UPS is Hiring 575 Workers!

UPS announced up to 575 new job opportunities for the new Distribution Center in Houston, TX (Willowbrook). Interested applicants are encouraged to apply online for immediate employment consideration.
UPS hiring 575 workers for new delivery facility in Houston

I am interested

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Is't for real

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need a job

Ive worked in maintenance, retail and i worked in carpentry, a few people have mentioned to me that i should work for Ups. i am looking for something new.

Hi Hamilton Samayoa - Have you tried using the job search tool here on Jobcase?

Just follow these steps!

1. Click on Jobs &amp…

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Now Hiring Information: The UPS Store - Rancho Cordova/Sacramento, CA

Now Hiring Information:

WHO: The UPS Store - Rancho Cordova/Sacramento, CA

• Customer Service experience;
• Retail experience;
• Graphic Design experience;
• Computer experience;
• Flexible Monday-Saturday;
• Ability to lift up to 50 lbs

APPLY IN-STORE: Visit this location to inquire within:
10824 Olson Dr., Ste C.
Rancho Cordova, CA 95670


This looks like a good one Veronica Jefferson . Applicants also have an opportunity to apply in person, that's Awesome! Thanks for…

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Ups I was hired start date November 5 2018

I was supposed to start training on the day but when I went in the office I was told that management put hold on hiring process and told that I would be able to start in spring as of now there is no hiring this is upsetting because I see all these angency post lies about immediately hiring but the web site only gives more details about other jobs not ups

Hi @Chris, your application is approaching the 90 day mark so you may have to re-apply to be considered. Go back and to the UPS…

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I had a start date of the November 5 2018 but delay

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I want to work with ups

I want to work with ups

Awesome Pavlina Docheva because UPS hiring! Follow the link below to search for local job openings then submit your online…

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Finally nailed a job.

I was hired by UPS and been working since December 4, 2018. Right now the job is temporary, hopefully UPS decides to keep me since I have been doing a wonderful job. I've worked 5 days every week without missing a day and I'm getting along with all my co-workers. I really need the job to become permenant because I have student loans and school tuition to pay.

I am in the same situation and trying to get UPS to hire me on permanent would be a great appreciation

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Feeling good

I was working at ups for seasonal so they told me they didn't need me no more the same day I got a new job at a smoothie place

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Congratulations! Best of luck in your new position.

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Is UPS hiring in Secaucus?

Apply and find out what happens.

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I’m a single mother of two. I have a class B CDL license and I am currently driving a school bus. However, I cannot support my family on this I would definitely love to get a job with the local Pepsi distributor. I have also worked at factories in the past and did very well. The area I live in just does not offer competitive wages and I desperately need a job that pays well. Not trying to be rich just want to be able to support my family. My…

I would love to be a good dad but just. Post a killer resume and call them up.

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Some companies do understand.....

Last week my mom passed away after being sick for a long time. I had an interview set up for last Friday that I could not attend because of the wake being that day. I sent an email explaining I could not make it and why and if possible could we reschedule. They did reschedule it as well as send thier condolences. I went on the interview earlier which she again said my condolences to you and your family in person. I wrote her a thank you note for…

Hello ,Can you show this is what of the job for me here?I think some job in 7 business day after for I have myself salary,

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