Union House

I work for a hotel that is a Union House, and I am told by my bosses that all the employees want is appreciation shown for the work that they do. It is my job as a supervisor to check the employees work in our department and the casino environment that we clean. I have been told not to help my employees with their work and to only delegate the work to the employees because it is a union house and I am classified as a Non Union Employee. My…

I think your boss is right. Your job as a Supervisor is to oversee the operations of the department not perform the task and…

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'Tips from Todd'- How do I prepare for a face to face interview?

Hello Jobcasers! Ok, let's talk about what we all want- the face to face interview!

I will walk you through how I have 'prepped' candidates for 20 years fo a f2f interview. Please forgive any misspelling etc.. I'm a Recruiter, not a writer. Second, join my group! Ask a Senior Recruiter anything! No question is dumb and I answer all questions. I'm not seeking a job- I am seeking to give back and help! Try me.

So, you are going to your f2f (face…

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Mein Durchfall fließt wie ein Fluss.

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Dont burn youre bridges

Worked for a place close to my house I thought I wasn't happy so I took another job not so close to my house about a hour one way the people at the job close to my house were different than me so I took the other job farther away from my house because I thought I knew these people because I have worked with them before they turn out to be rotten to their core just goes to show the grass is greener in you're own yard lesson learned c

Drama at #Prw

Well, how to start.... I got these job cause a friend referred me. So I applied and got the job. My first day was on a Friday and yeah I liked it. It was kind of chili; specially cause it was my first time working in a freezer. Well I went back the next week I was told I would go in at 12:00 pm but there was no out time till everything was finished. I said ok I need the job. Well there was this pregnant lady who I didn't knew I was going to take…

Work from your experiences number to try to find a job where decent people are good environment don't just take anything just to…

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Found a Job

Would love somreactions to this. In Healthcare Revenue Cycle for 30 yrs. Laid off 2/15 of 2019 out of work since then. When I left NY 5 yrs ago I was making $21.45 an hr. With that large health system over 10 yrs. Had a job w a health system here in NC for 2 and a half yrs. Was laid off took another job I utterly hated for $17.50 an hr stayed 14 months left that job for what I thought was a better oppotunity $18 an hr the staffing company lied…

Hey Andrienne Jackson , I have a curious nature so forgive me but I have to ask… why did you accept that job? You identified a…

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What I loved about working at #DavidThomasTours was

I know that a Person is not supposed to say negative things about a former Workplace, but there were not very many positive things to say about this job. The Owner's wife was always telling off-color and dirty jokes which often embarrassed or offended myself and other staff personnel. The entire work environment was unprofessional and the girl that they had as their receptionist who meet and make the first impression for the Company was extremely…

I agree with that last statement! Life is a journey and everything can be a learning experience if looked at in the right way…

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In crisis mode, need help and advice please

I’m not even sure where to begin with this, but I’m going to speak from the heart and put it on paper.

A few months ago I spoke about what happened at my last job of 12 years, being let go and squeezed out and lied to and manipulated, and how it made me feel; the rage, the embarrassment, the depression, the impact on my self-esteem. I was fortunate enough to find a temp job 2 days after being let go and worked there for 2 1/2 months, then was…


What industry sector is this business in, if you are able to give a hint? Then my next thought is, for the job category you are…

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What I loved working at #TysonFoods

Tyson is a very rewarding job but also fast pace. The people were all friendly and I wish I would have taken the time to get to know everyone better than I did.

I'm glad you liked it Robert Wendt , thank you for sharing!

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The greatest thing I enjoyed about working for #Cloverhouse was

The greatest thing about my job was working with lots of people, i love being around people. I had good employers. It was a good environment.

That's awesome, thanks for sharing Mary Sheppard !

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Working with Special Needs Children

I love being able to communicate with them on their level.

I'm sure the children are grateful for your thoughtful care and attention! Thanks for sharing more about your career working with…

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Thank you

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The best thing I learned in goodwill is helping others

In goodwill we learned how we should help others

That's great Huma Naz , thank you for sharing!

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