Never have a heart attack on the job because two weeks after you will be gone just like what happened to me.

I am not looking for a new job for myself but I work with staffing companies to help them share their open jobs with Jobcase. Most of the staffing companies I'm speaking with are not hiring or are not hiring very many people in January.

But from what I am reading online, it seems January is a great time for job search -- this made me think of the Jobcase community:

If you are actively job searching how are you managing your search? Are... see more

Same with me. I apply for jobs in well qualified for and hear nothing back. My resume goes back to the early 80s... see more

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Never have a heart attack on the job because two weeks after you will be gone just like what happened to me.

Delivering mail after an ice storm

Every day I was the shop steward so everyone came to me for advice and was also the handy man that fixed everything that broke around the station.

Applied in Akron for seasonal help, never got called. Worked st Clev P.O. for 19 years!

Not all applicants get called for an interview Andrea Ryce . The application pool for these jobs is huge. Did you... see more

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Join us at MassHire Downtown Boston on Thursday, November 7th for the USPS Recruitment Session.

During this session, you will learn about the new and improved application process as well as about available positions (in the Greater Boston area).

Open Positions Include:
- City Carrier Assistants ($16.78/hour)
- Distribution Associates

Available Benefits:
- Health
- Paid Leave

Key Requirement:
- Must have a valid state driver’s... see more


Thanks for sharing this with the community!

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Is Barling United States Partial Service hiring?

Hey Jon Jon Groves , the usps is hiring! Go to and search fo local opportunities.

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I filled out for a postal job.but they wanted 49 something for the hiring packet.any way around that?

Tammi that is a scam. They don't charge you for applying. see more

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If you have a CDL license, apply at the Postal Service. They start at $21.00 an hour with benefits.

Sounds good is this job anywhere near Riverside California

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The US postal service Delivery & Operations department is hiring FT/PT, Seasonal & Permanent...

  • City Carrier
  • City Carrier Assistant
  • Rural Carrier
  • Rural Carrier Associate

For a complete listing of job openings in your area go to and apply online today.

Want to learn more about the USPS hiring process? see Online job application process for complete details.

I've heard amazing things about working at USPS!

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