I started out as a reservist and learned a lot as it being a part job, learned lots of things, then got a government job with the Coast Guard. You have to think outside the box when looking for a job . What do you like to do? What skills do you have, what education. Talk to people who are doing what you want. I know the military is not for everyone but people fail to realize that each job has its own rules> Don't just look for a job, look for a... see more

Diana Haines - I totally agree. Theres a TON of jobs out there we can do but we have to think what can we truly... see more

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can't wait for the For You launch!

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I was giving back to my country, I was working for a service directed organization (saving people, protecting our environment, protecting our country. Proud because the Coast Guard was saving people, things, and the environment. I was doing good things

We talked it out,settled it,and continued tying out the mail on the Flat Sorter we were assigned to.

The company i worked for was downsizing and utility group of tx asked if i wanted a job and i couldnt refuse the offer that was made, i enjoyed working for them as well.

Good company to work for great team players with good communication skills.

The best part of working at U-PLAY ? isthat I get to work with my fellow Filipinos..& Its a Chinese own Company..I feel like I was in my own country

I really like getting paid weekly. I met a lot of great people. I learned a lot about the area that I live in.

What made you enjoy teaching the students so much Jacob Lambert ?

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Coaching, teaching and mentoring soldiers

Thanks for sharing your experience with us in the community Joel Rop !

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One of my customer failed to coordinate to pick up supply on time and he angry that I didn't show up at his own time.

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