Everything. From my co-workers and management and guests to the product, atmosphere, pay, and positions. I enjoyed this job more than any this far. The owner is wonderful. She loves taking care of her employees, providing a fun place to be, for bothe staff and guests, she takes an interest in the success of the company as a team, invites variety, implements strong work ethics, educates on the field of business, and helps instill a sense of pride... see more

In January as hiring speeds up again - labor market ‘astounding’ 225,000 jobs. The numbers: The U.S. created a robust 225,000 new jobs in January to get off to a good start in 2020, reflecting surprising resilience in the labor market even though manufacturing has contracted and the economy has softened.

The rise in jobs is hopeful Steven Ransom but workers are still concerned about the low number of livable wage... see more

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Here's an article I read a few months back:
The Raise the Wage Act of 2019 would raise the federal minimum wage to... see more

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I love working with people talking to people I am a people person I love to smile greet entwine with people I make a great cashier person

I would complete my tasks with a great attitude remembering everyday is a new day, being proud of my work

I have worked in the healthcare field for about 12 years in various roles, each position having its own set of rewards and challenges. One of my favorite things is knowing that I get to actually help change the lives of others. The connection I have with patients and families is so rewarding. I also love that I’m surrounded by likeminded people who I can learn from!

Who else is in the industry? What is your favorite part about it?


Thanks for sharing Alice Correia ! My sister works in the healthcare industry and has the same outlook. She always... see more

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Looking for a job so I can help my family

What type of work are you interested in? I am able to send a few job positions to you, that may help you! What area... see more

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Jessica Mitchell church hill Tennessee 37642 desil mechanic truck trailer repair heavy equipment operator thanks

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I always give my conplete dedication and loyalty to all tasks given to me...

These are great qualities, thanks for the reminder of something important to remember when applying for and working... see more

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Whatever job I received I always put 100% in it I am a team working I believe in my heart I can work with anyone but I plays everything in God hands from job to everything in my life thank you for taking the time for look over in the application that I have placed on your site

What I loved about my last job was. How me and my co-workers can work together and get the job done, how if we needed assistance from managers they where there to assist. I'm looking forward to that experience again in the workplace. Now I'm not saying that I did not have my bad days at work. I did but what kept me going was the knowledge of knowing the harder I work the. Quaker my day will go there has been plenty of time where I wanted to give... see more

Hi my name is Alyx and I have been looking for jobs but I keep finding myself stuck without one. I am in major need of one. My fiancé and I are wanting to get our own place after I earn my GED but I can’t do that without a job. I am in desperate need of a job. I am a hard worker. And I never give up. Please help.

When co-workers would come to me and say that we have a problem. My response was We don't have a problem, we have an opportunity Meaning we now have an opportunity to solve the problem, while learning in the process.

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