US Xpress - One Big Family

Every driver has a story - and for this father/son duo team, it's one where they can drive together and learn from each other.

Watch the video below to learn more about them!

I'd love to work with you part time. I live in Ft Lauderdale FL area for almost 12 yrs from Hartford CT

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Career-Switching Tips

Career switching is becoming a choice for many different people for a number of different reasons. For some, it is because they have been in the same career for most of their professional life and they are bored or find that they are stagnant and have no where to grown any further; they are at a dead end. Others may find that their chosen career isn't what they thought it would be and it doesn't bring them the happiness and…


thank I ready my work

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US XPress Protects Your Time at Home!

US XPress knows that your time off is sacred, which is why they have designed a dispatch system that seeks to prevent disruptions while you’re home with family and friends. That way, when you go home, you can rest easy knowing your time off will not be interrupted! Watch this video to learn more about how US Xpress' two-dispatcher system can save you time and frustration!

Want to know more about what US XPress can do to put you first? Click her

It’s all BS. These giant companies are terrible.

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Are You A Veteran?

If you're a veteran from the United States military, US Xpress knows how valuable your work ethic and experience is. That's why they are on a mission to hire more vets than ever before and help them jump start their career.

They are accredited by the Veterans Administration as part of the Post-9/11 GI Bill Apprenticeship Program, which means new drivers can now receive tax-free housing benefits checks from the V.A!

Interested? Learn more about…


My husband is a veteran and needs a job. He was supply/logistics and has a Bachelor's in urban planning. He does NOT play the…

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Jill Betts - have you tried to applying at US Xpress? They are definitely hiring drivers, but also other support staff for their…

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US Xpress seeking experienced OTR drivers!

If you're looking to step up your career in the transportation industry, US Xpress is hiring Over-The-Road drivers!! They are paying an additional $1000 a month to experienced drivers and are even offering safe driving bonuses.

Certified Driver Trainers can earn up to $80,000 with an additional $20,000!!! They offer great benefits, one of the lowest driver to fleet manager ratios in the entire country, and a student upgrade bonus w/ tuition…

That sounds good

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Veterans Earn Extra at US Xpress

US Xpress is offering military veterans the opportunity to quickly and easily transition into truck driving as a profession through their US Xpress Military Program.

Veterans who are eligible for GI Bill benefits can sign up for the US Xpress Apprenticeship Program and receive supplemental income from the VA while completing their training. Veterans who are not eligible for GI Bill benefits can apply to the US Xpress Advanced Rate of Pay…

Thanks for sharing Laila Nashat - this seems like a great opportunity for members here on Jobcase!

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Become a Dedicated Truck Driver for US Xpress!

Are you looking for a truck driving job that will give you the opportunity to be home consistently? US XPress can offer you a Dedicated Truck Driving position with excellent benefits that can get you home either every day or multiple times a week.

Interested? Click here to apply and start your journey with US Xpress!

Looking to be your own boss? US XPress Owner Operators get great benefits and the support they need to start and run their own


This is a wonderful opportunity for those who love trucking but would like to stay close to home : ) Thanks so much for sharing…

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US Xpress is Hiring!

Lots of great benefits: Medical, tuition reimbursement. Here's a link to learn more about careers with US Xpress:


Maria Nicolaz,Go for it.Get that CDL ..You can do anything you want to do with God in your life.Believe in you will Achieve!!!

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My advice to people interested in working at #usxpress as a #TruckDriver ...

don't work as a lease operator if you wanting to eat a stake and drink a beer get a hotel room don't go back to your truck until you sleep it off cost me 2months in jail and a year suspention of my CDL I have 3million miles never say itll never happen to me stuff and always try to find something better

The biggest mistake I made as a #TruckDriver at #usxpress ...

waking up in a truck stop after I had a beer 3 hrs ago then was ordered to move and get framed

A #stressful #usxpress day

when I get a late preplan and they say nothing until I get almost to my delivery well late what saves me is i tell them when I pick up the load or cant find an empty trailer

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