Dealing With Long Term Unemployment

It is the worst nightmare you have ever had. You have been out of a job for several months. You feel yourself slowly losing your mind and may even begin to have feelings of despair.

For months, you’ve exercised all the job search strategies imaginable but with no success. Meanwhile,
your work mindset is losing it's appeal and your career clock is ticking away quickly. As if that's not enough, money is…


See if there is utility assistance in ur area thru utility co. Sounds like u should be on public assistance too

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Going To A Job Fair? Watch This!

Check out this great video on how to prepare and excel at a job fair.

Make the best impression, and get the job!

Do you think these Ps and Qs are helpful? Let us know in the comments!

A great post. Very informative precise and to the point. TYJ

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I made a mistake!

I mistakenly thought I would find better opportunities here in Orlando. Was I wrong! When I do get an interview, it sometimes includes a sharp jab from where I moved from. In one interview, the hiring manager never looked away from his phone and computer. Other jobs are proud to tell me they offer $8 per hour with no benefits. I was told from another company that they hate people from the north. Wow! Do not move to Orlando and expect to find a…

madam i nhave also the same problem right now please tell me how i start mty work online

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PSA: Self-Employment Assistance Program

Program that allows unemployed workers to receive unemployment benefits while they train to become self-employed.

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Interesting to say the least

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Can you believe it.

I was hired on December. I was told I would do the office billing. Well Friday I was let go. I did there credentialing and billing and when 4hat was done I was let go. I was told there moving in a different direction now. I feel used. If I had known I would of never accept it. The doctors wife is doing the billing. Wouldn't let me touch it 5he whole time I was there. Now I'm back to square one. At 53 it's not easy anymore. People want young not…

Work at restaurants, retail, etc...That is just a transition. Don't give up

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What motivated me to come to work everyday was

Good place to work.Good benefits.. Good salary

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Don't fall for short term disability

I had a small stroke at work. I worked 50 hours in 4 days and sometimes I had to switch from day shift to night shift frequently. Due to the odd hours I noticed my health was declining and not being able to take a regular day off to get checked properly, the doctor was thinking it was pressure when actuality it was my cholesterol which ended up collecting in my artery and caused my stroke on the job. I went on short term disability in Missouri…


It is real. It does happen. Similar issue to it. I was working in this gift shop. I had gotten in a car accident. This lady hit me…

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should I stay or should I go..

should I leave a job which is a good contract for more money better benies etc, but not sure about new jobs culture but this may turn into a permanent job so unsure getting ton of offers? what are your thoughts

you should leave if u feel who pay more who helps more financial

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I've been currently working at a call center company for over 2 years. In this 2 years, I have accomplished many different milestones. Like the following: Team Lead, Mentoring, One on One Trainings, One of the top employees to be on 2 different pilot departments, and filled in for Supervisors. I've applied for a supervisor position 3 times (each time having at least 3 other supervisors recommending me for the position) and being denied. I'm still…

Generally you should receive a promotion within two years of starting a new job. You can always look for better opportunities…

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I need help, please.

Like many others, I can't find a job. The bills are piling up, my husband has dementia and Parkinson's and I'm his sole caretaker. I can't collect unemployment because they consider me a transient worker ( I hopped from one assignment to another). So what's the next step? Do I qualify for State benefits? Where do I find info on that? Who do I ask? I've been sending resumes, filling out job applications,etc. I'm at a loss and I feel like crying…

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honey I just went through the same thing with my Grannie I had her 24 hours a day 7 days a week but it does get better you need to…

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Life is great!

After 20+years doing CNA work. It was time to change my career. I am happy now. I was not treated very good at my last job. So I found a new one less money but I a treated better with awesome benefits. Just have to start fresh. Give it a chance to make changes to your life I did.

So happy for you. Living and doing what you love is sometimes better than money. Enjoy....

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