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Today is the second day of 2020 and time to take action by gaining employment in 2020.
Now that the holidays are behind us what are you New Year resolutions?

Where Will Jobs Be in 2020? After doing some research on the job outlook for 2020 here is what I found out.

A recent report published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that the U.S. will add roughly 20 million new jobs by the year 2020 – a nearly 14%... see more


Simply Awesome Michael Carvalho ! There's a lot of helpful hiring tips in this post. I hope job seeking members... see more

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Struggling with applications?... see more

Thru the grace of God he will feel an touch every spot where we lack an uplifting us an make us stinger an much... see more

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Good Morning Jobcase Community!
Today I would like to ask a question, hopefully, you will be kind enough to answer?
How Do You Start Your Day? **

I would like to start a conversation with each of you to help me a project I am involved with in a class I am currently enrolled in. Physiology I, Understanding Differences will you help me by answering my question? Feel free to comment, like and share! Thank you in advance as I always know I can... see more

Look likes I’m late to the morning routine... lol. Well I guess y’all got your answer..

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I am over these assessments test that employers send you just to send you an email stated Sorry but we feel we are not a match or good fit. I havent even taken some of there test and still get a letter. They are bs test just to see if you can read or add and its the same test over and over. These test dont do justice on some one work ethics loyalty honesty. Or integrity. Its a waste of time for the employer and person applying. Too lazy to... see more

So very true!

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Hi Everyone,
I know what some of you are going through because I graduated from business school in Novermber of 2017 and been on the job hunt and put my experience too and you only get called by sales jobs and stuff. They want to pay peanuts and some companies don't bother setting up an interview or even respond back. I feel like the job market here sucks even though there are so many available. Don't understand why they are not even trying... see more

Dang, that's hard to deal with Sohini G I am sorry your job search is being so frustrating. I've been there, but... see more

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An angry customer just told you, “The service here is terrible.” Your response should be:
A. What is it about the service that you don’t like?
B. Would you like to fill out a complaint form? I can get you one?
C. I realize that our service is poor today. It’s because we are understaffed, so I apologize.
D. I’m very sorry to hear that but we’re Trying as hard as we can.

well when I was working at walmart store #2954. the proper answer would have been (a) so that way we would have an... see more

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A. I earn high pay for my work.
B. There is a high commitment to following protocol.
C. The company is instantly recognized by others.
D. I make customers happy.



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3419 E Chapman Ave, Orange, CA 928693812

Been Driving Trucks since I was 15 when i got my permit why do I need a CDL A When the trucks are small

Hey Ricky,
The last time I checked UPS didn't require a CDL for the Delivery Truck driver positions. The UPS... see more

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@JasonLombardo. In Texas They do or at least they di a few years ago

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So, I had a great phone interview today, and I think I can do the commute. I'm a litle apprehensive about the testing, as they are asking for Excel (i'm usually an expert), but have issues with v-lookups. How can I avert my diversion to v-lookups? I would love to get some insight, and maybe talk with someone regarding my anxieties.

Really right on!

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Hi. While I was studying for the exam, some members of a local PM group were kind enough to share their helpful suggestions for passing. I'm starting this conversation to share them and add a few of my own.
Would others who have taken the exam add your advice, please?

Now there's a thought, I forgot about Robin! The TIME constraint for the PMP exam. OMG!!!....Thanks for raising... see more

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Bryant Johnson Yes, consider the time. I think the test length gives you plenty of time. But you could get bogged... see more

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Took an online exam the beginning of this week for a job with a large financial institution. The exam was suppose to be for Base and Advanced SAS. For those that program in SAS you know that it's not a small subject. I have received many calls from recruiters for this job. When I took the exam it was SAS IML. The title of the exam even said SAS 9.3. IML is not Base or Advanced SAS but another SAS product that must be purchased separately... see more

Hey Kirk Doxtader , sorry to hear about your recent pre-employment test experience. I can understand how a... see more

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