When things get stressful at work, at school, or even if you're just looking for work, it can be really tempting to just sit at the computer and keep going and going and going. You might feel guilty for not pushing harder or squeezing in more things. But I've actually found that taking a walk and getting fresh air is a great way to reset. I actually think it would be a great company program to have walk groups to make sure people aren't getting... see more

Great suggestion! Taking a walk, no matter how quick, makes me feel better.

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Our vision is that Jobcase can be a modern union movement in support of workers. We begin by building a platform of tools and foster a community that supports one another. We then leverage this to amplify your voice, put data behind it, and bang on C-level doors to reclaim capitalism to work for all. We got your back. This op-ed printed in Fast Company magazine today is just the beginning. CEO's are starting to talk about valuing... see more

Great article! All of these points are so important. I love the part about the living wage and friendly scheduling... see more

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Any good jobs that can provide medical insurance?


There are sites that can tell you about the area. Check out Indeed.com and see what they have for employment in... see more

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Hello everyone! I've been looking for a remote (Work from Home Job) That doesn't require a degree and Haven't had any luck. I'm looking for an actual 9 to 5 work from home Job with Benefits. I'm starting to think that it's not gonna happen. Anyone have any suggestions?

The only folks who get back to me expect me to spend money, do surveys or have some other suggestion that gives me a maybe income and not a definite. I don't have money to spend... see more

Altise.com arise.com. As I remember more I'll post. Those I know are ligite n u don't need a membership to find... see more

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This company paid to teach me so much. I took various classes and received multiple certifications all for free. Great company to work for. They take care of their employees. The pay is pretty good and they have a good incentive program to get quick raises. The best company I’ve worked for on paper. Every hospitality job is going to come with its ups and downs. But for every down moment you had, there was 20 up moments that the company made for... see more

I was 5 days from being hired full time...I never missed a day. I was never one minute late. I was looking forward to a career there. I worked with people that missed 6 days the first 6 weeks. Three absences you r supposed to be pointed out. I guess the same rules didn't apply to everybody.They are now full time with benefits. I dozed off when we were not busy. I got fired...

I'm not sure if anyone else here has the same history, but I have never had to fill out a job application my entire life. I always had my own small business or legitimate hustle and someone came along with an offer of employment. One of the things that cause me to seek a job at this point is steady income and insurance benefits. If I do find suitable employment I will always continue to do other things, as working for someone else is not... see more

Great point; You always have to remember you are working for yourself.

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Trying to find a job that pays welll and have great benefits.

What skills do you have? What is your education? If you cannot answer these questions in a manner a potential... see more

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I’m applying here at UPS because i want more pay than available at my previous jobs and i intend to use the benefits provided.


Honest sentiment, however, employers don't like being seen as cash cows. Your best reason to apply is what you can... see more

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Negotiate For Extra Benefits

Before we accept a job offer, we all know the importance of negotiating salary. But a new hire package comes with many other benefits that are up for negotiations as well. These benefits may include paid time off, parental leave, commuter benefits, professional development opportunities, tuition reimbursement, and many more. There are so many things you can consider when assessing an offer, and understanding the full... see more


Thanks for sharing now I ready

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Looking for a good part time position, with benefits, in or near 60068.
Marketing, Fundraising, Development

Laura Dini To search and apply for jobs in your area, go to the top of this page and click on Jobs.

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