Valid driver license needed?!

Why is it that most of the jobs want you to have a valid driver's license but alot of them you won't be driving their company cars??? Is this NOT discrimination? Don't we have enough that eliminates us from certain job positions like education level and back ground checks? Whether or not someone has a valid driver's license isn't important for all jobs. Give me a BREAK....

It is more for identification than driving for the company. When an employer asks for ID they just want to know if your…

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Career-Switching Tips

Career switching is becoming a choice for many different people for a number of different reasons. For some, it is because they have been in the same career for most of their professional life and they are bored or find that they are stagnant and have no where to grown any further; they are at a dead end. Others may find that their chosen career isn't what they thought it would be and it doesn't bring them the happiness and…


I do believe you have a lot of good points But I am of the baby boomer age and I am finding more and that sometimes the money I…

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Just ranting

So I interviewed for a job in January, was told I had the job, went for drug test, got call that day I got the job. The day before I was supposed to start I got an email saying I never had the job. Fast forward to 2 weeks ago. They called me and OFFERED me the position, no drug test needed, everything I asked for money wise. I was over the moon, my dream job!!!! I worked for 4 fricking days & they tell me they r downsizing!!!!!! Then why the…

Move on with your life and don’t even think about that job. Those people clearly don’t have their acts together. Don’t waste your…

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Good luck finding work

I have been looking off and on for a good position. I have great skills and experience and a wide array of talent. I have bachelors degrees and an MBA. STILL NO LUCK.

Patience and prayer worked for me. Your blessing will come in due season. Take care.

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After yet again getting another job offer only to have it disappear when they did a background check on a mistake that happened 12 years ago is discouraging. I'm not that person that I was 12 years ago. I'm college educated, have manager/marketing experience, excellent people skills but when it gets to the background check all that goes out of the window. All I get offered to me is server jobs which after 7 plus years of serving I'm burned out on…

I'm having the same problem and you're right, it's VERY discouraging! I've had THREE rejections just this past week! But, I think…

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Conditional offer/ I got it!

EDIT: I passed everything and start Monday.
I'm so happy and excited!

So I received a conditional offer. If I pass my background check and my drug test. Fingers crossed please! I have no doubt I'll pass the background and drug test. But until I'm actually given hours, I'm going to continue to worry. I seriously need a job. Hopefully once this is all done and I'm working this massive ball of dread in my abdomen will finally go away.

I hope you are able to meet all of the requirements for the job Jill Betts ! keep us posted.

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Ashley Wilson I passed everything and start Monday. Doing a jig.

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Not Sure

I applied for a job and got it,but was scared off because of the background check.I've worked all over the county.I can't remember every date or name and number. What do I do?

A background check can be looked into up till 10/15 years Some companies ho private, Hey Brother God Bless Show up with a Smile…

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"Job offer contingent on passing a background check": What does that mean?

The interview went great. Now comes the background check. What do they look for? Be aware!

Just went through that background check , looking good. Saw everything that employer's saw, that was nothing.
So if you have…

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Stuck on my word

Hello everyone. After the hurricane María as everyone else that was affected by it I came back to where my heart has always been, the glorious Texas. Well the thing is that I came here because a job was offered to me and I explicitly told my employers to be that I was Medical Cannabis patient and that I might have residual of THC on my bloodstream and that according to Texas laws that can disqualify me for the job position but they keep saying…

I think when you work with family or friends there is a VERY delicate balance. It also sounds like his mother is a bit overbearing…

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Ashley Wilson thanks for your point of view, the day after my post I went to my job and she tried to pull the you hurt my feelings

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Company not hiring Blacks

I was hired by a company two weeks ago, background check and urine test , credit check.... Pass everything they wanted to check, but now they won't give me the position in the conditional offer letter...Can anyone give tell me what to do now?

Um, if they were racist, then why did they have you interview screen, etc. Like someone said, that costs money. I'm getting…

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Chasen Crooks Lets just set aside that this thread is over 2 years old. A little late to the party, sweetheart? And smack a

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Background Checks

I've applied for over 30 positions and only two responses. I have a professional resume and 20+ years experience. I recently found out that I have an unpaid traffic ticket that requires me to appear in court, however, I have to have the amount of said ticket. Unfortunately, I need to work to accumulate these funds. Is it possible that this is the reason behind the lack of employer interest? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.


That's ridiculous,an unpaid traffic ticket? Do you know how long the employers go BK on the background check?

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