They might ask if...

One of the most common questions asked during an interview or at a job fair is…

Can you tell me about yourself?

Other variations could include...
-Why should we hire you?
-Why do you want to work here?
-What is it about us that makes you want to work here?

Answer these 5 questions to help you plan what to say and impress employers!

1- What are the three strongest reasons I am a great fit for this job?

2- What are some positive things I can…

try to present more than just good looks. Selfies work for younger people sometimes, but maybe using degrees or work experiences…

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Enhance Yourself With Charm

Charm is simply defined as the power or quality of giving delight or arousing admiration. Given it's alluring quality, charm is something that could benefit all of us.

What is the most important quality to possess when trying to win someone over, whether in business or in your personal life? It's charm, the ability to create extraordinary rapport with anyone, and make him or her feel truly exceptional in your…

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You can have charm charisma and be very polite but if they don't want you or think they want to consider you for the job they find…

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How to attract employers with your resume!

Your resume showcases all the things an employer is looking for and each has certain expectations that they would like you to fulfill. It’s important to show them in your resume how/why you are the perfect fit.

Check out these tips on how to make your resume stronger and desirable to employers!

1- Have the qualifications for the job
Increase your chances of being hired by tailoring your resume specifically to jobs that you are qualified for…

Job fair next Friday!!

Attention those in the West Virginia area!

Stop by the Kanawha Valley Job Fair next Friday, March 22'nd from 11am-3pm!

More than 200 local employers will be represented!

Some of which are:
• Aldi
• Wendy's
• The WVU Medical Center
• WesBanco Bank
• Ticketmaster
• Aramark
• Kelly Services
• Goodwill of Kanawha Valley
• Aflac
• Jackson Kelly PLLC
• Manpower of Charleston
• Toyota Motor Manufacturing
• City of Charleston
• Charleston…

Thank you!

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Ben Preston My pleasure Ben : )

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Are you ready for the upcoming job fair?!

Check out these tips to make sure you are all set for the job fair on March 22n'd!

Remember, it's never too early or to prepare!

-Lay out your clothing the night before.
By planning ahead you don’t have to scramble trying to find something in the morning. Also, be sure it's clean and wrinkle-free. Check out some tips on what to wear here.

-Grab those resumes.
Pack at least 50 copies and place them in a folder, or notebook and then tuck them…



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Shahinul Islam Do you need some help?

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Are you ready to share your story?

It's important to take a little time to properly prepared your elevator pitch. In case you’re wondering, an elevator pitch is a brief synopsis of who you are, what you’ve been up to career-wise, and where you are going.

This short persuasive speech also helps tell employers more about yourself and sparks their interest. An elevator pitch is also a FANTASTIC way to prepare yourself for the “tell me about yourself" moment.

To make it a bit…

how should i spin it if ive been a stay at home mom for the last 20 years?

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Renee Grant Patrick Great question! If you spent some time at home caring for your children you are NOT alone. While 71% of moms…

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