Right now I have so many applications out and nobody has called me or emailed me for a interview I have 3 kids I have to take care of I have bills to pay and can’t do none of that without no job I am worthless what else do I need to do besides work harder and have more faith in myself hoping and praying that something comes through soon I just can’t deal with my life like this

First of all you are not worthless. Just think about those beautiful kids that you gave life to.
It's hard... see more

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Employer ghosting is frustrating to say the least and not a good business practice.

I believe recruiters sometimes are inundated with applications and interviews and inevitably ghosting can happen.

I like to use post-interview follow-ups as opportunities to both thank the interviewer for their time and reiterate interest in the role, but also use the opportunity to nudge the interviewer to take action and keep yourself top of mind with them.

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Experience ghosting a lot is not helpful it’s very frustrating and a waste of my time

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Work life balance is a phrase that feels overused. The truth is that this is different for everyone. Remote work has allowed me to be an engaged parent and efficient worker.

I was a drug addict and left my situation so I could be a parent to my daughter and my grandmother allowed me to move cross country to come help and to work on myself so I got a job things was going well however I kind of wanted to start dating again ended up kicked out cycle repeated lost custody of my kid. I ended up starting over got back in contact with my grandma who let me come back in and I got a few associates degrees and began working on... see more

Have you thought of working in an assisted living facility. Your experience with your grandmother, however... see more

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I have been a stay at home mother and wife. I haven't worked in 10 yrs. Now I find myself at the beginning of a divorce and need to find a job. I have 2 school age children and need to be home for them when they get out of school. I would love a job that you can do from home. I need help! I have no resume. If they could just look at all the things I've done for my family I would be qualified for a good job. Alas they dont do that so I'm stuck... see more

If you like shopping you can pair up with Instacart either as a full service or instore shopper. Instore shoppers... see more

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Hello I currently have a job but I am looking for a legit way to make some money before Xmas I got gifts and bills that has to be paid, my current job doesn’t pay much being a single mom with two kids no other income I need to find something ASAP does anyone got suggestions?

Need a job

Any one know of a handyman special or fixer upper in Des Moines Iowa that I can move into an fix as we go for my wife chikdren N I .we can do all remodeling anything inside out that needs done

I'm an IT professional by trade. I left my last job due to a military move. I couldn't find work in the new location because I didn't fit the demographic (not a local, and too qualified). I decided I'd be a stay at home mom and focus on my college studies instead. Three years later, we are back in the US, and I'm having a really hard time finding employment. I've applied to lots of opportunities, even entry level ones - and no luck so far. It... see more

USAA is always hiring.

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I been working at this job for two weeks now on days the first day I started I was told that I will be doing training for a week on days then move to night shift which I was hired for 11 to 7 my husband cut his hours short at work just so I can do my training and he will get the kids now I am going on three weeks and she still have me on days for the next two weeks i said something about it and I got an attitude about it for the manager , all... see more

I don't think you are approaching the situation correctly. You need to set aside some time before or after your... see more

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I’m a single mother of two with no family at all and a mortgage... I stepped out on faith due to a daily 98 mile round trip commute. I went on LOA in hopes to find a position near my new home that I bought last year. It took almost 4 months and I thought I was going to have to take a big pay cut but God said no you don’t my child. I got exactly what I wanted... $30 an hour with a 15 mile commute. Praise God!!!! Thank you so much for this... see more

T Wade, So happy for you and the blessings you received. Happy Thanksgiving!

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