What I loved working at #UnitedParcelService

Free benefits that would also cover your family. Plus, you can get store and hotel discounts

Sounds like some great benefits Micah Poole ! Thanks for sharing with us

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Do interviews freak you out?

It can feel a little difficult to prepare for an interview when you are not sure what to expect.

In this 1 minute video produced by one of our talented interns Rachel Swansburg real Jobcase employees share their interview tips with you!

Make sure to watch the video so you feel more confident and prepared before your next interview.

So tell us, did we miss anything?

What are some interview tips that have worked well for you in the past?


Find out as much about company as you can before interview

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Drama at #Unitedparcelservice


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A #stressful #Unitedparcelservice day

Lack of communication most supervisors don't know what there doing

My manager at #UnitedParcelService taught me How to really multi-task

P/T Supervisor... If you don't come to work to work... working at UPS will not be for you. They are a fortune 50 company for a reason. Perfect part-time job. You must have tough skin and be able to roll with the punches... Fast paced is an understatement.. I have worked in production since I have been in the workforce... No one does it better!

What I loved working at #UnitedParcelService

Being of Service for the customer

When I worked at #UnitedParcelService I helped improve...

As a pre-load supervisor at the North East hub I was responsible for seeing that all vehicles were loaded and on the road by 8:00AM.

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