Getting through the overwhelming feelings can be difficult. Here's the thing though either you accept your situation or you change it. It all starts with FOCUS.

Just tell yourself I can get through this, I am valuable, I have a lot to get busy.
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Your so right at times it's really hard!!
But you must focus on the positive and go forward!

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Fall In Love With Your Work Again

Everyone wants work that they are enthusiastic and engaged with, even passionate about. Remember that feeling that you had upon receiving an offer to that job that you really wanted. The excitement of the new position with all the possibilities for growth and accomplishment ahead of you. Perhaps the dream job with promises of professional rewards that would follow as you rise with the organization.

That was... see more


For years I have thought that there has to be more than working a 9 to 5 job living pay check to pay check rut job... see more

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I started a new position in November with a former employer in the healthcare industry working for multi-billion dollar companies who provide us all with our healthcare policy's. After being out of work for sometime while recovering from a car accident. I was probably the most happy guy returning to the workplace and to a company that I had worked for previously and been successful in my position with HGS. After the first few days in new hire... see more

I don't think there's much you can do there now since you stormed out. Yes, they definitely should've taken care of... see more

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