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Little luck

I have send out over 75 resumes. 2 calls backs but for companies/positions that are not what I’m looking for. Some listing are misleading and wastes everyone’s time. I am getting desperate. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I’m currently working but have “maxed out” my earning potential which is not great to begin with. Help

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Ryan H. Becker, CPA
about 18 hours ago

If you're desperate you probably should have pursued those positions that called you back.

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Becky Felder-Rougon
about 18 hours ago

Not so desperate to do a job I would hate. As I stated before some listing are unclear as to the job duties. Had I known it was...

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Jobless than Happy now !

Prayer works.. it really does after 2 months of bouncing from job to job I found a great job that has a leeway of me growing into a different and much higher position in the office, its a family oriented job that gives you the proper training and detail in order to complete any task given to you, I'm very pleased with the way I’m being treated here so far and I am hoping and praying that I can achieve a life long goal out of this place as well...

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John Black
6 days ago

Congrats hope it all works out 4 u keep a strong head an only u can stop u so go an own thw company

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One great thing I learned from my boss was...

I learned to better my customer service. I also learned i was a pretty decent leader as well and could get people to listen to me without repeating myself a hundred times. I still currently work here and we are hiring managers staff and drivers. It is a paper application so come on in!

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Charlotte Clark
7 days ago

What company , what city, what state,what street?

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sohail janan
7 days ago

Why you need this all

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Steven Jones > All Jobcasers
Edited about 2 months ago


I have been told by several people in different fields of employment, that I should be in management. I however, don't want the responsibility. I'm willing to step up when there is a need for that or assist my management or leads to see that things go as they should for a productive business outcome. I don't like to complain, because I have to be honest with myself. I'm a natural leader. I lead by example. I make sound and positive decisions,...

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Adrian Miles
19 days ago

Never settle

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Aniya Rogers > All Jobcasers
about 2 months ago

What I loved working at #Comcast

My favorite part about working at Comcast was that everyday I was able to network and meet someone new. I met at least 3 new people everyday just on the elevator. I also enjoyed meeting the founder before he passed away. No day was just like the day before when I was working there and it was a great opportunity to start building my brand.

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Fern Fishman
19 days ago

I would need more information regarding this position at Comcast. Where are they? I live in Philadelphia (Roxboro area), PA.

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Jason Darholt > All Jobcasers
2 months ago

What my goal in life is

I would like to invent something (or probably many things) that help people in their daily lives. I am interested in advanced prosthetic devices, but throughout my time at the university I came to realize that there are many ways to improve life, from labor saving machines to systems that improve efficiency and many more. Even if my career doesn't directly involve engineering I still plan to use my experience and the wealth I earn to better...

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Mike Mullins
about 1 month ago

I like ur thinking. Yes anyone can come up with any idea. Take for example: Post-it notes. Whoever came up with that idea...

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Elizabeth Benavides > All Jobcasers
about 2 months ago

Fake jobs

I believe that when u have applied several times for that company and nothing then take it as a sign. I have been hired and working at a company like that. Two years of nothing but misery. A dead end job when people that do not believe in me and have told me to my face im nothing. Made my self esteem so low i wanted to die. Take the sign and things will work out. I have been getting interviews at awesome places where GM are telling...

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Mark Russ
about 1 month ago

Why do you say you have jobs for certain companies and then when you go on site you don't have any listings for that company....

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Kenneth Burke > All Jobcasers
about 2 months ago

equal opportunity

I am just looking for a job that I can grow at and not be stuck on the same thing. the last couple of jobs that I have been employed at I have work for years and years and still to no avail no promotion or anything else to look forward to . most of the times the people that do get top positions are already qualified for the job and shoot straight to the top . not to mention, the people that they promote are usually trained by the average...

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Marcus Jordan
about 2 months ago

Hi Kenneth,
Sounds like you're interested in a career job opportunity that offers a career track with lots of training and...

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Ann g
about 2 months ago

Sounds good

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When I started working for patina Restaurant Group I started off as a overnight cleaner working the graveyard shift not knowing much about cooking but soon found myself to be a Sous Chef after hard work and much persistence. After 3 years of working for the company I got promoted twice and got a raise three times because I had ambition. Most people pay $30,000 to go to The Cordon Bleu to learn how to cook and be a chef I got this for free. So...

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Linda Rosner
about 2 months ago

Way to go, Chantel! I, too, worked my way up from line cook to Executive Chef, so I know your ambition! SO GLAD to hear this...

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