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Izobel Puig > UPS Network
15 days ago

I couldn't get her to leave!!

When I first drove for UPS and my biggest fear was always people's dogs when I came up the driveway holding a package. Well, it was pretty funny when one day after I dropped off a package NO dogs in site when I go to sit down and take off there is a mini Doberman Pinscher in the passenger seat. NOT really sure how she got up there because it's quite a jump for a little dog. I wasn't really sure if I could pick her up. I just kept saying, "Nice...

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estella pace
about 13 hours ago

Thanks for sharing this story and adding magic to the universe

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What u need to know about working for UPS

In order to become a UPS driver, you must be physically fit enough to lift up to 150 pounds (or at least move it), stand for a long time, lift and lower stuff throughout the day, drive a vehicle for hours on end, and pass a DOT physical. People have HEAVY things delivered and you never know what will end up on your truck. The hours can be long, but I make 68,000 a year which is good for me and my family. They have standards too like any...

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John Doering Sr
1 day ago

Youre cool they pay well but work the crap out of you.

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I'm working for UPS in Fort Worth, TX. Just waiting to hear back from HR when I can return back to work. I don't know if I told anyone so I'm excited!

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Jason Ishmael
1 day ago

I’m excited for ya ! Awesome , totally awesome !!

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FedEx & UPS are coming to the job fair!

Wondering what companies will be at the Cincinnati Works Job Fair on May 30th??

Both FedEx & UPS will be there with company representatives to find the latest additions to their team! This will be an exciting opportunity to join these national brands and kickstart your career!

Not signed up for the Cincinnati Works Job Fair?

Click here to easily sign up for the event! Jobcase is also...

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Lawrence White
4 days ago

What a great opportunity! Especially offering free headshots - those aren't cheap!

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Tammy Eng > All Jobcasers
8 days ago

Rehired situation

I worked for Ups in Colorado I found out I had multiple scoliosis and we decided it would better to find a better job so I did but I wanted to go back after 18 years and they sat I'm not rehired status isn't this against the law ? Any one have advice please I want to work so bad !!!!!

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Lori Guzman
8 days ago

MS is a very serious degenerative disease and as far as I know UPS jobs are generally pretty taxing on the body, so it was good...

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Seasonal Amazon CS rep

My experience working for Amazon was during their crazy holiday rush when they needed extra help. I was hired to work from home for their customer service department and it was great, but they don't always hire you from part to full. I wasn't but they explained that seasonal was seasonal which I get. It was definitely nice working from home during that time. Now I drive for UPS, but I had a good experience with Amazon. Here is where I found...

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Caston Fowler
11 days ago

That keeping your ear and foot to the grind stone way to dude good luck in your endeavors

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Brokerage Accounting Administratior

I've worked for UPS for 11 years.

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Adrian Batts
13 days ago

11 years? Astronomical! I have always admired UPS workers and their professional demeanor; however 11 years longevity is super....

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Nathan Clark > All Jobcasers
Edited 22 days ago

Job searching

Ups package handler

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Ashley W.
21 days ago

Hi Nathan! Here are some [UPS jobs]...

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Allen Watson > All Jobcasers
22 days ago

How to be a good worker and a good co-worker

I'd like to get back working with UPS it's a company and people

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Ashley W.
21 days ago

Hi Allen! Here are some [UPS jobs]...

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Ups worker

Fast learner and always open minded

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