Wife of a future trucker

Hi, my hubby is currently going to school to get his CDL. We have two small children (an almost one year old and an almost two year old). I have no idea how to prepare myself for this change in career or how to help my children cope with not seeing their daddy much. I am supportive in his decision, and I know that it means some changes for everyone. I’m looking for advice on what I can be doing to make sure I’m not putting any more stress on him…

My advice is to have him do a year and go local. The job is not what it used to be and you and your children will be far better…

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I hope you know that

We all feel a little lost sometimes, but just remember this:

YOU can do this
YOU are significant
YOU matter
YOU are braver than you think you are

YOU have got this!


oui j ai le meme sentiment je sent que je suis importante et je cherche de faire quelque chose plus importante dans ma vie pour…

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Truck driver

I Asanda Ntshona with code EC 14 and PDP driver's licence would like to apply for the position of a driver position hoping you will consider my application.Thank you.

Asanda Ntshona I did a quick search here on Jobcase and found these jobs hiring in your area. Be sure to apply to any that…

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Janice Reed I did but still I didn't receive any response.thanks anyway.

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My advice to people interested in working at #Globaltrucking as a #TruckDriver ...

My pay rate was good but you never get the total hours you work for that day . I only got 8 hours for a shift that took 10 sometimes longer. On top of that you maybe asked to run 2 loads to Jackson. Then again you don't get total hours. The supervisor does not in anyway know anything about DOT laws or regulations. Laws are broken daily, they don't care if you get stopped by DOT or not. What a list of violations on the ticket. An possibly loosing…

My advice to people interested in working at #robertsonstransport as a #TruckDriver ...

Very good job long hours hard work.they are fair,any problems i brought on myself. Go to work there.

I will try to do that and get my test for my Commercial Driving License. Thank you.

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Need Help

I'm a truck driver that started with a company mid November 2018 i was a company driver made 50 cents a mile but no taxes was taken from pay I half to pay on what I made when company sent me my 1099 they said they paid me $18000 I have all my weekly pay settlements they sent me I only made $8000 what should I do

I would sit down with someone in the accounting department and ask them what is going on. I would also consider speaking to your…

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Truck driver

Looking for local CDL job in South Jersey I’m a recent Grad Have Class A CDL

Willie Chatum Here's a couple of suggestions for CDL jobs near your area.

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Hi Susan Day - what happened after?

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Years ago !

I picked up a hot load in Indiana going to Louisiana. I got loaded 4 hours later and got there at 10 the next morning. They quickly reloaded me to go back to Indiana. When I got there they loaded me again for Louisiana. When I got there they loaded me back for Indiana. I drove about 8 hours after being awake for 72 hours and 3 log books later I decided after I couldn't go any further
. So I stopped to sleep , the load would have to wait…

Eld cured that

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Thank you, Ashley,

I am also looking for Claims Examiners in Garden City, NY. This company is a leader in the global…

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A little advice please

Im a driver of 3 years now, i started a lease purchase program with one of the slightly bigger companies. They might be a mega carrier im not sure but, my dm is trying to get me to go back to the northeast region after i just got out of NY being stuck under cmv ban for 3 days and im really not tryin to go back. I told him i was uncomfortable an didnt feel safe going back an he did not respond with any other loads than the ones going back into…

Ya tell your boss to change things or you will find another company to take care of you my boyfriend works for Thomas and sons and…

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