I've currently applied for 355 positions with no interviews. I'm simply running out of time. 355 apps/resumes sent and not a single one. Nothing. I've contacted recruiter after recruiter and still nothing even after nine recruiters...yes, NINE. Rejection after rejection.

Any help whatsoever is greatly appreciated.


I am in the same situation. I totally understand. I have also applied to many on Ziprecruiter as well and no... see more

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I have applied for jobs day after day after day with no prospects. I have 30 years experience in my field and my unemployment is running out.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Geeesh!

Driver for Bon Appetit, I like my job and looking for a part time, if you know something please let me know thanks... see more

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I think I may know why I haven’t found steady employment or get an interview. It may be because my resume indicates that I job hop. But this was a result of me being let go from temp jobs and for a year I haven’t been able to get out. What can I do? I can’t seem to convince anyone.


Mention your excessive temp work in your resume. Maybe that will help you out. Good luck!

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What do you do when a company blackballs you? I haven’t worked in 6 months because they are stopping me when they get a call for reference.

This was advice given to me by my brother who wanted to know what his supervisor who didnt like him would say to a... see more

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Hi everyone,
I lost my job when my boss sold his business before Thanksgiving. He couldn't bare to tell me before 5 days prior.

I loved writing constant stories on politics and law and carved out my own beat on the Supreme Court, wrote about how Interior Secretary David Bernhart is trashing the environment.

I also wrote about cannabis and just applied to Marijuana Business Daily.

At the same time, I'm taking a copywriting course to try to... see more

Lynn Shapiro I have some friends who just got laid off as reporters - it seems to be happening more and more. And... see more

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I am having the same problem getting rejection after rejection i really need help i have a family and bills are piling up i am in the Tallahassee Fl area and can not believe that i am having this problem any advice you have for me..

Not worth the time look something else they provide little to no hours if ur part if ur lucky 12 maybe full maybe... see more

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So recently I was let go and on very morally questionable grounds and right before Christmas literally 3 days before I moved into my new place all seemed great until I was asked to come to the office and that's when I got delivered the news. It was heart breaking and terrifying because all I could think was now what. I had just enough money to post for 2 months rent and that was it but I got let go at the worse part of the year. In my field... see more

God works in strange ways. At one point in time I had more job's than I was old! Recently Target was working her to... see more

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I just applied for a job on LinkedIn, which told me the position was posted 16 hours ago, and it already had 73 applicants. I went on an interview last week where 100 were chosen, and only 10 were selected. Last Monday, for another job, 50 were interviewed and only 5 were selected. Sometimes you feel you should not be born before 1990, or have more experience than the age of the interviewer.

A lot of the jobs are also part time or temporary positions so there are no benefits. TRUMP voters TAKE NOTE... see more

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Tamara Halvorson
Your right, the Middle Class has been shrinking for years, all Trump, cares about is the Upper... see more

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I have been trying to find a job in my field for months & I can't. I have put in so very many applications that I just can't do it anymore!!!

Don't give up Bridgette! I agree with John, definitely customize your resume to cater to the position you are... see more

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I'm so frustrated that I can't find a job especially with the tattoos on my face no one will give me a chance. Don't know what to do

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