Been having trouble I applied for dollar general and both managers at the store 8899 both said I’m hired but has been three weeks almost and I still haven’t got my email that I need to start work? Any ideas

Could be background check delay. Just call them. Don't be afraid to bother them, they are managers, this kind of thing is exactly…

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Gratitude: The Trait That Defines Perspective

Hey Jobcasers,

Today I'd like to talk about something that seems a little difficult in our search for the next best employment opportunity: Gratitude.

Gratitude is perhaps one of the most difficult things to muster up during a rigorous and harrowing experience such as unemployment, homelessness, and similar events, but I would argue that it is perhaps the most important thing to muster up--more than hope, more than tenacity, more than even…

Timely and important post Gage. I think we all naturally tend to focus on the negative emotions associated with being unemployed-…

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Im not too old, yet.

I'm only 62. Not in the grave yet !!
Have put my application out all over this area. I'm trying to keep close enough to where I live so I don't have to drive too far. Only looking for part time. Always loved all the people I've met where ever I've worked through the years. But....its been a long wait so far. I look around and see alot of younger people working , I'm proud they are but don't forget we older citizen's have a lot to give yet .

Dont feel alone. Im in the same boat as you are and im 56 years of age. Im about to the point of moving elsewhere because they…

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Age Disclosure on Applications?

Hey Todd Tolford , we just got this alarming information from Chris Bolton about age related questions on applications, see Ageism.

Question… are employers allowed (legally) to ask directly or indirectly about an applicants age on the application?

If yes, what’s the reasoning? Also, would you recommend any strategies to overcome age(ism) recruiting?

Your feedback and professional advice around this very concerning issue is greatly…


I just got asked my age on an application with Geico! WOW!!

Bold move! How was the question framed? Did they ask you to enter your birth date or the flat out “How old are you” question?


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This is very concerning Chris Bolton . I haven’t heard of other companies demanding this type of information on applications…

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Ready to give up

i have been looking for a job for almost 4 months. i haven't had luck at all with getting a job. i have been getting interviews left and right. i don't know if its cause I'm still in high school but i don't know where else to apply i need advice!

I work in a day care and we have high school students working here for the summer...try city, county and school district websites…

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This has been happening numerous of times lately to me. I get an excellent job offer only to lose it after they run a background check. I been working as a server for half a decade and I'm burned out on it but it seems like all that is offered to me is server jobs. I'm college educated in both business and psychology, excellent communicator, manager skills, sales experience, receptionist skills and excel at customer service. Is there anything I…


I did a quick search and found this:

There are companies out…

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Tips? Help?

How to I get a job fast? I've done everything from checking in on the jobs I applied for from applying to around 30 in my area? Is it just me?, Or is it bad luck?

Apply in a field where mostly men are hired. Hardware and auto parts stores. I have never not gotten any job like that ever. They…

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Help? Tips maybe?

Im trying my best and I've applied for many places in the area and have only got 3 interviews I went to, but they never called back. I really just want a job as soon as possible can anyone help me?

Do you have a preference of job type? What skills and or experience do you have?. You can go to a Temp. Agency to get work right…

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Not Sure

I applied for a job and got it,but was scared off because of the background check.I've worked all over the county.I can't remember every date or name and number. What do I do?

A background check can be looked into up till 10/15 years Some companies ho private, Hey Brother God Bless Show up with a Smile…

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Average wait for an application response

Hi, I’m Alexis and I’ve applied for quite a few jobs, but I’m only 17 and I’ve never had a job before if anyone could please give me in there own experience the average time to wait for a response from a applied job position before moving forward to another? Also if you know of any good places to start off from for a first job that would be greatly appreciated! ( side note I’m not able to work at fast food chains due to my parents )

Hi Alexis Saucedo make sure you follow up with the jobs. Consider calling or sending over an email! On average it could take 1-2…

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