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Hi Everyone, I'm Ashley. I am currently seeking a Work from Home Position. Preferable a full time job.

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Marcus Jordan
4 days ago

Hi Ashley,
Check out these options...

Hyatt Hotels - Hyatt is looking for people to Work From Home as Home Agent Guest...

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Hi Marcus thank you

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Hyatt Work From Home Job!!

Hyatt is looking for people to Work Form Home as Home Agent Guest Service Associates.Home Agent Guest Service Associates will provide Hyatt guests with exceptional customer service throughout the inbound reservation process.

Please note this position can only be worked remotely from the following states (ONLY):
>>> Arizona
>>> Colorado
>>> Florida

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Pablo Saucedo
1 day ago

I'v been asking for work in van nuys area or Sherman oaks area again if you can those ares only not Carson or Vernon I have no...

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Pablo Saucedo
1 day ago


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Kevin Lavin > All Jobcasers
3 days ago

Work from home jobs

Has anybody done this? Can you really trust these web sites that say you can make ridiculous money? Thanks

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Marcus Jordan
2 days ago

Hi Kevin,
Try these jobs, see below.

Convergys* - Full and part-time job opportunities with benefits and a Veteran Family...

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Derrick Jamison > All Jobcasers
about 1 month ago

im tired of warehouse work

hello group my name is derrick and im a 41 year old forklift driver whos been in the warehouse business for 22yrs sick of tired coming home sore,sick of tired of being too tired to cook,sick and tired of feeling like a slave,im a nice guy people person well liked its just the ware and physical tare being on a forklift 10-12hrs a day have on your body,im at the point of making a change and wondering do you guys know of any work from home...

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Victor Cole
3 days ago

You seem like a really nice guy and maybe now you won't appreciate what I have to say but I hope in 16 years (I am 56) you will...

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looking for work at home what do you suggest?

what is the top 5 work at home jobs

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Marcus Jordan
3 days ago

Hi Manuel,
Try looking into these opportunities Manuel...
Hyatt Hotels - Hyatt is looking for people to Work From Home as...

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Jim Eanes > All Jobcasers
5 days ago


My strength is sales and customer service. I have developed and implemented many programs that have increased sales and added to the net profit.
I'm seeking a job in sales or customer service that I can do from home. Give me an interview and let's get it going. You will not regret it.

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Marcus Jordan
3 days ago

Hi Jim,
Here's a list of work from home opportunities you can look into...

Hyatt Hotels - Hyatt is looking for people...

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Now Hiring Information: Progressive Insurance Company.

Progressive Insurance Company is Hiring!

How to Apply:
URL: <---- SEARCH for positions in your city/state.

• Austin, TX;
• Cleveland, OH (Headquarters);
• Colorado Springs, CO;
• Phoenix, AZ;
• Sacramento, CA;
• Tampa, FL;
• Claims Offices;
• Home Based Work (after six months-one year of employment in office depending on office and location).

• Customer...

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Marcus Jordan
3 days ago

Good Stuff Veronica, Thank you!

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Looking for Stay at Home Behavioral Health Care Position.

Looking for a stay at home behavioral healthcare position so I can be at home with my daughter who has stage 4 metastasized cancer. I am a hard worker. I have a BS in Behavioral Science and a MS in Rehab Counseling with about 3 semesters from my Doctorate in Behavioral health currently on compassionate leave of absence due to my daughters illness. I have been with my current employer for 8 years and 8 months.

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Penelope Calderon
4 days ago

I wish your daughter well and know it tough place to be as a parent. I would suggest to set up a meeting with your manager and...

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I do work from home sometimes when I miss work for her oncology appt days. I make up my hours on the week end. Unfortunately, I...

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It’s just so hard

It’s so hard to have a job when you are diagnosed with major depression. I would really like to try a work at home job to see if that helps but I have a hard time finding ones that look legitimate. If anyone has advice or an pointme in a direction that would be very much appreciated.

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Samantha Fabian
4 days ago

I understand in the matters of depression. There was a period in my life where I suffered from depression and all I could see...

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Registradora de tumores de cancer

Me interesa plazas disponible. En areas de Administracion, Clerical, servicios al cliente entre otros. Tengo conocimientos en trabajos remoto.

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Lenin Pina
4 days ago

Hola Marilyn, contento de ver que se ha unido la Comunidad Jobcase!

¿Sabías que podría iniciar una búsqueda de empleo...

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