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what do you answer if you are asked how many years of Licensed Medical Aesthetician in TN you have?

Should we answer how long we worked as aestheticians, or this are not aestheticians, but laser techs? To get a laser tech you need an online (up to 2 weeks) course, and there is not a licensed aesthetician requirement. Anyone can do that certification as long as you have money to pay for it . So, if we go at a doctor office/ clinic or Medical spa for an aesthetic treatment, that is made by someone that does not know about skin, but learned to...

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L.Cristina Curatolo
about 16 hours ago

I already checked with both Boards, Cosmetology and medical and the title does not exist anywhere, this is how I find out is...

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Andrea Aragon > All Jobcasers
Edited 9 days ago

Need help...

I am a 45yr old female. I’ve never had to work but due to life changes I need to now. I only have my GED and no work experience. I don’t know what to do when filling out applications online because most of them I can’t finish because I have nothing to fill the answers. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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Cynthia Helms
about 19 hours ago

List your strengths. The thing you were responsible for the last 5 yrs. Like cared for sick family member. Stay at home mom.....

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I have had 9 phone interviews and they all say the same thing you sound like a great fit for this company I will push your information over to the company, look for a email. And I have been looking nothing so I call the recruiter just for them to say I am sorry they went with someone else but keep trying.

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K.D. Holderman
about 19 hours ago

BTW: If anyone needs help organizing their search, I'm setting up job seekers with a free CRM tool, no charge. This is limited...

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Lost and unfamiliar

Since I am new to searching for a job on the internet I have a question. . . Should we call a prospective employer after applying for a position on the internet? If so how soon after.

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george vesey
1 day ago

no they know who you are,but they have so many applications, if your ha good ou will stand out

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How do I apply for open jobs?

I am finding it difficult to get a job and I am nervous I will not find one and not be able to support myself.

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Marcus Jordan
2 days ago

Hi Margie,
Are you having challenges finding jobs or you're finding enough jobs,applying, interviewing but not getting offered...

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Marcus Jordan
2 days ago

Hi Bennie,
Go to Tyson Careers Page to search for current job openings and apply.

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Mike Phan > All Jobcasers
26 days ago

Please help!

For exactly a year since I got laid off, every day for 8 months I have applied atleast one per day, but I never any feed back from the companies (actually, only 3-5 interviews). All of my laid off co-workers has new jobs easily. Any advice?

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Liat Kugel
2 days ago

You need a resume and make over and someone to let you know how you look when you go to an interview and set your act to sell

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Lisa Boozer > All Jobcasers
3 days ago

Needing a career

The hardest part to finding a new job is getting thru the road block of none available. ..

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A fellow Jobcaser > All Jobcasers
6 days ago

Fed up

I applied for several positions based on the hours/days they were hiring for. However, when it comes time for the interview they are saying different hours/days. For example, I applied for two positions asking for part-time flexible hours. As long as you put your 20 hours in they did not care what days. One place posted they had many shifts available that varied in hours and days. In the interviews this was not the case. They picked your hours...

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Anne Campbell
Edited 5 days ago

A word of advice: "Flexible hours' rarely means you get to choose your hours. Instead, it typically means that they will...

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Anne Campbell
4 days ago

if they actually say 'choose your own schedule', then in theory, you should be able to do so. BUT, you have to keep in mind...

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Veronica Jefferson > All Jobcasers
Edited 12 days ago

Credit Checks = Employment or No Employment - The 411

CREDIT CHECKS | Employment or No Employment

I've briefly talked about this in the past, but I want to discuss this again because I've seen others get frustrated over this particular topic. I personally don't agree when employers check credit to base an employment decision but I understand why it's done and sometimes required. Not everyone can maintain their credit standing, especially in situations where their credit is already in the...

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Max Alberts
3 days ago

As I posted earlier, credit checks are expensive to a potential employer and have been demonstrated in several significant HR...

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