O Captain my captain

The easiest companies to work for is one that has a clear vision. One that has a Captain that can see through the fog or over a horizon. Having a person at the helm that will not be detoured from their goal or vision for the company.

I have found this to be true for any sized company doing any type of business. When the passion of doing something great takes over, customers will recognize that passion and want to be a part of it. Employees are…

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Crafting Your Elevator Pitch

An effective elevator pitch contains clear language that your listener understands and is personalized for the intended audience.

I have composed an outline below designed to help you craft your pitch and have included mine as an example. Once you customize your pitch, practice it until it rolls off your tongue smooth as ice...

Elevator Pitch Structure: 15-20 second verbal business card.

  1. Summary label (professional definition).
  2. Where you've…

45 percent of the time it works ALL the time

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