Feeling nervous?

Don’t worry, before a job fair or interview it is 100% normal to feel a little anxious. Here are some tips to help you rock your next one!

Don’t forget to breathe
An interview can be a high-pressure situation but it is important to take a breath and collect yourself when you are feeling nervous. When you are asked a question and you feel yourself blanking, it’s ok! Just take a breath and pause for a moment. To you, it will feel... see more


Thank you so much

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Fall In Love With Your Work Again

Everyone wants work that they are enthusiastic and engaged with, even passionate about. Remember that feeling that you had upon receiving an offer to that job that you really wanted. The excitement of the new position with all the possibilities for growth and accomplishment ahead of you. Perhaps the dream job with promises of professional rewards that would follow as you rise with the organization.

That was... see more


For years I have thought that there has to be more than working a 9 to 5 job living pay check to pay check rut job... see more

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Use these tips to get your resume in the hands of a hiring manager or recruiter and past the tracking system! Many large organizations rely on what’s called applicant tracking systems (or ATS) to help pre-filter resumes. They simply have too many resumes to sort through and the ATS helps them speed up this process. However, MANY resumes fall through the cracks and are never even seen. Don't let yours be one of them!

1. Keep Formatting Simple
... see more

Dear I am very need jobs I'me life Chang .

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We all feel a little lost sometimes, but just remember this:

YOU can do this
YOU are significant
YOU matter
YOU are braver than you think you are

YOU have got this!


No your a hard worker

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Stacie Landes Why thank you ; )

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Sometime you have do right thing or wrong but you good what you doing don't give keep following your dream dont let no body put you down

Way to say it Johann Oyola Santiago ! It's important to believe in yourself and let NO one stop you! #Youhavegotthi... see more

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Instead of sitting quietly, building a rapport with your interviewers before getting into the nitty-gritty details of the job can give you a major competitive edge over other candidates. Plus the interview will feel more like a friendly conversation which can certainly help calm those nerves (bonus)!

The key is to find something in common, and when in doubt always bring it back to the interviewer and the company. Remember, it's less about you... see more

I like this. I think it would be great for anyone who gets nervous too! I know I do.

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Whether you’re looking for a job or have one now, the time will come when you understandably will want to make more money. So, when you feel the moment has arrived to ask for a raise; follow these steps to help make it happen!

1- Make a plan
Decide when you will ask and whom you will speak with. If it’s not your boss then who should this discussion take place with? Timing is also important, if your boss is going through a particularly stressful... see more



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For such a LONG time, it seemed as though my life has been on a treadmill n I was going nowhere fast BUT by the grace of GOD n HIS daily strength continually pushing me in the right direction even after the MANY detours. Now just as in every jigsaw puzzle, each piece of it is starting to come together as it should have YEARS ago. There will STILL be speed bumps n obstacles trying to get in the way but THIS time, n though I may suffer other bumps... see more

Way to go Maria! You are so right in that there will always be obstacles in our lives, but it is how we overcome... see more

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Thanks, have a great n blessed day as well

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We all want to be successful in our journey to finding a job, but sometimes the road feels long and never-ending. Help yourself improve with these 5 tips that successful job seekers do! : )

They are willing to improve
Successful job seekers recognize that there’s always room for improvement! Be on the lookout for constructive feedback, and find ways to incorporate it into your job seeking efforts! Remember that if friends/family, recruiters or... see more

VERY helpful!!!!! Thanks Ashley.

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Glad it helped Deanna! : )

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You might have woken up this morning full of energy ready to face the day OR perhaps you wanted to just pull the covers right back over your head and hide in your bed all day long. If you are the latter don't worry, it happens to each of us at some point!

Motivation is something we all need more of, but sometimes struggle to attain. Let’s face it, it’s incredibly hard to be 100% motivated at work or even in our daily routine every second of the... see more

It's always good to reach out to family when you need support that's for damn sure. I love mine.

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I definitely feel the same way!!

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I'm 46. Very driven. Have worked all my life. I'm a very hard worker. I now work for my family which owns a farmers market. (That is an hour and a half away from my home). It's winter time work is so slow there's no work. Because it's a farmers market. I have been around produce litterally all my life. But when I was 14 my mother put me to work in the finance office part time. (Then u could). I have very many years of experience in finance. But I... see more

Don't give up. Try volunteering. Try working temp jobs. Sign up with a lot of different agencies. Look on... see more

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