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Hilda golde > Amazon Network
17 days ago


I have been trying to work in the warehouse because many people tell me that they're always hiring, but when I check there's nothing in Tracy ca. How do I get in?

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Mary Riviezzo
25 minutes ago

Most factory jobs use temp agencies.

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Coco Kennedi > UPS Network
about 1 month ago


I have never worked for any parcel service would like to though

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Ashley W.
Edited about 1 month ago

Hi Coco! Maybe you would like to give it a try : ) Here are some **[UPS jobs]...

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New Driver

Hello All,
Well I'm in the process of changing career's been in the office world since out of high school in the Insurance Industry, and at age 40 don't know if going thru a mid life crisis lol but I'm over the office life wanted to do something more outdoors little labor intensive if needed etc . So I'm in the process as we speak on obtaining my Class A license. Some input and honesty would be greatly appreciated, and yes I understand that...

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Chejon Chejon
about 14 hours ago

I'm not a truck driver, but am an office worker, and this sounds wonderful. Getting away from all the tattling, cliques,...

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Arturo Lopez
about 13 hours ago

Exactly Sir like I said on my post I been doing the office work like literally right out of high school and it's time...

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Tami Long > Truckers USA
19 days ago

Team driver. Uhhh

Been with fed x ground five years team driving well there downsize of it no partner no job and that’s where I am today so dumb me decided hey I’ll go local interviewed today and road test and drug test. Happy about it me myself and I. In the truck working hauling Long box. But I’ll I can get hired in with line haul from a big carrier. Anyway long story short. Im proud of myself I s less money like 300 less a week. Hopefully I’ll get a...

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Ashley W.
5 days ago

How are things going so far Tami? Keep us posted ; ) Your Jobcase family is thinking of you!

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Easy trucking hard time

I think that it's hard for us to know what's up the road ahead an the constant change in situations that occurs I just think we should have a little more flexibility as far as time I really think it would save lives and money lets look at this that equipment is not cheap so to loose it plus the load is very expensive I see drivers going eighty miles an hour trying to make it on time ,some times they don't make it an all those times they did...

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John Doering Sr
2 days ago

Its pressure from the ahole trucking companies.

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I decided to work for #Rgis because...

I just love the work you go some where new all the time and your never bored dont have time to be bored. Great people. I know i have there made some life time friends with this company. The people are just like everwhere else just trying to make a living for there familys. The Mangers and Supervisors are great they have to deal with alot of Us at the same time. If you can get through the training period then you got a job for life but this...

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Pedro Silva
2 days ago

Is this in the San Diego California area? Just wondering.. I'm job seeking yet. I have Supervisor and management experience. I...

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Sherrie Corby
1 day ago

We have locations in almost all citys

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My advice to people interested in working at #SimatechshippingandforwardingLLC. as a #Electricalofficer(Onboardships) ...

My advice to people interested in working at simatech shipping LLC as a Electrical officer, Keep good relation ship, understanding, and good communication with each other. these can be very helpful for continue your duties. also give the priority for target jobs, except emergencies. ,,,,,,,, ...

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Lloyd Fraser
3 days ago

Good advice, thanks!

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Chris Oloughlin > Warehouse Jobs Undercover
Edited about 1 month ago

Best way to learn these job skills?

Hello. I don't know if this is the correct board to post this topic to, but here goes:

I just started a new position here and am sucking at it so far. I know I can get proficient at it in time because I have mastered other positions here at our facility.

Here's the issue: it's inventory stocking. It involves rapidly placing them in robotically controlled bins. One needs to quickly find the bin[s] with enough space, put the item in the...

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Cotrina Roberts
3 days ago

Never give up a quitter never wins.always pray before doing anything. question has anyone had any luck with legitimate work at...

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Good Afternoon
Im in search of new employment at this time to better provide my my family and i i have a daughter who is 7 and a son who is 1 i am currently employed with a call center for whome i been with for 2 1/2 years but looking for a better opportunity and pay i am a supervisor at my job if anyone has knowledge of standup forelift opportunities or electric pallet jack with a company that is hiring can you guide me in the right...

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Lawrence White
3 days ago

Hi Tyson! I'm so sorry your background has made it hard for you to get a job. You're definitely not alone as others here on...

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Driver mini van

Mi intención es llevar paquetes a sus clientes,deseo una oportunidad tengo una van y experiencia llevando paquetes a hogares.gracias

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Tricia Hendrix
3 days ago

Hola Adalberto! Siga estos simples pasos para encontrar una oportunidad de trabajo de controlador de entrega aquí en Jobcase.

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