Relocated for a job

My current employer assisted me with relocation (from one state to another - 1000miles) by providing 1500.00 (which was taxed) upon signing my contract for employment. I accepted this job because I was informed that this position would allow me an opportunity to obtain a certification within a year (paid by the employer), which would provide a significant pay increase. In addition, upon completing the program, I would have to agree to work…

Hi Tina John - I'm not sure that we can assist you with this. It sounds like you signed a contract that had certain stipulations…

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Why didn’t you follow up???

If you spent time applying or going through the interview process and now it’s all over you might be left wondering…”NOW what?” If you followed up, awesome! If you didn’t, keep reading and learn the importance and how to go about it.

Following up is a critical aspect of the job seeking process. It does a few things. It lets the employer know you are serious, reminds them of who you are and your qualifications, and keeps the hiring process moving…


I haven't received any information about an interview

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The small things

Hello how are you doing I feel like there's somethings I need to point out to you life is not fair sometime we get what we want and sometimes we don't we have UPS and we have Downs but the most important things is really not your job house car money no matter who you are what your situation is you must always remember the small things I'm pretty sure a lot of you have kids family and Friends and those are the things that's most important nobody…

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Take care of your son. I lost mine when he turned 13. He was tgtbt. And now he is with God and I'm here wandering. The memories…

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laid off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hi my name is Teresa and I was laid off my job about 2 weeks ago and i've been there for 9 yrs working as a medical assisting with a family practice doctor and now i wont be able to get unemployment because my boss actually didn't laid me off it looks like I resign and I didn't get anything sign by him and he asked if I had a 2 week letter and I said yes...............well what happen was that my girls were going back to school and I had nobody…

I agree with Matt. Call unemployment and explain. i had a company tell unemployment that I quit and I didn't. I explained what…

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Don't know what to do

Hello this is Nikki I was recently in search of a job but now I did get a job start on Mon. I am a single parent with a 12 year old and the only issue is sum days I have to work evenings to nite will get home around 9:30 are 9:45 but i won't be home to help my daughter with homework & I definitely know she will not be comfortable home alone until i come home because that's all it's been is just me and her and it's hard for me as a parent cause i…

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You need to let her father help you pretty sure he wants to!

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in need

im a certified Independent contractor looking to work for someone online .its hard for me to find jobs taking inbound outbound calls because i have a Hp chromebook and companies tell me i do not meet the hardware requirements because chromebooks are not on the list please anyone that needs work done i also work for amazon turk doing odd jobs im a single mother looking for income i currently have none coming in please serious inquiries only with…

Hi Michelle! Follow these few simple steps to find a job opportunity here on Jobcase.

1. Click on Jobs & Companies at the top of…

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Looking for a new job?

WorkSourceWA will be hosting a Fall #Hiring Event on Wednesday, September 19, from 12p - 4p, at the Capital Mall, 625 Black Lake Blvd SW, Olympia, WA 98502.
Looking for a new job? General hiring event set for Sept. 19

Employers are looking to fill positions in the following industries:

> Manufacturing
> Finance
> Office/Clerical
> Warehouse and Distribution,
> Retail
> Child Care
> Sales
> Customer Service
> Health Care
> Hospitality
> and…

Lenin Pina good to know thank you

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Having a background

The hardest part of finding a job, is finding an employer who really doesn’t discriminate against someone who has a felony charge that is 10 years old, and has paid their debt to society. Also finding an employer that can work with you on your hours that you are able to work because you have no one to help you get your kids to and from school.

Hi Rhonda Kittrell , You're definitely not alone as others here on Jobcase are struggling with this too! To get some support feel…

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What can I do??

I love my job at Papa John's as a shift manager. One of the best jobs I've had. My little one is getting older tho and my wife is back to work. She and I usually take turns picking him up from daycare, but recently her job has been keeping her longer and longer. She hasn't been able to get him and I keep asking my sister in law to pick him up which is ok for now, but I can't keep asking her. I don't want to leave early myself and set a bad…

Speak to your district manager about your situation with your son.Upper management is suppose to understand situations with kids…

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Would you give a promotion

I don't understand how can somebody go on maternity leave for their wife having a baby take off 3 months come back to the job and get the lead position then his wife has another baby takes off another 3 months call us back and get promoted to Supervisor now here's the kicker why was off he got another job the first time he didn't like the job so he quit that job and came back nothing became lead second time he went and got a CDL was driving…

Frustrated. Nothing works for me.

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Hi does anybody know where I can find a housekeeping job asap on the Mississippi coast

I just recently got out of prison and iv stumbled some but I cannot do that anymore I'm in desperate need of a job want to be able pay child support for my kids.Is there anyone out there that will hire me? I will do my absolute best my mind is at its best rite now and I will never be late and be totally dedicated to the job 100%

Hi Bobbie jo Young You're definitely not alone as others here on Jobcase are struggling with this too! To get some support feel…

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