So i was terminated from my position as shift manager at the local fast food here for a simple mistake and have tons of questions what to do. In the handbook it says that if a manager makes a mistake then they could be put on a probatiin period to help them with goals to help them succeed but i was not offered that. Plus before being terminated i was entitled to 5 days vacation pay but now they are stating that since i was terminated i am no... see more

Some companies do not pay out the vacation time accrued, there is no law saying that they have to unless the... see more

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Artificial Intelligence Changes Employment

We have been hearing a lot about Artificial Intelligence over the past several years. Some experts predict that AI will eliminate half of all jobs that require humans. Yet, others say that we have nothing to fear, because AI may rid many jobs, but it will also create new employment opportunities.

According to a new Brookings Institution report, robots aren’t replacing everyone, but a quarter of U.S... see more


thank for sharing

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I'm 56 years old, years of work experience and a college degree, it doesn't seem to matter, I get paid the lowest amount of money.

Yes I have 48 years experance but the minorties have a better chance to get it.

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I’ve been working my current job since September 2017 getting 36 hrs a week and have 3 kids with wife being disabled but not getting disability benefits. My job started shorting 20.00 a week on paychecks and I sent them emails every week about being short so last month decided to cut my hrs to 14 hrs a week cause I complain about my checks being short .. What to do?

Sorry to say you need a lawyer.

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2901 W 37th Ave, Hobart, IN 463421727

What is the starting pay for nurses assistant

For this location, I think you start at 9.80 close to 10 dollars a hour, but I'm pretty sure it's based on... see more

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I feel really bad. I went job hunting so I got a call from this company I did my interview I got hired. Did 2 day's orientation. Got my picture for my ID I mean everything was gr8 until another company called me. And they offered me the same position but there is a 3$ and 15 cents different. Needless to say I took that job n just never returned to the first do you think I'm wrong I feel sorta guilty.

I think we. Or sum have been apart of that

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I have been at my current job for almost 5 years. While I enjoy my work, the pay and benefits are not great. I have an interview for a job doing the same job but would make $5-$6 more per hour BUT I have to go through a temp service first so it isn't guaranteed. What do I do?

Is it a Temp to Perm position? The pay increase is tempting but make sure you have some guarantee the assignment... see more

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I have an issue tat I would like feed back on. I love my job, yes, love my job, but due to a work related injury I am being placed on light duty. This is not the issue I have the issue I have is they also are cutting my pay by about $7 an hour. I can not support my family on the new amount they will be paying me. So should I get a second job until released back to regular duty or find a new job. Take into account I've worked for this... see more

Please everyone here this! When you go out on disability you will never receive your full pay, because disability... see more

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Good job but pay is not making the cut. I can't live on $11.00. An hour and rent has gone from $930.00 TO $1100.00 PLUS my utilities and car payments and insurance. Taking public transit doesn't help because the scheduling does not work with work schedule nor does it run as much in my area. Is there a better way to solving this issue? I know I'm not the only one dealing with this issue. Thanks


You may have to think outside the box, and really figure out what do you want to pursue in life, if college... see more

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I was hired part time and then my (personal) circumstances changed somewhat and I told my boss that I really needed to be full time (because I need the money and the benefits). So that was awhile ago and so far nothing has been said to me even though this company has hired several new people full time none of the positions have been offered to me. Are they trying to give me a message?

Yes!!!!!!! What the message is isn't or hasn't been verbalized; nor written which doesnt give you a fair chance(... see more

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This is how I get :::::: I get prideful and I know I shouldn't. But if they don't think I'm good enough then they... see more

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What to do when the people you work for are so cheap they cut corners by cutting pay and hours. Mind you I was making 8.40 as a housekeeper and these Indie guys bought out Motel 6 and reduced all of us to 7.25 saying he can't afford to pay his workers that much. What do I do???

Good evening ,Immediate warehouse workers & 2 store clears needed to start working asap, the job is open between 10... see more

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Where is this warehouse located?

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