I am working at Walgreens as a cashier but the only hours I am getting is 4pm to 12am. I spoke to the manager and he said those are the hours I will get. I only work 3 days . I am not happy.

Hey Robin Meyer , I didn't know you were seeking out new job opportunities. Are you looking for FT/Days? Send your... see more

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Hello fellow Jobcasers! A few months ago I was contacted to participate in a feature article about Jobcase for Forbes magazine! It was an honor being able to represent for Jobcase, and talk about my personal challenges, struggles, and how Jobcase helped me make a better life for myself. My wish is that everyone here will have a positive experience while you navigate the job market. This is a powerful community, so be sure to make the most of it... see more


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don't work there...do not care about store personnel or field mngnt.

Thanks for the insight, Pat Harmon !

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I got a job with Walgreens as a Customer Service Associate. I have been there over a month. The position is basically cashier. The hours aren't bad either. The position is part time.

That's great Robin Meyer !! Congratulations on the new job. It's good that the hours aren't too bad. How has the... see more

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Thank you for the insight, jackie burgess ! What kinds of tasks do you do?

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Sorry you felt unsupported when you were working there. What do you think could have changed how you felt?

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Discounts that they give us. We have the. 20% discounts 30% on Walgreens items. I don't like working short staff

Employee discounts are definitely a great perk! Thanks for sharing.

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Low pay with only yearly raises, no corporate support in customer conflict.

I would like to apply to the Walgreens by my house so after school or practice it wouldn’t take me long to get there on time

I was fired from Rite Aid/Walgreens for breaking policy on May 2nd of this year. I LOVED my job and it was a stupid mistake, I've put in what feels like a million applications for similar jobs with no bites. I'm 43 I do not want to work in a grocery store, gas station or fast food place. I want to work in retail. Any suggestions of how I can make this happen????

Walmart is a goid place

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