Hello fellow Jobcasers,

As you search for work and apply for positions, please understand that we are heading directly into the holiday season. During the time from Thanksgiving through New Years, you are most likely not going to hear much from your submitted applications (Unless you are applying for holiday/seasonal positions).

Most businesses pretty much shut down for all intents and purposes during this time as key staff are using the last... see more

Excellent advice-we don't want people being discouraged, but trying to find a job at this time is very hard. Thank... see more

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So I got home and my garage door would not open. I parked in the driveway and my motion sensor light didn't come on letting me know my power must be down.

I walked to the front door and keyed myself in. A few steps into my home, I dropped my keys. With the lights still out, I fumbled around kicking the ground and feeling around the floor for my keys. No luck.

It was then I realized the street light was shining bright in the window. So I... see more

This is a great and well said comment.

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Hey everyone - what's the single best piece of advice you can give to a newbie trucker? I've been asking around and love to hear everyone's thoughts. Thanks!

Listen to a real truck driver not a steering wheel holder and always stay in the right lane never in the left or... see more

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I'm telling you the truth...(MUST READ WITHOUT FAIL).

SITUATION: You will face opposition, persecution, betrayal, lack, slack, back stabbing, disappointments, ups and down, dishonest friendships, arguments in the relationship, revenge from others, discouragements, stress, verbal abuse, limited contacts, a variety of mistreatments to say the least...

TURNKEY: Know this one thing... If you just could hold-on to the horns of faith and show a... see more


Amen I’m waiting

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For me, life is about experience and growth. In order to do that effectively, you need to train yourself mentally and physically to adapt; the most amazing human skill. The best way to do this is to put yourself in uncomfortable situations and unknown territories. This will force you to be aware, adapt and learn as much as you can and make connections between previous knowledge and memories. This skill along with the drive to become successful... see more

It's a little difficult for most people to put themselves in uncomfortable situations just for the purpose of... see more

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dian sanderson :) I don’t think you understood but it’s okay.

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Quit Your Job Properly

There are proper ways to do everything and that includes quitting your job. The manner in which you leave your job has professional implications. In addition, you must consider personal matters, especially regarding finances and your health care.

It pays to think about your exit strategy as part of your overall career plan, now and at future steps along the way.

Determine when to inform your boss. When you decide it is... see more


I totally agree

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Hello Community, I wanted to touch on a question I receive frequently, which is what's wrong with my resume? This post is for those who submit a decent amount of applications DAILY and get no response or those who know their resume is being looked at however they get very few calls.

In my current role I work closely with the recruiting department and have conducted countless interviews this year. I've also looked at a large number of resumes... see more

Great advice Jason Roberson ! Please keep writing more of these informative posts. There are so many people on here... see more

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John Huang Thank you for your kind words John.

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... and to ALL of you for that matter!! If you are not actively networking with friends, family and other associates you may be missing THE opportunity to land that new job! Let the people in your circle know you are looking for work and ask if they have leads or can introduce you to business owners or hiring managers.

It IS who you know -- and you'd be surprised at the introductions and referrals you can find just by asking. Who should you... see more


Love this advice @LoisMartin! Was wondering if you had a personal example to share of how networking has helped... see more

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I stayed positive and motivated at my job by enjoying my guests, teaming up with my co workers & taking care of my work environment. These things made me happy during my shifts.

See the link below:

Here are 6 tips to help you better highlight your customer service skills on your resume.



Hi Kelsey Griffin , this article has some excellent tips and strategies to help members enhance their experience... see more

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I'm telling you the truth...(Do this and life changes).

THOUGHT: How many people fail interviews at the blink of an eye and rarely recover from such tragedies? Don't ask me how many because the numbers are high.

TURNKEY: You don't have to fall-short at your interviews if you know what to say. Saying the right things at the right time is what turns listeners into leaders to make on-the-spot decisions in your favor.

TARGET: As time permits, I'm... see more


I have Bn o felo

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