I have been a stay at home mother and wife. I haven't worked in 10 yrs. Now I find myself at the beginning of a divorce and need to find a job. I have 2 school age children and need to be home for them when they get out of school. I would love a job that you can do from home. I need help! I have no resume. If they could just look at all the things I've done for my family I would be qualified for a good job. Alas they dont do that so I'm stuck…

Divorce is not an option..

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Yes, you can be hired at 58 (or any age)!...

I thought my fellow Jobcasers would be encouraged reading this story:

A few weeks ago, I received an email as I was found through an online search to see if I would be interested in a newly created position. I did a quick check of the organization, was impressed and replied back.

In turn, I received a reply, had a phone screen, was asked to go in for a first interview, a second interview and then a third interview. I met with 8 people total. A…

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Congrats on your new job I feel the same way too Ian 59 looking for a new job it it’s so hard to find a good job at my age

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Hello there every one !

I've recently ran into some unfortunate events in my life right now that has put me in a little bit of a rut. Due to these events I'm temporarily out of a job. I'm a part time Home health aide and my client that I'm helping ended up getting themselves into trouble and they will be gone until September July at the earliest
The company I'm working for is unable to find a temporary client for me to take care of. I have been trying to find a…

Manndie, I'm curious why you're not looking for a medical assistant position since that's what you went to school for. How are…

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I finally got a job.

I finally got a job after 8 months searching I was hired as a Bus Monitor working with special needs student and I really like it from my bosses to the staff there it's really feel like a group people who treat each other like family.


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Seeking Work from Home

I am 35 years old, and recently had a baby. My previous job does not have great work/life balance, and would have me out the house 24/7, on call. I have a master's degree from OSU and have great employment history. I all currently on FMLA while I care for my son, and scheduled to return to work soon. I am trying to find either a work from home job, or a job where I can bring my son with me.

I have a long professional career, I am efficient in…

Hi Chandra Prevost - I did some online research and found these companies that offer nationwide work from home Customer Service…

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Matt Bornhorst these are great resources thank you so much for helping.

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I lost my job Feb 20th because my client passed away. I have never been without a job. I live paycheck to paycheck. Every minute I have has been spent job seeking. I turned down one that would have required me to move. I turned down another one because the compute to and from took an hour and a half each way. It wasn't the miles but the highway traffic. I can't see out of my left eye and don't want another accident. So for now I took a gas…

Mary I will be praying for you and your family, please pray for me as well since I'm in a similar situation. I know that something…

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New Beginnings

Just moved to murfreesboro. Single father who has 7 yrs factory experience from operator , forklift driver,line lead and material handler. Any suggestions??

Hi Peter Chatman ! Great news! There are MANY forklift opportunities hiring in your area that I found here. Wishing you the best…

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Ashley Wilson That was really nice of you!

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I'm 24 years old with a one year old son. His father and I are still together, but it is so hard for me to find a job. Montgomery sucks. There are so many jobs that I know I could be great at, but they want you to have so many years experience and I don't have it. Also, I prefer evenings due to the fact that my boyfriend works 4 a.m. until about 2 in the evening and my only other babysitter lives an hour and a half away. I'm so over working fast…

Aliyah, you actually may have a lot of opportunities if you pursue something working for the State Government, with Montgomery…

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I didn't know that looking and finding a job would be this hard. I have training in a lot of different skill and no where is wanting to hire me. i have customer service, food service, office setting experience and i cant get an interview anywhere. i'm just stressing because i have 4 kids to take care of on my own. I dont know what im going to do if i have to tell my kids that we are homeless again. my mental health is on the brink of collapsing

Hey mcdonald is hiring and we nees more help at corkscrew Estero u can put ur application in and refer me my name is Hannah m

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Retired Military

I am so lost in the sauce right now. I retired from the military end of 2016. I had a contracting job with the military until Aug 2018. Since then i have applied to several jobs. I mean tons!!!! With only the sell insurance jobs giving me a call back. I have tons of HR experience, plus my work ethic and yet nothing. Im starting to feel as if i should be greatful for a minimun wage job at a fast food place, and stop trying for something better…

Hi Michelle Pearman -- I am sorry that you are so frustrated! If you are not getting calls for interviews it is likely that your…

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Looking to become a babysitter? The Red Cross has a class for you!

Are you a teen looking for a good first job? Or are you the parent of a job-seeking teen? The American Red Cross offers a Babysitting Class to give 11- to 15-year-olds training and preparation for the responsibility. Find and register for a class in your area here:

i’m 14?? can i do it

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Imma M3m3 Then you're the right age - your profile says you're in Phoenix, so searching at the link says there's a class on April…

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