This can change your life!

Do you want a job? How about a great salary? Do you want to earn a substantial income while living in a country where the economy is not in your favor? Perhaps, you want to simply change your life for the better.

Everything you want to do and NEED to do is locked in your MINDSET. That's the bottom-line!

As adults we see things differently then children do. When someone…


I need a job

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Home Depot Hiring 80,000!

Looking for a Job? Well look no further! The Home Depot is NOW #hiring up to 80,000 seasonal full & part time employees across their nearly 2000 Retail Stores and 100 distribution centers.

Interested applicants can apply online at, via text to (HOMEDEPOT TO 52270), or in person at the employment kiosks located inside the store.

Candidates who successfully complete their applications can schedule an interview via…

Updated Advertising, and provided servies. Lowe's should try again it will reopen.

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You got this!!!

Ok WV Jobcasers, you got this. 200 employers dying to hire people tmw. Here's a couple things to do tonight to improve your success tomorrow:
1) research 5-6 attending companies that you really hope to work for. (jobcase, glassdoor, or even google search can be great here). Make sure you know what drives their success so you know how to position your skills/expeience for them to hear how you will help them succeed.
2) practice your elevator…


Lots of good thoughts going out to those people looking for jobs in West Virginia tomorrow. Say hello to Lenin Pina for me!

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Going To A Job Fair? Watch This!

Check out this great video on how to prepare and excel at a job fair.

Make the best impression, and get the job!

Do you think these Ps and Qs are helpful? Let us know in the comments!

A great post. Very informative precise and to the point. TYJ

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Reasons Why Can't I Find A Job

You have been job searching for a while and haven't received the results you were expecting. Frustrated because you did everything that you were supposed to do, yet that elusive job offer has not manifest itself.

Some quick things that you can ask yourself are: Were you qualified for the job? Did you make it clear that you possessed the desired skills, experience and knowledge to get the job done? How closely did…


My problem isage discrimination so does not herlp

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Discrimination: How have you been discriminated?

I see a lot of replies and posts that reference a perception of discrimination in the job market. I have personally experienced discrimination 4 times that is verifiable. This has severely impacted my ability to find quality work based on the metrics and standards used by companies to screen candidates, I have seen a decrease in request for interviews and a high number of we appreciate the time and effort you put into the hiring process.

You are absolutlely correct in the assumption that employers do discriminate. When I first strated seeking employment after…

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I will rise to the Top!!! Never give up...

Hello fellow Jobcasers, i know its been a while but as we all know I give Bad news as well as Great News Shamelessly ....
As i have said in my life I've had some unfortunate things to happen ....
But when u stay dedicated to ur whole Hearts desire God will fill ...
After being turned away from Fedex I received one of the biggest Blessings .
The keys to my own success .
It was hard stood in line for 5 hrs wanted to give up , almost left out of the


Through prayer your life will get better pray for better vibes through believing in jesus as your lord and savior... Youtube is a…

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Dealing With Long Term Unemployment

It is the worst nightmare you have ever had. You have been out of a job for several months. You feel yourself slowly losing your mind and may even begin to have feelings of despair.

For months, you’ve exercised all the job search strategies imaginable but with no success. Meanwhile,
your work mindset is losing it's appeal and your career clock is ticking away quickly. As if that's not enough, money is…


See if there is utility assistance in ur area thru utility co. Sounds like u should be on public assistance too

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WRITTEN BY SPECIAL REQUEST! (Read fully please.)

STORY: You were not born to live and lose. Rather, you were born to wrestle and win as you choose. Yes, life can be like a wrestling Match, where someone is on the top and the one on the bottom has to Scratch.

SADLY: It's been said that, it can take almost a lifetime to realize that no one is going to help you UP ln life. Why not? Because they are too busy trying to keep themselves from falling…


It's hard to break the chains when they're your whole entire family, including your husband, kids, dad, sisters and brothers. I…

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Remember the 5 C's to explain your weaknesses in an interview :)

When a hiring manager walks in to do an interview, they have 3 main questions.

Can the candidate do the work?
Will the candidate do the work?
And will the candidate fit into the organization culture?

These can do,will do, and fit criteria translate to ability,attitude.and affability. Every question is an opportunity to communicate fit on one of these axes. Each response you give need to address one or more of these key themes.

This is true…

Keep prayer. And pray for that encouragement to be able to say. A closed mouth don't get fed. They say it take a village to raise…

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PSA: Self-Employment Assistance Program

Program that allows unemployed workers to receive unemployment benefits while they train to become self-employed.

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Interesting to say the least

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