My advice to people interested in working at #UniteArt&Education as a #Art&EducarionStoreAsstManager ...

Be honest with Ft Wayne staff which ever store you work in and they would take of you. Of 30+ years retail, the 13 with them while not the best paying turned out to be the most enjoyable

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Is't for real

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The biggest mistake I made as a #Art&EducarionStoreAsstManager at #UniteArt&Education ...

Not being able to work the hours my last week that I wanted to. Dealership and State of Ohio messed up paperwork on new cae purchase and I spent four days running around getting title so I could move to Florida

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A #stressful #UniteArt&Education day

Joe Smith made so that a stressful time did not arrive. All of us knew our tasks and went about doing them.

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Drama at #UniteArt&Education

It was a customer and corp said I made the right call.

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What I loved working at #UniteArt&Education

Store Manager made it a very nice place to be. People I enacted with at Corp level were helpful everytime and cared for the company

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