Hello everyone I am going to rant a lil bit... I have been looking for a steady job for about 6 months now, I happen to live in a one horse town where their is nothing but about 15 restaurants 1 Walmart and 2 Dollar Stores and all them jobs is filled... Kentucky is the worst place ever to try and find work, seems like all the places of employment here want to hire nothing but Meth Heads, they will not give a hard working decent person a job to…

I we are many but I know God's time is best. For my case, my professional license are going to expire soon but what do I do? I…

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What Does Memorial Day Mean To You?

Memorial Day is a day full of remembering our loved ones whom we lost who have served - friends, family, fathers, sons, mothers, daughters, brothers & sisters - and on this day, we honor each and every person who made the ultimate sacrifice.

I asked some of us here at Jobcase to share what Memorial Day means to them. Here’s what they said:

Ashley: “To me, Memorial Day is a day for admiration towards those that made the ultimate sacrifice for…


A day of appreciation and remembrance of the soldiers, airmen, sailors, marines, and coasties of the U.S. armed forces who gave…

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am I too old?

700 resumes later and still Mo full time work. At age 48, tell me, am I just being bypassed because I'm pleasingly plump and 48 years old? Doesn't matter the years of experience now..this is I put myself back into school taking a Human Resource course. Needless to say one test took 45 minutes for me to pass! Lollol. Anyone else out there experiencing the same thing? Restless in MD...

I am 47 with tons of office experience. I've been applying, steadily, everyday, ALL DAY, for a couple mths & still haven't heard…

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Know what to expect cont...

I’m 53 and have 20+ years of medical field experience and certifications, one of which was completed last year. I haven’t worked in years so I went back to school at 52 yrs old!! But I wanted this certification so that I can return to work. That’s what I expected to happen but it’s not happening. I’ve completed so many on line applications, downloaded job sites that inform me of jobs but 90% of those jobs are in another state which would require…

Check the link above. I know working distance can be a problem. But try working…

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So here's my frustration. I have been unemployed for two months now after being with a company I loved but because of budget cuts, my position was the first to go. Now I'm in search of employment but the problem is according to all the interviewers I'm either over qualified or not qualified enough. I've literally applied to over 200 jobs and I've had over 100 interviews. What is wrong with me? I'm really starting to feel like I'm not good enough…

I am so sorry Nichole Jensen that is very frustrating. So I have been there girl. Don't let the rejections stop you! The fact that…

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I just wish I knew why no companies have gotten back to me, other than a few emails saying we're moving on to other applicants. I've been putting in applications for about 8 months now and it seems like the only people near me that get hired are college students. I'm just looking for basic jobs, like coffee shops, retail, grocery, etc because I don't have a degree & I'm on disability, so I can't make too much money & can't work in overheated…

Tell them that unlike college students, your schedule can remain flexible because you're not working around a class schedule. Also…

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I don’t know what to do I have applied for I don’t know how many jobs and school is about to be done and still I haven’t been employed I need 2 jobs this summer and it’s like no one wants to hire me I do have two previous employers so what am I doing wrong I thought I nailed my interview with chipotle but I guess the manager didn’t feel the same

Good sign?

Today I called to check on a job application. I love the job, there are good benefits, low pay but I would love the position; plus there’s plenty of room to grow.

When the hr person answered the phone, I told her my name and her first reaction was “I remember your name”. I know that my name is not very common but I also know that I have everything they ask for (masters’ degree, experience in customers service; high computer skills, etc). She…

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Good luck!!!

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Pizza Hut management

I'm a executive chef and I am looking to make my move to management I have an application in for the Junction City Kansas area

Jamestown NY

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I finally got hired by SecurAmerica after numerous of applications and interviews from other companies. I'm happy and excited to be working Downtown.


I guess now we can finally .... you fill in the blank!

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Filled out 3 applications???

Company placeholder
The RPM Group
400 Market St, Philadelphia, PA 19106

I have filled out 3 applications, and have not heard anything from RPM Group.?? I do qualify and will be a great fit for the position. I live close, will only take me 30 min to get there. Willing to do OT if nessesary . I will be commented to the job if given a chance.

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