Just started a new group- Ask a senior recruiter anything!

So, fire away with any question you have, join the group etc. All free, no strings.

Seriously! Are you still with Hewlett-Packard Todd Tolford ? This is AWESOME. You will definitely be hearing form me. Community…

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Nelson Franco
No- was laid off at HP but starting another job Monday. Yep, you can ask me anything- been in staffing 20 years. :)…

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Gratitude: The Trait That Defines Perspective

Hey Jobcasers,

Today I'd like to talk about something that seems a little difficult in our search for the next best employment opportunity: Gratitude.

Gratitude is perhaps one of the most difficult things to muster up during a rigorous and harrowing experience such as unemployment, homelessness, and similar events, but I would argue that it is perhaps the most important thing to muster up--more than hope, more than tenacity, more than even…

Thank you. I know all to well about bare cupboards, empty refrigerator, no electricity, no gas to get anywhere and when I do have…

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My tips for getting customers to open up

I’ve worked at Macy’s for over a year now and I’ve learned a few things… always approach them with a smile, and never when they have anything but a piece of merchandise in their hands. If they’re on the phone, or looking at a tablet,or something else, leave them alone til they are looking at a shirt or something. Then, ask a ton of questions and smile and nod to all their answers. If you’re checking them out, mention the credit card to save them…

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WOW, this is Awesome Hayley Brown ! Macy’s is one of those companies with actual brick and mortar stores that focus on Customer…

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I'm telling you the truth...

THOUGHT: Preparation is a key factor before-hand when planning to attend a Job Fair.


*If you anticipate being super nervous, hit the reset button, this is not a time to lose!

1) Know your stuff: What's your direct Job Title you looking to fill.
2) Know your work locations you're willing to commute to (at least three sites.)
3) Know your salary expectations and be…

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It's important to prep before any major interview or hiring event thank you for the reminder Edward Alexander !

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I'm telling you the truth...(Only if you want to win.)

THOUGHT: Always let experience be one of your best teachers in life, because it can minimize your efforts of being wrong!


1) Set aside time in the morning to search for jobs via your computer. Limit your search to NTE 1.5 hours. (If you exceed 1 1/2 hours your mental compass will lose focus.
2) Be specific about job titles which are relevant…

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I agree that when you are searching for a job it is so important to stop and take a break Edward Alexander

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Feeling depressed and worthless!!!!

So at 55 years old for the first time I'm without an income. I was denied unemployment and as for getting a job, well, I'm screwed on that too!!!! I know I'm doing everything right but I can't even get an interview and if I do I'm not good enough. I'm so depressed I cry all the time!!!! In the past 8 months I have sent out over 2500 resumes with applications and got 2 interviews. So lost I don't know what to do. Its almost like my former employer…

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Hi April! Don't feel like you're all alone! You are among friends who are finding the same struggles as we age and seek gainfully…

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I put an application at Albertsons. They called me two days later and said they are hiring me. I went in today and they gave me a new employee orientation kit and a cap and aprons. Introduced me to other employees..but doing a background check. And gave me rate of pay. Does this mean I'm hired? I'm so stressed because I need this job.

I would reach out to the hiring manager and try to confirm this with them Bruce Webb . If you have not received and signed an…

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My Son is what I was supposed to be.

I have been giving some good employment advice to people that I don't know. The reason being is because I messed up so much that in the course of all of that I learned a lot. I have given my son some of the the very expensive knowledge I earned and some of you all. He is now the talk of his company. I would hope for him and you all that you cherish your jobs and I don't challenge things that don't need to be challenged and the wisdom to know the…

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I can tell that you're very proud of the man your son turned out to be Andre Abron . And it's often said that there is no greater…

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DO YOU REALLY WANT A JOB? (Sometimes you have to...) [IBYC]

I'm telling you the truth...

THOUGHT: Folks, it's okay to play around, However, to really get the job you want, sometimes you have to cut out the horseplay and get down to business.

TAKEAWAYS: 1) Set aside some time to search for jobs. 2) Ensure your resume is prepared to submit. 3) Be proactive in your thinking and actions. 4) Make sure you're networking with others and don't be ashamed.

TREASURES: Put forth your best foot forward and stand…

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Great advice Edward Alexander !

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I'm telling you the truth...

THOUGHT: Sometimes you have to replace the links in your life! Faulty links from the past, can damage the new chains required to strengthen your future. If negative things from the past are plaguing your future, my friend, you have to burn them off if you want to live a better life.

TAKEAWAYS: (Welding a new mindset is the key.)

1) Wake-up in the morning and say something positive immediately, before negative…

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This has been happening numerous of times lately to me. I get an excellent job offer only to lose it after they run a background check. I been working as a server for half a decade and I'm burned out on it but it seems like all that is offered to me is server jobs. I'm college educated in both business and psychology, excellent communicator, manager skills, sales experience, receptionist skills and excel at customer service. Is there anything I…


I did a quick search and found this:


There are companies out…

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