You got this!!!

Ok WV Jobcasers, you got this. 200 employers dying to hire people tmw. Here's a couple things to do tonight to improve your success tomorrow:
1) research 5-6 attending companies that you really hope to work for. (jobcase, glassdoor, or even google search can be great here). Make sure you know what drives their success so you know how to position your skills/expeience for them to hear how you will help them succeed.
2) practice your elevator…


Lots of good thoughts going out to those people looking for jobs in West Virginia tomorrow. Say hello to Lenin Pina for me!

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Home Depot Hiring 80,000!

Looking for a Job? Well look no further! The Home Depot is NOW #hiring up to 80,000 seasonal full & part time employees across their nearly 2000 Retail Stores and 100 distribution centers.

Interested applicants can apply online at, via text to (HOMEDEPOT TO 52270), or in person at the employment kiosks located inside the store.

Candidates who successfully complete their applications can schedule an interview via…

Updated Advertising, and provided servies. Lowe's should try again it will reopen.

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Just Done!!!!!!

I read these posts on here. I have been looking for months. I have lost my home I cannot afford any bills. I can't even put gas in my car and thank God I own that. People talk about hold your head up high there's more out there for you move ahead. Well that's easier said than done. I have looked for months and that one thing. I can't even afford to go to school cuz I don't have nowhere to live I have two sons and one is autistic. Now you tell me…

I understand that you have children to take care of so I took the liberty of looking up organizations that can assist you…

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What's going on???

How is it possible that so many companies and recruiters are in search of workers and seems to be having a hard time finding and filling these vacancies? Yet at the same time there are so many job seekers here and on other sites, with a ton of experience in search of a job/career for months that are probably more than qualified to fill many of these openings. Where is the missing link?

I think it’s Peoples minds set. Many recruiters only look for certain KSA’s but forget that they are transfersable skills that…

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Reasons Why Can't I Find A Job

You have been job searching for a while and haven't received the results you were expecting. Frustrated because you did everything that you were supposed to do, yet that elusive job offer has not manifest itself.

Some quick things that you can ask yourself are: Were you qualified for the job? Did you make it clear that you possessed the desired skills, experience and knowledge to get the job done? How closely did…


My problem isage discrimination so does not herlp

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Want to stand out among other applicants? Include letters of recommendation!

In addition to your resume and cover letter, a letter of recommendation can be a huge plus for you in the consideration process. Who should you ask? How about a former manager or co-worker you admire? How about your pastor or rabbi? A civic leader whom you've come to know? Think about influential people in your life who value you and want to help. Here's more:

This is a great point Lois Martin - it's one thing to talk yourself and your achievements up to an employer - it's another thing…

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Im curious.

Why does It take local employers nearly half a month to get to your application?

Hi curious I would like to know that to because l Say if you going to do that let me know that so I can start looking some…

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Looking for a new hire?

Great news found a job took time, no it was not my resume.

I am so sorry that you lost your wife. One thought: do you have friends or family in managerial positions or in HR? If so, ask…

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Lois Martin I found out something it's not the resume but the amount of applicants for a job. Also some postings should be taken…

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Career Goal

i just finish school as a Medical Assist am a housekeeper and i work almost everyday without a day off due to people always quitting so i get stuck doing it dont get me wrong i like to make money but don't got time for my family. I have been apply for Medical Assist i do hope to land a job in my field.

Hi Maria Rodriguez ! I went to see if I could locate some medical assistant opportunities in your area but I noticed that your…

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Ashley Wilson i live in Corpus Christi TX

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So I signed a application to work on captin d they said they would get back with me but never did i get any notifications so IDK WHAT TO DO

whats captin d? do they have a number...

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Christina Marie Thank you so much will do.

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Census Bureau Jobs

Has anyone else experienced the red tape involved with getting approved for a job at the Census Bureau? I applied December 6th of 2018 and I am still waiting on my background check to be approved. I do not smoke, do not drink and have no criminal past that I know of. I think they could make the process a little more streamlined to get people in there faster. Has anyone else experienced working for Federal Government and what were your experiences…

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