I got a letter in the mail saying my social security was going to be garnished due to student loans. I had went to school years ago and wasn't working at the time. I didn't realize I had taken a class three different times and failed each time, even though I used a tutor for help I still couldn't grasp the concept of the terms so I was dismissed. I've never refused to repay the student loan(s) I just have a child to provide for and now a husband…

Don't worry. Send me your watts app Number and whole pictures then I'll do something for your better job. According to your…

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Going To A Job Fair? Watch This!

Check out this great video on how to prepare and excel at a job fair.

Make the best impression, and get the job!

Do you think these Ps and Qs are helpful? Let us know in the comments!

A great post. Very informative precise and to the point. TYJ

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What’s With Recruiters Anyway?

This year my uncle, a CAD Design Drafter makes what should be his 40th year anniversary in the drafting field. A well earned achievement comprised of hard work and dedication that should be celebrated, but sadly for him, he’s currently unemployed. Working since the age of 18 he’s made every effort possible to stay with one company for as long as possible but as we all know, there are always the dreaded layoffs, usually from lack of work…

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the fact is, many companies don't have the resources or the time to screen people properly. So they rely on recruiting firms…

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To ALL you at JOBCASE You taught me and continue to remind me:NEVER GIVE UP and KOKO (Keep On Keeping On)

Good Morning, Y’all! I could not be more excited to find in my emails this morning, my official “pass” to my new company! Only, in my life today, can I say I’m not afraid of background checks. Having this confidence has taken lots of hard work and a whole lot of, one days at a time. The company even moved up my hire date to start on 4/1/19. I will commute a few days a week to Irvine to be onsite and will get to work the end of the week from home…

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Interview after interview -- and no job offers??

It's time to get feedback (yes, feedback!) from hiring managers. Here's why -- and here's how to ask: https://www.zippia.com/advice/how-to-ask-why-you-didnt-get-the-job-in-5-easy-steps/

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Another Excellent reference tool here Lois Martin ! Can I ask you for a favor? Please forward this article to Mistie Schubert when…

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Professional Ethics vs Doing What Your Told

I have had a successful 24 year career in Information Technology, specializing in the security of corporate and government networks. In Sept 2018, I was let go, first time ever, because I would not do things per management way, which would have meant submitting false documents with deceptive intentions about the state of a government network. This network was responsible for protecting millions of personal and HIPAA information. Since then, I…

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Hi Fred Turner - I commend you for doing what is right. And I am sorry to hear about your current situation. I think that their…

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Matt Bornhorst yes, I originally went the whistleblower route; however, have not yet found an attorney that wants to take the…

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Want to stand out among other applicants? Include letters of recommendation!

In addition to your resume and cover letter, a letter of recommendation can be a huge plus for you in the consideration process. Who should you ask? How about a former manager or co-worker you admire? How about your pastor or rabbi? A civic leader whom you've come to know? Think about influential people in your life who value you and want to help. Here's more: https://www.thebalancecareers.com/tips-for-requesting-letters-of-recommendation-206296

This is a great point Lois Martin - it's one thing to talk yourself and your achievements up to an employer - it's another thing…

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As an older job seeker, be careful with assumptions about age!

One of the biggest barriers to finding employment is a preconceived notion. Yes, while age discrimination does occur, it isn't automatically the reason you're not finding a job. Chances are it's something else. This column is very insightful: https://www.forbes.com/sites/lizryan/2018/03/30/when-do-i-need-to-start-worrying-about-age-discrimination/#70c3c3ae226e #ageism #agediscrimination

This is a great read Lois Martin - thank you for sharing.

There are certainly many members in the community who report some form…

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Matt Bornhorst And thank you Matt. I hope this article will 'connect' with those who need it.

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How employers screen your resume

Resume applicant tracking systems assure only 2.4 percent of job seekers are ever viewed by a recruiter


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What a great article! Thanks so much for sharing this Gregory Shelton ! And what a great breakdown of how hiring shakes out. It's…

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work related awards

i have earned awards at work [employee of the month , employee of the season] . do they matter as far as other companies are concerned for only once have i been asked about them in an interview.

YES those certainly matter and make sure those accomplishments are on your resume Roy Veteto . If they don't ask about them you…

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Ashley Wilson i forgot to include this , but are there companies that these awards look more appealing to.

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