I don't know why here in the United States we all think that we should only have ONE job....ONE career....ONE path. I am a manager and I also drive for Lyft. I need extra money i work hard for it. Don't let others bring you down. If you want a job go for it. I love both of mine and I don't care what anyone else tells me.

First off do what your gut tells you. I'm retired and got a job at a school bus company....Have three years with... see more

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Filling out job applications should be fast, easy, and convenient. While most employers are converting their application process to be easy and mobile friendly, it is still worth your time to complete important questions on the application.
1. Be selective with your job experience, but not too selective. Many employers ask for you to provide only relevant job experience, but if that will cause your experience to have large time gaps, be mindful... see more


Christmas is coming up and i want to give my family the best.especially my girlfriend

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Gregory Blanding me 2. I know now why people do bad things. Survival!

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I am happy to say I am getting a raise. Been workin for Amazon in the warehouse and my supervisor finally noticed I was working hard. I am really good at making sure the safety regs are up to code and that the people I work with are productive. Promotion and raise here I come!

Good for you, man.

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Hello, I am a firm believer of owning my own business. I encourage people to learn their abilities that they have. We all have them. Example; My husband and I had our own pressure cleaning company It took $100 to start... very successful. Then we had a cleaning service, took $50 to start, etc. Now I have my own Home Health Care Company and have partnered with a sister company!! I refuse to put in the work that I love to do on someone else job and... see more

This isn't working

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