I received a text to night. I have a interview tomorrow. I keep record's on all the places that I have put inn applications,. and whats really wild about this is. I do not have this place wrote down... But I am excited. Wish me luck everyone. I need this....

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Good Luck!

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How Self-Reflection Can Help Your Career

You may think of self-reflection as more of a personal pursuit related to overall happiness and wellbeing, but being self-reflective can help you to get (and better keep) your next job.

When you reflect on your career, you can uncover some interesting truths about yourself like...

  • What motivates me?
  • Where do I want my life/career to go?
  • Do I feel satisfied with my life/career so far?
  • What kind of person/employee am I/ do I want to be?


I’m looking for a position as an addiction therapist. I have 40 years experience in this field. I look forward to doing group…

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Feeling discouraged...

I just received my bachelor's degree in Health Administration back in September. I keep applying for jobs but nobody is hiring me or giving me interviews. They are saying that I need more experience but I thought that's why I've been in school for the past three years. They tell you you need education to level up, but when you get the education you're not good enough for the positions. What can I do or what kind of jobs can I apply for that will…

Apply for substitute teacher at multiple schools. As you gain expierence it will also give you the opportunity to see if you even…

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Dottie Griggs in my home

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Just Done!!!!!!

I read these posts on here. I have been looking for months. I have lost my home I cannot afford any bills. I can't even put gas in my car and thank God I own that. People talk about hold your head up high there's more out there for you move ahead. Well that's easier said than done. I have looked for months and that one thing. I can't even afford to go to school cuz I don't have nowhere to live I have two sons and one is autistic. Now you tell me…

Become a panhandler.

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What am I doing wrong?

i am blessed to be currently employed but I barely make ends meet. I have so much more to offer and for some reason I am not getting any responses to my resumes, I know I have to stay positive but it gets harder everyday

Apply for government positions if you are close to a military base usajobs.gov

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Assessment overload

I’ve got to say I’m tired of doing “assessments” when I have multiple degrees (graduated with honors) and have multiple years of experience and on top of that completed a 3.5 hour “prove it” test where I’m at the highest ranking possible so yes, it makes me upset when someone asks for another. At first I went ahead and completed them with 100% correct only to be told they’ve moved on with the hiring stage and I wasn’t selected. I’ve proven my…

Tammy Dexter Assessments can be rough to get through, especially if you already have some expertise. I've had to do these types of…

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What I Meant to Say was........

I know that I'm not the only one who is tired of saying what potential employers want to hear and not the truth. I've been unemployed for about 10 months and have seen it all when it comes to job applications and have been to several job interviews. So I have compiled a list of things that we've probably all have wanted to say on job applications and at job interviews but, knew better. (You are probably thinking “No wonder she can't hold down a…


I've got it! You should do stand up at the Unemployment Office !!! Lol

On the other hand, when they pass the hat you won't get…

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You have to know someone that knows someone that knows someone else

I am finding it really hard to get hired in Ga even when you have the experience to do the jobs that are listed. I am now believing you have to know someone that knows someone who knows someone else on the inside just to get a job interview. I get so many emails that say, Thank you for applying We have reviewed your application. Unfortunately, you are not the right fit for the position at this time. Its a real headache when you know your…

Nepotism and knowing someone who knows someone is just as rampant no matter where you go. It's not only WHAT you know, but WHO…

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4 Steps To Deal With A Termination

It happens to everyone. Try to honestly identify what happened - what caused it? Are you to blame, was it the company restructuring, or something else? Figuring out the root cause is the first step to getting back on your feet.

1 - Apply for unemployment

If you were let go through no fault of your own, you’re probably eligible for unemployment. Do a quick search for ‘[your state name] unemployment’ to find the .gov website to apply for it…

Great info thanks for sharing this

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Adam Meints We are so glad it was helpful : )

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I just don't get it

Application after application gets accepted....3-4 days go by and then the regret letter gets sent back. Interview after interview gets scheduled and when it's over it's either we'll get in touch with you or we're not hiring at the moment. Then why the hell have an interview? I'm so depressed from not working and keep getting rejected. I'm an amazing worker, keep to myself, do my job correctly and then go home. Never late, never complain, always…

You are not a failure! It's their loss. NEVER give up. One day at a time. Keep trying !

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I applied for my nursing license via endorsement in Illinois October 12th. I still have not received anything. I haven't worked since August and I am afraid its impacting me negatively due to the gap of employment. Ive been offered so many amazing jobs that I can't take. Then I thought i could work in Wisconsin with my multistate license BUT that state requires you to establish residency with in 2 weeks of working. What should I do?

Have you looked at traveling nurses agency? You might check there to get a job in Illinois.Let them help you through the hoops.

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Anne Leake , yes and they cant do anything

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