#MerryChristmas everyone. Today I did a drawing of the #Christkind, an #angel who delivers presents to children on #ChristmasEve. In many parts of Germany and Austria, children believe that it is the Christkind (which literally means “Christ Child” in German) who delivers the presents instead of Santa Claus. #TwelveDrawingsofChristmas #12DrawingsofChristmas #ink #drawing #Christmas


How pretty Kimberly Keyes !! : )

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Wanted: Positive Attitude

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Those are not positive words in this case, you are expressing to her this advice with the feeling in it that she... see more

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I feel like he is trying to hypnotize me with his eyes. Still, another great drawing!

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This is what you get when you take virtual YouTube star Kizuna Ai, add Santa and Mrs. Claus along with the distracted guy meme that has been frequently passed around social media over the past year. #TwelveDrawingsofChristmas #12DrawingsofChristmas #ink #drawing #Christmas #KizunaAi #SantaClaus #MrsClaus #distractedguy #distractedman #fanart

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