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Freelance Artist thinking about giving up.

I've been drawing, painting, and even picked up digital sketching. Art has been my life as long as I can remember. I love it so much and this runs in my family. I've always dreamed of becoming a comicbook/webcomic artist. But after working at other places and positions that had nothing to do with it... I just feel like giving up this dream and just stick to a 9-5 :( I don't want to.. but it's just the way it is.

Though, I still desperately still want this to come true. But I don't have a degree. Just a lot of experience. Even a museum job would make me happier than what I'm doing now. I'm a deli clerk.. it's fine and the people are great.. but it's not for me. And even my mother along with outside family think that I should still try and pursue my dreams. :/ *Sigh. #artist #artstruggle #life #Art #

Lois Martin

The Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance is seeking Summer Art Camp Instructors.