…

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Southern California Pipe Trades Interviewing & Hiring Event: 19 Jun 2019

Southern California Pipe Trades Interviewing & Hiring Event
Wednesday June 19, 2019 4:00pm – 7:00 pm

Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton
Leatherneck Lane Transition Readiness Facility Bldg. 1339
13030 Vandegrift Blvd Bldg. 1339 – Classroom 2
Oceanside, CA 92058

June 19, 2019

Good afternoon Rafael, are you looking for general laborers? What are the requirements? Thank you.

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I have lived in Washington for about 2yrs and where I'm working after the contract was up in December it seems like I cant get in the yard I was in when I know people with less experience that are already working at the yard that I'm talking about I need some advice

Try going into the yard from another door. Example, if you worked for a contractor, apply to the client. The selling point you…

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I'm a construction worker what has about 20yrs experience when my last contract was finished in December it seems like now I cant get back in the same yard I need some advice

Hi Christopher Griegel - did you leave on bad terms when your last contract was finished? I can see how you would feel very…

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Had it with woman haters

I am a certified heavy equipment operator for the state of Pennsylvania, I got a job working for CCI, and never had to do stone work before. One stone looks like another to me just bigger. Anyway, the guy who I work with belittle me about everything. I never got yelled at for working over the time of quitting. He likes to work me hard and pull tricks on me. My how was JD controls today they were CAT. I mean he does anything to mess me up. I don't…

I know I am a country girl that lives in the boonies and I am broke as heck and by myself and people still hate on me and have put…

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Crystal Mccaghren I hope and pray for you, I was married for over 20 years, but I had to be the one to support the family. You do…

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I got let go from my company after 15 years of dedicated service due to restructuring. Basically I made too much and the let me go and promoted my replacement, whom I trained, right in front of me. I have 20+ years in the CATV field. Everything from residential installer, 10+ years of supervisor, to last 2 years as a lineman.

The same thing just happened to me. Grew the company from $3M to $20M. Hired everyone that works there and then they fired me 3…

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I overcame a challenge at #construction when I

We had put in some ply wood and concrete by a deadline and got the job done days before

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A good day

Had an interview Monday for a steel erecting company. Got the job and was going to lunch with wife to celebrate. While we were eating I got a phone call. It was a company I has interviewed with a couple weeks earlier and had given up on because I had heard nothing and ads were still posted.
They were calling to offer me a position for more money and much less physical work. I hauled ass over there and met with the maintenance supervisor. I…


Very nice!!!

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