Travel Agent Career

Travel Agent Work: Travel agents plan all aspects of travel for consumer and business clients. This includes airplanes, hotels, cars, other transportation, side tours, and other recreation. Travel agents also advise their clients on passports, visas, customs regulations, vaccinations, and other issues involved in foreign travel. Many travel agents develop regional or international specialties. These specialties may have been developed as a result…

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Excellent Travel Agent Career profile outline Emilia Stadford . Travel Agent careers are making a comeback! Large and midsize…

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Are You Ready For Management?

Most of us, during some point in our career will face the opportunity to move into a management role. Making the steps up into a management position may not appeal to everyone, but for those who embrace this step, it is an important professional milestone. Before you embark into a leadership position or rush to accept a promotion you've been offered from your employer, you should spend some time to reflect on your…

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My advice to people interested in working at #AAA as a #Travelagent ...

Don't!!! It wont last. You'll either get overwhelmed and quit or they'll fire you for no reason

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Hilton Hotel Work at Home Reservationists

I lost my job while working at a Travel Agency Call Center due to a reduction in force. My title, Corporate Travel Agent/Counselor and with over 15 plus years of experience, my job duties consisted of booking Airline reservations, Hotels, Car rental, Limo service and/or Amtrak train reservations. Hilton Reservations in Texas was hiring for Call Center Reservationists at that time and they were paying 10.00 an hour, in which case, I was willing to…

What do I need to do for the this work from home Hilton job?

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My advice to people interested in working at #AAA as a #TravelAgent ...

AAA is a great company to work for. I liked the employee benefits. My co-workers were great. The Travel Agent position can be very stressful.

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The biggest mistake I made as a #TravelAgent at #AAA ...

The biggest mistake I made was booking a package for the wrong dates.

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Work from home jobs that pay well something in the travel business would be nice

I am looking for a well paying job that I can work from home. Part time or full time it does not matter. I have experience in the travel industry so a travel agent from home would be ideal.

Hello Lisa,
Thank you for being a part of our Jobcase community! I recommend looking at this conversation that has some great…

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Pam Eisenzimmer

I'm probably going to end up being the old lady in this group. but that's O K. I have self taught myself to use the computer--I'm not bragging--it's just that a lot of people my age aren't interested in it except to play games. I would like to work from my home on it. I guess one of the things that I'd like to do is be a travel agent.

I think being a travel agent would be great!! And great job on learning how to se the computer. I definitely don't think you're…

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Travel Agent

I am a certified Travel Agent.I love helping others plan their vacations.I can do cruises,Mexico, Rome, Italy and I can save you alot of money.Can get great rates on hotels,rental cars and much moreFriend me on facebook and message me.

That's great Teresa!! I think being a travel agent would be a great job. Thanks for letting us know you do that!

Do you have any…

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