Ever struggle to get yourself up and moving on Monday?

Sometimes you just have to tell yourself something positive...

-I am inspiring
-I am unique
-I am important
-I am strong
-I am a shark! : )

Let's give ourselves a boost!

Finish this thought and tell me which word best describes YOU in the comments.

I am...



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I just tripped across this great 60-second spot on youtube that covers what the Follow buttons do for people. Check it out and I am sure you will make clicking that 'follow' button a regular part of of your jobcase experience! https://youtu.be/PBAUiAZSIno

Fred Goff I remember this video! Great job Nicholas Leonard : ) I like to follow those on Jobcase who inspire me... see more

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2020 is coming up fast and you know what? YOU HAVE GOT THIS!

I wish someone had told me this 5 years ago when things were horrible in my life. I was out of work for a long time and my savings had disappeared. I was in a PANIC. Did I land my dream job at first? No way! I was cleaning houses and scrubbing toilets for a few dollars an hour, but I kept pushing forward until I found a job that I loved and so can YOU. Because no matter what life... see more


The most boring job you have to know how to entertain yourself and co workers.
And if you do it right like I have... see more

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If you spent time applying or going through the interview process and now it’s all over you might be left wondering…”NOW what?” If you followed up, awesome! If you didn’t, keep reading and learn the importance and how to go about it.

Following up is a critical aspect of the job seeking process. It does a few things. It lets the employer know you are serious, reminds them of who you are and your qualifications, and keeps the hiring process moving... see more


I have a alot of questions lol I started work today but want a better paying job or maybe have 2 jobs , and I still... see more

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Has a potential (or existing) employer ever asked you for your graduation year? If so, you are NOT alone. This may seem like a harmless question, but chances are the employer is trying to determine your age. Here are some things you should know and what you can do!

-What employers CAN ask
The Age Discrimination in Employment Act does NOT prohibit an employer from asking about an applicant’s (or employee’s age), or from asking other questions... see more


Beautiful and nice to see the great ways she is motivated to motivate others to make a living and support others... see more

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Many things will change in life, however, the power to develop ultimate change remain in your hands.


No. #1. DON'T ever count yourself out in life, the world can't make it without you.
No. #2. DON'T ever put yourself down in life, rather, lift yourself up higher.
No. #3. DON'T ever under estimate yourself in life, your true values have no limits.
No. #4. DON'T ever overly state yourself in life, others can see your... see more



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YOU have the skills and experiences that someone is looking for

YOU are capable and in charge of making things happen

YOU are stronger and wiser than you think

YOU have something great to offer others

YOU are amazing!

Did you forget that YOU can do this?!

Having a tough day or feeling down?

------> Comment below, we are here for you! : )



almost two years later and cargill left me hanging, and they said they take care of their people thats a bunch of... see more

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If you’ve recently been let go from a job it can make you feel angry, confused, and unsure of what to do next. You may have seen the term at-will thrown around and you aren't even quite sure what that is. Let’s take a look!

• What does “at-will” mean? If you work for a company and you are considered an “at-will” employee, this means you can be dismissed by an employer for any reason without having to establish just cause for termination and... see more


I was resign and moving to Arkansas

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@LuisVazque hi I’m good and you !!

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I made EVERY excuse in the past NOT to push myself to do what I love. My job literally made me sick with stress and I knew It was time to leave, but I was scared of the what if's. These are the things I told myself...ready?

My marriage and family won’t survive my making this change
I’ll be too old by the time I make this change
I don’t have what it takes to reinvent myself
I’m out of touch
I have nothing special to offer

NONE of them were... see more

Its all over no more blame

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Whether you’re looking for a job or have one now, the time will come when you understandably will want to make more money. So, when you feel the moment has arrived to ask for a raise; follow these steps to help make it happen!

1- Make a plan
Decide when you will ask and whom you will speak with. If it’s not your boss then who should this discussion take place with? Timing is also important, if your boss is going through a particularly stressful... see more

Never hurts to ask for more.

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Emma Carlton It certainly doesn't, good luck Emma! : )

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As 2019 approaches remember that, YOU HAVE GOT THIS because you are amazing!!

• If someone tells you that you can’t remind yourself why YOU can

• If you fall down YOU get right back up and keep going

• If you begin to doubt yourself just know that YOU are capable

• If you want it badly enough, believe that YOU can make it yours

I remember MANY people who told me no and who tried to stand in the way of my career goals (you know the type), but... see more


I not .

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