One area I would encourage young people who are still in high school or just graduated. Find yourself an internship dedicated to high schoolers or recent grads. It will give you experience and give you an opportunity to discover if you want a job in that chosen industry or not before you plop down a lot of time and money in education.

It does work. I have a good friend. She got a internship at a navy shipyard who does maintenance for most of... see more

Excellent Advice Mike Grauer Jr , Thank you for sharing!

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Personal Traits Sought By Employers

Employers are requiring more of their employees today in a technologically fast paced world. Employees must be able to not only adapt and thrive to an ever-changing world, but also must possess many skills and traits that will showcase and make them stand out from the crowd when job searching.

A resume must not only show potential employers a wide array of skills, work experience, accomplishments, but also... see more


It's a pleasure to be able to be a part of a company that trust you with their entrust at heart.

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Small business ownership is hard. Applying for a regular job for an employer after 10 years of being my own boss is harder. They want more experience that I can't prove. This is really hard! Any advise???

Hi Lorraine, I would pause before applying further and just work on your resume. Make sure you have all your skills... see more

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Tell me 3 adjectives that describe You.

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