I want to get a CDL but...

I want to get a CDL-A, but could my past be an issue? I've been arrested for possession before and I worry about this more than anything. Can anyone with a CDL tell me if this will be a problem for employment as a driver for any company? Ive been up to some research and I see that they pretty much all do hair follicle testing. Most stating that they test 6 to 9 months back, with a select few testing 1 year back. Im only at 2 months clean…

Be honest with them if you tell them up front instead of them finding it out it might help you

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You appear to be exteremely charming.
Very impressive.

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Is working for UPS a good idea?

If you want a good career that doesn't require a degree but you are willing to work hard, then being a UPS driver is great. It can have long hours especially around the holidays, but it pays right. Yup, it CAN be physically demanding, but I remembering losing weight when i worked there. I was in awesome shape so that was a perk for me!! It was a good job.

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I would love to work with them. Does my location hinder me from being recruited?

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Who out there to tell they work for ups

Who out there to tell me they work for ups

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UPS question ???

Does anyone know if UPS or Amazon has any specific job title, where you don't have to lift a lot of weight repetitively?

Navigating job titles can be hard @CarolAnnCeraldi! So thanks for the great question.
At UPS, there are operations supervisor

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Delivered something so special

I like that I know my regulars. I have been delivering for UPS for years and I have gotten to know my customers. Yesterday I was told I dropped off a couple's crib for their first baby. It's pretty amazing because I remember when they just bought their house and all the packages they had delivered filled with things for their new home. Now they are first time parents. I do love my job even when it gets challenging!

I know it feels good to know you make a difference n people lives i felt that way when i became cna my first really good job…

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My past job ups

Willing to work an with others

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What kinda work with others do you wanna do?

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UPS, Amazon & other Notable Co's will...

UPS, Amazon & other Notable Fortune 500 companies will be at the Citywide Job Fair on Tuesday, June 18.

So Get Ahead Of the Game!

Go directly to these companies career pages and apply online before attending the job fair. Executing this step will impress managers and place you in a perfect position to discuss conditional Job Offers!

UPS Careers - Chicago

Amazon Careers - Chicago


Hi Dolly,
Insurance companies are always looking for professionals with accounting backgrounds.

Good Luck

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Excellent Advice Anita Perkins . Thanks fo much for reaching out to support and encourage Dolly Wilson

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Retired but needed something else

Since I retired I have been driving for Lyft for a while, but I wanted to do a little something more but part-time. So I applied at UPS and I got hired as a package handler. I start training next week and I've never been happier.

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Good for you!! Being a new retiree from the Postal Service I'm thinking about doing about hours a day there myself..I'm familiar…

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United Parcel Service is hiring!

A variety of jobs available now throughout the USA! Search and apply here: https://www.jobs-ups.com


Hello can you help me how to applying

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Lois Martin can you find me to find job there in USA I'm living in Albania how can of applying

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I just received my class B driver license I'm ready to go to work

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