I am wanting to share a bit about working remotely and it not being a scam. Some people cannot work remotely for various reasons but for those that have an interest, I may be able to give you some information. I work on a legitimate work p[latform called Upwork. Upwork is for freelancers that do many different tasks such as web design, telemarketing, editing, business development and so much more. The platform used to be called Odesk and it is... see more

If there still a way that you can help me with my situation ,it would be gratefully appreciated I'm honestly trying... see more

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Herman Jones yes if you have high-speed internet and a working cell phone. I can help you get approved on Upwork... see more

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We are excited to finally introduce a new and improved Jobcase, For You!

Our site has been rebuilt to deliver only the best advice and job search results much faster than before. Search smarter with the help of Jobcase!

What's new:

Got questions? Want advice? Check out the For You homepage where you can follow topics and create a custom stream of the most relevant and interesting content from our community.

Struggling with applications?... see more

Thru the grace of God he will feel an touch every spot where we lack an uplifting us an make us stinger an much... see more

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Alot of people are finding that the job market is changing. Its no longer get a job keep it for 20 yrs and retire. Now its the GIG economy or the hollywood model. You are an independent contractor operating your own destiny. Ive found it very liberating. Im currently serving subpoenas for court process. Driving doordash and postmates all while following my passion and painting on the side. I had to do 26, 1099 forms this year totaling 136k... see more

Wow! This is so impressive. I love that you were able to find a balance between what you love to do and the “have... see more

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In my career I've worked both in offices as well as from my home. Currently I work from home. Many times I get questions like Do you like it? Do you get as much done? Do you miss working with people? In fairness I think the answers have changed over the course of my career. Right now my answers are Yes! Yes and Yes. If I were to offer any advice I'd offer the following:

In considering work from home roles ask yourself these... see more

Nicole Horvath - ever have challenges with time zones?

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Anybody working from home? If yes, I would like to know, when an employer is interest in your services how do you know the company is legit other than Google the company and what about the contract person who claims to work for the company. Also what information do they typically ask for you to provide them with to get started in the program? Not trying to be scammed. Thank for any info you can provide me with.

Hi Quintina Key , for legit work from home job options check out Concentrix. The company is hiring full time... see more

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nothing is worse than spending weeks learning how to use a software package only to find out later that it's the wrong one for your business. It wastes valuable time and drains you of the energy you need for business survival.

The best software package needed is integrated solutions software. The best of the bunch lets you move information easily from one place to another. , For example,, you could create a check register database containing... see more

What business can be started at home?
While there are plenty of ways to go about starting a home-based business, the following are some of the most approachable paths to creating a home business for yourself: Buy products in bulk to sell. Sell homemade products you make yourself. Start a dropshipping store.

Q: What is the best business for beginners?
Ans: Here is a list of business ideas, for beginners with the right skill sets but without too... see more

Are you between jobs? Or are holiday bills hitting your inbox? Or are you dreaming of a spring getaway? Whatever the reason or the need, extra income may be as close as your computer!

The Work At Home Wife has compiled a list of part-time remote jobs and side gigs along with companies that regularly have opportunities. Hope this is helpful!

https://theworkathomewife.com/online-part-time-jobs/?utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign... see more

Work At Home Wife has some great work@home job leads and gig ideas. Awesome Share Lois Martin , Thank you :-)

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Hello everyone, I had a massive stroke 2 + years ago and I am just now getting myself together to 'go back to work' I would very much like to work from home because my brain is still good even though my body is still giving me issues. Any suggestions on how to make a full time income (which I need very much) while working for a legitimate company, from home, part time? I have no money which is why I would like to work so no scammers and nothing... see more

A great company by the name of Alorica offers work at home opportunities in many locations. I highly recommend... see more

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How do I get on board with Amazon working at home?

Good question Jayne Fain ! The first goal is to make sure Amazon has work from home job openings in your area. The... see more

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I am trying to work from home with Amazon I reside in Mississippi.

Hi Keshia Cheeks , Amazon list their job opportunities on the companies career website. Go to https://www.amazon.jo... see more

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