The ATS could be stopping you!!

Feeling frustrated because you applied to a TON of jobs and you still aren’t hearing back???

The problem could be that your resume is missing some important information!

If a company uses what’s called a applicant tracking system or ATS, your resume will go through a screening process. If it’s missing certain elements it will be pushed aside and not viewed by that particular company.

So, let’s look at some tips on how to use keywords to update…

HR basically ignore almost anything that comes in without being referred by someone already there. That's the only way into some…

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The biggest mistake I made as a #Artteacher at #EvergreenCommunitycharterschool ...

Not standing up for my sect, I didn’t do anything wrong for the 12 years I work there

My advice to people interested in working at #EvergreenCommunitycharterschool as a #Artteacher ...

I would tell them what a wonderful 12 years I had being with some of the best young people I’ve ever met. If you enjoy working with children and caring about their education and how To act with other people, it is the best job to have. When students come up to you and tell you how much you taught them and they appreciated it, makes you feel absolutely wonderful with what you do. Evergreen teachers always make Extra time to help any student that…

The biggest mistake I made as a #ArtTeacher at #AscendAcademyCharter ...

Following the principal's directives to enforce the school's rules for behavior when the other teachers and AP weren't. It made me unpopular with the kids and that popularity was the reason I was ultimately not renewed.

The biggest mistake I made as a #ArtTeacher at #RebornChristianAcademy ...

My biggest mistake was expecting a good relationship between the Administration and employee and that doesn't exist there.

How my time as a #ARTTEACHER at #LITTLEREMBRANDTS changed me

I got to teach again which is something I like to do. I was fortunate enough to get a degree. But I also worked part time in a deli while taking classes; nothing is ever worthwhile that is easy. Life itself is hard for everyone. I taught 2nd grade and it changed the way I saw the diversity of this world. I learned that you can learn from your students as well as they learn from you. In teaching art, there is no certain manner to teach children…

To apply Art teacher post

Hemanthkumar,Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts (Degree)
University of madras (INDIA) 1999
3D Max animator,
Professional skill: Excellent creative and artistic skills.
Wide knowledge of art materials and tools.
Profound ability to encourage creativity in students.


Thanks for posting to Jobcase!

Is there a specific art teacher job post you're applying to? If not, let me know and I can…

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