For those wanting to grow

Driving for Pepsi has been a great entry level start to a career as a Class CDL Driver. I have enjoyed the experience and what this company has taught me. This is a growing company with a lot of opportunities.

I would love drive for pepsi.

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Do not burn Bridges

When you do good, Good comes right back at you. People always remember what you said. whether good or bad but in the back of their mind, there are seeds planted of what's been done. I am not necessarily speaking of materialistic things but the little things day by day. It goes a long way! Try not to burn that bridge, you may never know what the future holds.

#ActofKindness #justthelittethings

Tell it like it is!!! This will always backfire!!

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Who is the better driver men or women?

I was reading this article that says that women are better, safer truck drivers than men. Yeah there are less of us to go on but I agree. My cousins all truck and they have been in like 2 or 3 accidents, me, none my whole life. ZERO. That whole women can't drive thing is a bunch of crap.I have been told that to my face a few times before. Do you think that's fair?

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No matter who you are, male or female. Its an EOE opportunity.

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Feeling unhealthy :(

Fast food & no gyms OTR. How do u stay healthy?
I'm a pretty athletic guy but since starting trucking it's really hard to find a way to get exercise OTR... How do u get in a workout? Also there's mostly fast food to eat so that makes it harder!

Stop eating in truck stops. We bought a domestic fridge freezer. 3 cubic feet. We shop at grocery stores and make real meals…

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no time with my family

miss my kids & family.. done w/long hours OTR. My littlest is 8 years old and i feel like i never see her you know the say they grow up fast! ive been in this industry for a longtime and im ready to stop with the 12 hr days and long weeks but my compnay is pushing back and doesnt want me to stop long haul cus im sur eits more profitable or something and they say im a great driver...well give me a break than! what gives?

Try estes, fed ex freight, many day cab companies out there.

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safety tips? help!

Lady do u stay safe??
I'm pretty used to being OTR alone now but i still feel nervous somtimes... my husband always warns be to be carefull. what do you think is good for women truckers to do to stay SAFE? thanks everybody

Been trucking 32 years alone some local work and some not always have a dog and a cb working and use the seat belt through the…

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An icy drive

I was a trucker. A few years back I was drivin up a icy hill in the middle of winter when another semi coming down the hill started to jackknife. His trailer swung out sideways blocking the entire road and headed straight towards me!! The whole time all i could think of was this is it. Thank god no one was hurt. Must have angels on my side or something. We all walked away and I learned a lesson to never under estimate mother nature when your…

the angel s were with you , watching over you and protecting you Thank God .

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