Hi everyone, my name is Allana Akhtar and I am a reporter for Business Insider.

I report on different jobs, and I'm launching a feature on what it's really like to be a nurse. If you are a nurse and have a story to share, please fill out the survey at the bottom of this article: https://www.businessinsider.com/nurses-survey-what-is-the-hardest-part-about-being-a-nurse-2019-5

You can also email me if you have any other comments or concerns at a... see more

I'm still looking for more responses on my survey! I'll can keep you anonymous in the story: https://forms.gle/WEiC... see more

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Our vision is that Jobcase can be a modern union movement in support of workers. We begin by building a platform of tools and foster a community that supports one another. We then leverage this to amplify your voice, put data behind it, and bang on C-level doors to reclaim capitalism to work for all. We got your back. This op-ed printed in Fast Company magazine today is just the beginning. CEO's are starting to talk about valuing... see more

I have a situation going on that I really would like to scuss with you if at all possible if you have the time... see more

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I have a family member that has been a caregiver for her ill father for almost 5 years, but now she is trying to get back into the workforce because she hired someone else to help out. She would cook, clean, do laundry, help him around the house, and run errands because he has trouble getting around and cannot leave the house. My question is would her caregiving experience count as valid work experience on a resume even though it was for a family... see more

I was a caregiver for two parents. One was for four years and the other for 10. During that time, I took graduate... see more

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Hi Doris, see Aramark and Cintas for Custodial job opportunities.

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Providing my residents with excellent care and compassion. I was extremely attentive and I developed a personal relationship with many of my residents. I loved being appreciated by my residents my supervisor and family members. I strived on treating everyone with respect, understanding and compassion.

Sounds like a terrific experience Tara! So glad you enjoyed it there. : )

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I love working at caregiving because it makes me happy to hear people say thank you and how blessed they are to have me a part of their lives. It feels good to help others mostly for the seniors that are so lonely and has no relatives or even kids to help and care for them. I was raised by my grandparents and I took care of them until I had to move to further my education.

Great article about how caregivers are essential to the economy and how caregiving is a growing field!

Thank you for the interesting article!

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I would really love to hear your personal stories about the most difficult situation you have encountered in your job and how you dealt with it and what you took away from it. I'm really interested in learning form everyone's experiences so feel free to post anything helpful in the group!

I feel really happy to tell you over an interview over the phone

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